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Apprenticeshipping is the het ship between Mahaado and Mana from the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.


This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. Mana, Mahaado, and Atemu were childhood friends in the past. Later she was a student practicing magic under Mahaado. She sometimes didn't take her training seriously and often goofed off. She was prone to mischief like when she used her freezing spell on the palace guards.

When Maahado was killed in the fight against the thief king Bakura's Diabound Mana cried out. She started taking her training more seriously. This pays off when she is able to summon her ka the Black (Dark) Magician Girl.

Atemu later is able to summon Mahaado's spirit in the form of her Black (Dark) Magician. Mana would have her ka fight alongside him the battle. During the final battle against Zorc the two would combine there powers but were still defeated.


Apprenticeshipping is a common shipping for Ancient Egypt setting fanfics. Many fans found that Mana wanting to get better because of Mahaado made them a good couple. They are not usually shipped with any other characters so it does not rival any other shippings.



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  • This ship gets its name because Mana is Mahaado's apprentice.
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