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AsaDai is the slash ship between Asahi Azumane and Daichi Sawamura from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Asahi and Daichi are both members of the Karasuno high school volleyball club. They are both 3rd years and seem to be very close. They are very close friends, so they are seen together quite often, a lot of the time with Sugawara. Asahi used to have a higher number than Daichi in their first year. Asahi's number was 10 and Daichi's was 11. But now Daichi is the captain, meaning that he is number 1, and Asahi is number 3. Daichi and Asahi are both wing spikers for the team.

In their first year at Karasuno, Coach Ukai had left and the team was slowly falling. But Daichi persisted that they should keep trying, which Asahi agreed. As time went by, Daichi got closer to Asahi. One day, after their practice, they were discussing their team's lack of practice matches. Hiroki said that other teams wouldn't want to waste their time on them. Daichi still thinks that Karsuno will eventually get better, and tries to convince the others.

The day after Nishinoya's return, Daichi heads to practice and sees Asahi standing outside the gym. Knowing why he’s there, Daichi simply states that they are setting up a practice game. When Asahi’s scared by it, Daichi yells at him to stop running away. He asks if Asahi’s heard that Nekoma’s coming. He remarks that from their perspective, it’s like hearing an old tale, but this match will belike a revival for the team.

Daichi often teases Asahi, calling him wimpy for someone with a build like his. However, he reassures Asahi that the others would gladly accept him if he came back. It doesn’t matter what Asahi’s done so far; as long as he still likes volleyball, then it’s enough of a reason for him to return to the team.

Daichi has a close relationship with Asahi They've been through their ups and downs of the team together since joining together in their first year. They often hang out with one another outside of team activities. Daichi believes in Asahi's abilities, even trusting him to return to the team despite Asahi's attitude at that time. Because of this and Daichi's general reassuring disposition, Asahi respects Daichi as a teammate, friend, and captain.


AsaDai is a rare ship for both characters in the fandom. These two are at times referred to as the Dad and Uncle of Karasuno. Though it is not nessacirly an unpopular ship, it it outweighed by the popularity of AsaNoya, the 8th most popular Haikyuu ship, and DaiSuga, the 4th most popular Haikyuu ship. These two are also in a trio with the other 3rd year, Sugawara.



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  • Daichi's birthday is December 31st and Asahi's birthday is January 1st.
  • They are both Capricorns


AsaDaiSuga refers to the ship between Asahi, Daichi and Sugawara


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