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Aoi Kanzaki is a character from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Aoi Kanzaki is a supporting character in Demon Slayer. She is seen to have an often unrelenting personally. As she was often tough on Tanjiro Zenitsu and Inosuke while training them, as she often pushed them to their limits. Her personality is rather firm in comparison to her other colleagues at the Butterfly Mansion.

Aoi's personality is slightly similar to that of a young Shinobu Kocho, open and volatile. She appears angry rather frequently, and displays how she feels quite clearly. But despite her seemingly rough personality, she is capable of expressing more tender emotions. Such as when she said she enjoyed the time she got to spend with trio at the Mansion. She also appears openly shocked after Tanjiro kindly reassures her about her decision to help at the Butterfly Mansion instead of going out to fight demons. She was also extremely concerned about Inosuke's condition to a point where she even bursts into tears while explaining his injuries.

In spite of her slight harsh demeanor, Aoi is internally kind and caring and does as much as she can to aid Slayers that come to the Mansion.



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