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Anxietyshipping is the het ship between Kaito Tenjo and Droite from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal fandom.


Both Kite and Droite were trained by Mr. Heartland. During one of his tests they were facing robot duelist Droite is cornered by one of the machines and Kite saves her. When Droite sees Kite taking care of his younger brother Haruto she starts developing feelings towards him.

When Haruto disappears Droite, along with Gauche, go to save them. They find him with Yuma and think that Yuma kidnapped him. They are forced to withdraw due to Haruto's power. They later find Yuma again and question him but Kite arrives and stops them. Gauche object but Droite agrees.

During the World Duel Carnival Finals Droite enters the tournament to keep an eye on Kite. She urged Kite to drop out of the tournament since using his Photon Transformation was harming him but he refuses. She duels Tron so that Kite would not have to. When Tron asked why she did this for Kite she said that loved him and expressed a desire to fight without relying on others. Despite her best effort Tron defeats her and she loses her memories of Kite. With Yuma's help she is able to recover and cheers for Kite in his next match.


Anxietyshipping a fairly popular shipping. Supporters feel that Droite loyalty to Kite was done well and that one day he could return the feelings. It rivals Proctorshipping.



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  • This ship is named because Droite was often anxious and worried about Kaito fighting.
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