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Arielody is the family ship between Ariel and Melody from The Little Mermaid fandom.


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When Melody was born Ariel planed to raise her beauty daughter between the world she originally came from as a mermaid and the world she became apart of as a human, since she wants Melody to know the two sides to her heritage and believed that her father's magical locket gift to Melody would help her. Ariel's plans for Melody's childhood, however, were changed the moment Morgana tries to use Melody to force King Trident to give up his trident for the baby's life, but Ariel's quick actions allows her and Eric to save their daughter while Morgana got away. Because Morgana is Ursula's sister and her father wasn't able to find her, Ariel became worried that they wouldn't be so the next time Morgana tries to harm Melody again and decides to keep her away from the sea, until Morgana is found and caught.

To ensure that Melody is kept safe, Ariel has a large wall built that keeps the land separate from the sea. The only thing that Ariel didn't count for is that Melody takes after her, just as Ariel was drawn to the surface world Melody feels drawn of the sea. Along with Melody inheriting Ariel's fondness for collecting items that are from the world that her family want to keep her away from, as Melody sneaks under the wall to collect shells. Ariel's mermaid origins also gives Melody the ability to understand sea creatures and seagulls. Because Ariel has Melody believing that mermaids and the underwater kingdom of Atlantica are a myth, as she raises her to be a normal human girl, Melody has no idea where her ability to talk to crabs or her love for the sea comes from, and with her mother doing all that she can to keep Melody away from the sea makes, like King Trident had once done to Ariel, it hard for Melody to tell Ariel her secrets. In fear that her mother couldn't understand.

On the day of Melody's twelfth birthday, as Ariel searches the whole castle for her, Melody goes on one of her secret drives where she finds a shiny shell, while Sebastian tries to get Melody to the party before her mother realizes that she is gone. Shortly after Melody finds the shell she shares her thought about possibly telling her mother about her love for the sea with Sebastian, until he reminds her about the party she needs to be at (Melody's reaction to the reminder is a bit similar to how Ariel acted when she remembered the concert). Even though Ariel cares a great about Melody's safety, apart of her missing the sea and the family she hasn't seen since Melody was a baby. After Melody snuck back into the castle she sees Ariel dipping her toes into the sea's water from her window before asking her mother what she is doing, but alerting Ariel to her presents sends Melody into a panic when her informs her half ready daughter that she is on her up to her. Melody does what she can to get herself ready before her mother enters her room, and while Melody was able to get dressed and hide her bag of her most recent sea treasures she didn't have time to properly fix up her hair. Seeing this Ariel offers to brush it for her, and as she did so Melody tell her mother not to bother as she didn't want to tend the party. Due to other people viewing her as someone who is weird, but Ariel tells Melody that she is beauty and it is only right of her to tend her own birthday party. As they continued to talk that has Ariel asking Melody a question, she felt that it was the right moment to tell her mother about her dreams involving the sea, but Eric walks into the room before Melody could say it.


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Because fans love their mother and daughter bond, they feature Ariel and Melody in some of their mother's day fan artwork.



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