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Archie Andrews is a principal character from the Riverdale fandom.



Archduke — the ship between Archie and Moose Mason
Archuck — the ship between Archie and Chuck Clayton
Darchie — the ship between Archie and Dilton Doiley
Jarchie — the ship between Archie and Jughead Jones
Joarchie — the ship between Archie and Joaquin DeSantos
Kevarchie — the ship between Archie and Kevin Keller
Regchie — the ship between Archie and Reggie Mantle


Archeryl — the ship between Archie and Cheryl Blossom
Archosie — the ship between Archie and Josie McCoy
Barchie — the ship between Archie and Betty Cooper
Valarchie — the ship between Archie and Valerie Brown
Varchie — the ship between Archie and Veronica Lodge


Josie McCoy

Main article: Archosie

Veronica Lodge

Main article: Varchie

Betty Cooper

Main article: Barchie

Valerie Brown

Main article: Valarchie

Archie and Valerie get to know each other when Archie asks to sit in on rehearsal sessions with The Pussycats. At first she mediates his presence with Josie, but later she helps him work through hiccups in his music, telling him to trust his music. Archie is enthralled by Valerie, but they keep their relationship focused on the music until after the variety show when they finally kiss. They start dating, but Archie neglects her and Valerie breaks up with him, which he doesn't take well, trying to win her back.

Cheryl Blossom

Main article: Archeryl

Archie agrees to escort Cheryl to Blossom events (almost as a Jason substitute to her family) in exchange for promises of attending a fancy music academy. Although this is his reason, once he gets a harsh glimpse into Cheryl's lonely existence Archie stands up for her and later tells Cheryl that she shouldn't care what people think, that he thinks she's strong. Cheryl, still reeling from her brother's death, seeks solace in a possible romance with Archie and kisses him. He kisses her back, but breaks it off as he's with Valerie.

Jennifer Gibson

A sexual predator, who posed under a fake name as a music tutor, who has had two known relationships with underage boys who she specifically preyed on, possibly many more. Archie thought their relationship was real, but was being manipulated by her. She was murdered by the Black Hood.


Jughead Jones

Main article: Jarchie



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1455 Varchie Veronica Lodge het
811 Jarchie Jughead Jones slash
461 Barchie Betty Cooper het
364 Archie & Jughead Jughead Jones friendship
266 Archie & Veronica Veronica Lodge friendship
195 Archie & Betty Betty Cooper friendship
95 Archie & Fred Fred Andrews family
64 Kevarchie Kevin Keller slash
61 Archosie Josie McCoy het
57 Archeryl Cheryl Blossom het



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