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AquaMera is the het ship between Aquaman and Mera from the DC Comics and DC Extended Universe fandom.



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DC Extended Universe

Justice League

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Arthur is getting his father in the car, when Mera appears on the docks and says that she's been looking for him. She says she needs him to come back to Atlantis, but he tells her the same thing he told Volko, but nicer. Not interested. Mera reminds him that he defeated Steppenwolf and saved Atlantis, but Arthur says that had nothing to do with Atlantis. Mera explains that Arthurs brother Orm is about to declare was on the surface, and billions will die. They have to stop him. Arthur asks how they're supposed to do that, and Mera says that the throne is his birthright by being Queen Atlanta's firstborn. She needs him to take his rightful place as king. He laughs and asks if she really believes Orm will just give up the throne. He's not a king. Mera agrees with that, but says that Volko believes in him for some reason. She says he found the lost trident of Atlan, but Arthur says it's a myth. Mera insists that it's not, and with it, Arthur would become king. Arthur says that died with his mother, but if Orm attacks, he will treat him the same way Atlantis treated him mom. No mercy. He then drives away and leaves her.

A tidal wave crashes into the road Arthur is driving on, when his dad is swept out to see. He swims through the water calling for him, when Mera appears and controls the water. He find his father who is unconscious and not breathing. Mera tells him to move, and uses her abilities to remove the water from Thomas' lungs. He spits out the rest of the water and Arthur hugs him in relief. He tells Mera that he doesn't even know her name, and she introduces herself. Arthur thanks her, when they look out and see the damage from the tidal wave. Mera says that it's Orm's doing, and that there's worse to come.

The next day they reach the highest spot on the coast, and Mera asks if something is wrong. Arthur says that this is where Volko gave him his first lesson, but wants to make it clear that once he stops the war, then he's done. Mera says that might be for the best, then dives off the cliff into the ocean, Arthur quickly following behind. They swim to where Mera's ship is kept, but Arthur says he's not getting in. Mera says that to get to Atlantis, he'll have to, but he doesn't want to get in a ship that's been marinating in fish bait. He'll smell disgusting coming out. Mera thinks it might be an improvement and they get in her ship to head to Atlantis.


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The ship is fairly popular among Aquaman fans. They are considered one of DC's most iconic couples, and are in most adaptations of the Aquaman character. The ship doesn't have any rivals, although both are occasionally shipped with Wonder Woman in canon and fanon.

On AO3, AquaMera is the most written ship for Mera and the second most written for Arthur. It is also the second most ship in the Aquaman (2018) tag and most written in the Aquaman (Comics) tag.



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