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Arianna is the femslash ship between Ariel and Anna from the Disney fandom.


Ariel and Anna are from different series, never interacting in canon. They do appear in a few pieces of Disney crossover media.

Anna and Ariel's castle's both sit next to the ocean, and both have castles that their family has/do reside in. They are both also the youngest sister, don't have any brothers and lost their mothers in ship wrecks. They've also both been used by their films antagonists in order to gain control of their families kingdoms.

The two can also be very stubborn when Anna and Ariel are denied their chances of happiness. When they told their families about the princes they were in love with, they were told that they can't be with them. This cause them to lash out towards Elsa and King Trident with words, before they witness a display of Elsa and King Tridents' powers that Anna and Ariel provoked. Shortly after their fights, Anna and Ariel come across the villains of their films before they leave their kingdoms and spend time with their love interests. In the end, after Anna and Ariel face their villains on behalf of their head family leaders they had harmed, the two were able to make peace with Elsa and Trident. Since then the relationship Ariel and Anna had with their father and sister become stronger than it was before.

In the Little Mermaid TV series, Ariel comes across many kinds of mythical creatures. Frozen II has Anna came across four magical spirits of an Enchanted Forest. Both of their magical creature encounters has Ariel and Anna asking for their help to save their kingdoms from danger, along with seeking help of their magic wielding relatives. Their films have also shown moments that Anna and Ariel have had with their parents and siblings as kids. Both the second Little Mermaid film and TV series has Ariel going to icy arias, that look a bit like the one Anna traveled to in her search for Elsa.


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Fans of Arianna believe that the two would get along due to their shared experiences with leaving their homes, and as princesses. Some also think that the two have a good aesthetic together. It is less popular than other crossover ships, but does have its loyal fans.

Fans sometimes draw Ariel and Anna in their modern clothes from Ralph Breaks the Internet for Modern AUs and crossovers.



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  • Ariel and Anna both appear in several Disney crossover media.
    • Both appear in Once Upon A Time.
    • Both have appearance's in the Kingdom Hearts series.
    • Netizen versions of the two appear in the film Ralph Breaks the Internet.
    • Ariel and Anna are limit time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • The Little Mermaid and Frozen became Broadway Musical shows.



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