AquaRae is the het ship between Aqualad and Raven from the Teen Titans fandom.


Aqualad and Raven first met in the episode "Deep Six" and Raven is immediately attracted to him, their next interaction is at the end of the episode when he says goodbye to her and Starfire, replying with a smile that it was nice meeting him.

They next meet in the Teen Titans Go! animated series, in the episode "Pirates" Aqualad is attracted to Raven the second Beast Boy takes down her hood, he then peruses her and takes her down to the ocean late at night. Raven quickly becomes attracted to him after this and kisses his cheek. The following day, in order to keep Raven as his girl, Aqualad risked himself to have a battle with Beast Boy, which according to Raven, was a death match. But after his disastrous defeat, Aqualad seemed to concede that Raven is too dark for his taste.

In "Head Fruit," Aqualad messages Beast Boy on DCUbook and asks how Raven is doing.

In "Yearbook Madness," in the corner of Raven's yearbook, Aqualad had written "Please take me back".

In "The Power of Shrimps," Aqualad is again seemed to have regained feelings for Raven and competes with Beast Boy for Raven's love by telling Berto to help him cook shrimps and prime rib in order to enamour her but he and the latter only ends up getting punished by Raven. It is also revealed that he has kept a photo of Raven (with her hood off) as his possession.


AquaRae is quite a popular ship in the fandom, fans ship it because of Raven's attraction to him and Aqualad was the first person Raven had a crush on. Many see that this pair would be good together because both of them are very understanding.



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  • Raven blushed when she first met Aqualad, from then on she would have heart eyes when seeing him.
  • Aqualad is always seen smiling at Raven whenever the two are interacting.
  • Raven was the second person Aqualad met and talked too from the Teen Titans, the first being Beast Boy. The two got off on the wrong foot.
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