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Ariel is a character from the Disney, Kingdom Hearts and Once Upon A Time fandoms.


Ariel is a mermaid who is drawn to the surface world above her underwater home, despite the dangers that has her father cousinly keeping her away from it. From time to time Ariel collects items that have fallen into the sea one way or another, and shortly after she falls in love with the human prince she saved Ariel's desire to be with Eric in his world had gotten her to make a deal with a sea witch. So she can become a human like him.



Alariel — the ship between Ariel and Aladdin
Eriel — the ship between Ariel and Eric
Heriel — the ship between Ariel and Hercules
Hookriel — the ship between Ariel and Captain Hook
Jariel — the ship between Ariel and Jim Hawkins
Sorariel — the ship between Ariel and Sora
Sinariel — the ship between Ariel and Sinbad


Arianna — the ship between Ariel and Anna
Arielsa — the ship between Ariel and Elsa
Arierida — the ship between Ariel and Merida DunBroch
Arsula — the ship between Ariel and Ursula
Auriel — the ship between Ariel and Aurora
Cinderiel — the ship between Ariel and Cinderella
Desert Mermaid — the ship between Ariel and Jasmine
Mermaid Beauty — the ship between Ariel and Belle
Mermaid Snow — the ship between Ariel and Snow White
Moariel — the ship between Ariel and Moana Waialiki
Mulriel — the ship between Ariel and Fa Mulan
Pocariel — the ship between Ariel and Pocahontas
Rapunzariel — the ship between Ariel and Rapunzel
Tiariel — the ship between Ariel and Tiana


Arielsanna — the ship between Ariel, Elsa and Anna
Desert Mermaid Beauty — the ship between Ariel, Jasmine and Belle


Arielody — the ship between Ariel and Melody
Mowriel — the ship between Ariel and Mowgli



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# portmanteau characters type
244 Eriel Eric het
53 Arsula Ursula femslash
38 Hookriel Killian Jones het
30 Moariel Moana Waialiki femslash
15 Mermaid Beauty Belle femslash
14  ? Nani Pelekai femslash
10 Jariel Jim Hawkins het


  • She makes Disney cameo appearances in Ralph Breaks the Internet, that is a netizen version of her, Sofia the First, and Descendants 2.
  • In the Kingdom Hearts series Ariel serves as battle-partner characters in the very first game and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, when Sora visits her underwater home world, along with her being one of the Disney summon characters in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • In the Broadway Musical version of Disney's The Little Mermaid, the sea witch Ursula is featured as Ariel's evil aunt.
    • This makes Ariel the first Disney Princess to have an aunt, even though it is in an altered/retold version of her Disney film.
  • Auli'i Cravalho portrays Ariel in the live television special of Disney's The Little Mermaid Live.


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