AoKana is the femslash ship between Aoi Kanzaki and Kanao Tsuyuri from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Both girls live on the Butterfly Estate under Shinobu's training and care: Kanao is a Tsuguko who will become a Pillar and Aoi works taking care of damaged slayers. Because of this, they see each other everyday and collaborate together on their tasks.

It is stated that they are in good terms with the other, but because of Kanao's inability to take her own decisions Aoi herself thought that she was difficult to deal with. However, after Kanao starts to change they start to get along more and develop a closer relationship, to the point were Kanao went against Tengen's decision to take Aoi with him and tried to stop him, something highly unusual coming from her.

Kanao enjoys all of Aoi's cooking, and the latter feels inferior to Kanao because she can fight demons unlike her.


This ship can be considered a crackship given to how unpopular is it, especially compared to it's het counterparts TanKana and InuAo. Fans usually prefer to see them as friends with a sister-like relationship, but in a few cases they are portrayed together.



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