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Aoikane is the het ship between Akane Aoi and Aoi Akane from the Toilet-bound Hanako-kun fandom.


Aoi and Akane are childhood friends, Akane refers to Aoi as "Ao-chan". At a young age, Akane asked Aoi to marry him but she rejected him since she didn't want to her name to become "Aoi Aoi." At some point in their childhood, Akane saved Aoi from being hit by a car. This has caused him to be especially protective of Aoi.

There has been multiple instances where Akane's affections for Aoi border-lined into an obsession. He persistently asks her to marry him despite being rejected each time, and after each time he'll ask her what she thought about his "performance" that day. The highest score Aoi has given him is five out of one-hundred, despite the abysmal score, Akane seems beyond cheerful for his "record".

During the time the love confession tree rumors were arising, Akane practiced his love confession for Aoi on his friend Yamabuki. However, when Yamabuki didn't take him seriously and scrolled through his phone instead, Akane punches him lightly and tells him to be serious.

In the Clock Keeper Arc, it is revealed that Akane is a supernatural and only became one so that he could protect Aoi. Whenever he wasn't using his supernatural powers, he would gaze at Aoi for fifteen minutes. When Hanako possesses Nene in order to get information about Aoi, he bad-mouthed Aoi in Nene's body which angered Akane. He slaps Nene and warns her to never bad-mouth Aoi. When Hanako makes the chandelier fall on Aoi in order to test if Akane was a supernatural, he reveals his supernatural abilities by saving Aoi.

In the sixth mystery, Aoi is captured by the No.6 supernatural. Akane and Nene risked themselves in order to save Aoi, before this, Nene goes up to Akane in an attempt to tell him something. Again, Akane tells Nene that his heart has been taken by Aoi.

He once referred Aoi as a goddess in Summer Camp when she accidentally dropped some vegetables. He also got very angry when Yamabuki called Aoi, “A girl before puberty“. Akane once beat Yamabuki to get to him to admit that Aoi's cute. Akane goes out of his way to protect Nene because he knows she's important to Aoi.

In Chapter 70, Aoi finally agreed to get married to Akane. Akane admits he found her cute when she first cried to him, which basically was the cause of his crush towards her. Akane asks Aoi if she likes him a little, she blushes a little implying she feels the same. Akane was about to kiss her, until Teru interrupted them both. While Teru, Akane, and Aoi were escaping the Boundary, Aoi asks what Akane likes. He replies with 'I like you'. Aoi suddenly started to cry, and she says 'If only I had said I like you back', further implying that Aoi truly does like Akane.


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This ship rose to popularity after chapter 69. They are mainly shipped for Akane's persistence and infatuation with Aoi. Fanworks typically feature Aoi finally accepting Akane's love and returning his feelings.



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  • They both have a love for raspberry pies.


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