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Archie Andrews is a principal character from the Riverdale fandom.



Archduke — the ship between Archie and Moose Mason
Archiereggie — the ship between Archie and Reggie Mantle
Archson — the ship between Jason Blossom and Archie
Charchie — the ship between Archie and Chuck Clayton
Darchie — the ship between Archie and Dilton Doiley
Jarchie — the ship between Archie and Jughead Jones
Joarchie — the ship between Archie and Joaquin DeSantos
Kevarchie — the ship between Archie and Kevin Keller
Madrews — the ship between Munroe Moore and Archie
Swarchie — the ship between Archie and Sweet Pea


Archosie — the ship between Archie and Josie McCoy
Archtoni — the ship between Archie and Toni Topaz
Barchie — the ship between Archie and Betty Cooper
Valarchie — the ship between Archie and Valerie Brown
Varchie — the ship between Archie and Veronica Lodge


Barchead — the ship between Archie, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones
Beronchie — the ship between Archie, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge
Munregchie — the ship between Archie, Munroe Moore and Reggie Mantle
Swarchosie — the ship between Archie, Josie McCoy and Sweet Pea


Archeryl — the ship between Archie and Cheryl Blossom


Betty Cooper

Main article: Barchie

Archie and Betty grew up next door to each other from the age of 4 and quickly become best friends. Betty falls in love with Archie and, after helping him pass the 2nd grade, Archie proposes to her, but she says to wait until they're 18. At the start of their sophomore year, Betty looks for a way to confess her feelings for Archie, who is caught up with a child predator. When Betty finally tells him, Archie doesn't say anything and, after making out with Veronica in a closet, he comes to find Betty and talk with her. Archie doesn't think he's good enough for Betty, and possibly wants to keep her away from what he's caught up in, and so he rejects her. Betty starts dating his best friend, Jughead, and Archie's jealous, but also doesn't know how to handle his feelings for Betty. They culminate in a kiss while the two of them try to uncover the Black Hood, after Archie's been through the trauma of his father getting shot and Betty's been tortured by the serial killer. Once more they can't face their feelings and don't talk about what happened between them, but just staying with their respective partners. Betty worries that Archie will hate her once he learns that Hal Cooper was the Black Hood, but Archie doesn't at all.

When Archie's framed for murder by Hiram Lodge, Betty spends the summer before their junior year working with Mary Andrews and Sierra McCoy to help Archie's case. Though reluctant to accept a reality where Archie goes to prison, she promises to look out for Fred Andrews if it happens. When Archie's friends all work together to help him escape prison, Betty is the first person he sees and they're overjoyed to be reunited. Betty watches over Archie as he recovers in the bunker and when he returns from being on the run from Hiram Lodge, she helps him study and supports him as he tries to figure out his new self. The summer before their senior year, Archie's father is tragically killed in an accident and Betty is there for him as he grieves. Betty's impressed with Archie as he starts a community centre for wayward youth dedicated to his father's memory. When Jughead's life is in danger from his new prep school, he goes underground while Archie and Betty pretend to date as a misdirect. However, it dislodges their repressed feelings for one another which culminates in them sharing a kiss while rehearsing for the variety show.

Veronica Lodge

Main article: Varchie

Archie and Veronica meet when she walks into Pop's one night before sophomore year at school starts. After convincing Archie to be her and Betty's date to the homecoming dance, Veronica and Archie make out in a closet during a spin the bottle game. They don't start dating until halfway through their sophomore year, and then have to contend with Hiram Lodge hating and trying to murder Archie and his family, as well as Archie's feelings for Betty being a through-line issue in their relationship. They break up junior year because of Veronica's father hunting Archie, but get back together at the end of junior year. They're together their senior year until Archie and Betty kiss, unbeknownst to Veronica.

Josie McCoy

Main article: Archosie

Archie gets to observe the Pussycats as Josie's reluctant favour to Cheryl, but eventually gets to co-operate with the band and they perform a song together that Archie's written. In their junior year, once Archie returns to Riverdale from having been hunted by Hiram Lodge, Josie supports him and they start dating. Archie supports Josie as she applies to Julliard, but she leaves town to go on tour with her Dad and they end things amicably.

Valerie Brown

Main article: Valarchie

Archie and Valerie get to know each other when Archie asks to sit in on rehearsal sessions with The Pussycats. At first she mediates his presence with Josie, but later she helps him work through hiccups in his music, telling him to trust his music. Archie is enthralled by Valerie, but they keep their relationship focused on the music until after the variety show when they finally kiss. They start dating, but Archie neglects her and Valerie breaks up with him, which he doesn't take well, trying to win her back.

Cheryl Blossom

Main article: Archeryl

Archie agrees to escort Cheryl to Blossom events (almost as a Jason substitute to her family) in exchange for promises of attending a fancy music academy. Although this is his reason, once he gets a harsh glimpse into Cheryl's lonely existence Archie stands up for her and later tells Cheryl that she shouldn't care what people think, that he thinks she's strong. Cheryl, still reeling from her brother's death, seeks solace in a possible romance with Archie and kisses him. He kisses her back, but breaks it off as he's with Valerie. Cheryl later comes out as gay.

Jennifer Gibson

A sexual predator, who posed under a fake name as a music tutor, who has had two known relationships with underage boys who she specifically preyed on, possibly many more. Archie thought their relationship was real, but was being manipulated by her. She was murdered by the Black Hood.


Jughead Jones

Main article: Jarchie



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