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Astret is the het ship between Astrid Hofferson and Eret, Son of Eret from the How to Train Your Dragon fandom.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Astrid first meets Eret, and shortly after she finds Hiccup and the two see smoke in the distance. They go to invacuate their dragons, unaware that it is emanating from his destroyed Dragon Trapper fortress until his crew shot Stormfly down. As Eret makes sure that the blue scaled Nadder is succoured, Astrid, Hiccup and Toothless confront the Dragon Trappers to save her dragon from them and once he saw that the two are dragon riders, the lead Dragon Trapper assumes that they are in conatus with the masked dragon rider who raided their fort, while Astrid was too mad at Eret and his pals for capturing Stormfly to think about the unknown Dragon Rider he had informed her and Hiccup of. Because Astrid isn't the forgiving type to those who don't deserve to be forgiven, she didn't feel sorry for Eret when he explains to them that if he doesn't deliver any kind of dragon to Drago Bludvist, he'll receive a punishment that will make his branded, burn scar look like an act of mercy. After Hiccup and Toothless help Astrid save Stormfly the Trappers and they begin to make their way back to Berk, Eret yells to them that Drago is coming after all dragons and that they wouldn't be able to protect them.

Their paths cross again when Astrid joins Hiccup in his task of stopping a war before it begins by finding Eret; since he would know why to find Drago. Because Astrid didn't know what Hiccup's plan is for when they found Eret, she wasn't expecting or happy about the fact that her friend has placed them and their dragons it the Dragon Trapper and his crew's "custody", since she is still mad at Eret for what he had did to Stormfly earlier and was expecting some kind of fight to happen between her and the Trappers. Eret was also some kind of fight from Astrid and her friends before he gets quickly frustrated with whatever kind of game they were trying to play with them, while believing that Astrid is fully in on it when she really isn't until Hiccup explains why they came to him. Before Eret could be shown what Astrid and the rest of her tribe truly know about dragons, Stoick and the others attacked the Dragon Trapper ship to "rescue" her and Hiccup. Sometime after Astrid and her friends departed from the Dragon Trappers, while Stoick and Gobber search for Hiccup and Toothless before they all could head back home, Astrid was getting tried of waiting and was worried that they had gotten themselves into trouble, she decides to re-find Eret so they could find their friends. While Eret wasn't happy about being kidnapped by a group of Dragon Riders and definitely didn't want to take them to Drago, until Astrid has Stormfly drop Eret while they were in the air so she can convince him other wises, before he tells Astrid and her friends where they can find Drago.

Once they are at Drago's location, Eret begs Astrid to get Stormfly off of him, only to have her tell him that one should never take away a dragon's toy, before she leaves him with her dragon. When Drago's men found and captured the Dragon Riders and their dragons, Eret was the only one not to be tied up when Astrid and their allies were brought onboard Drago's main ship. She later became angry at him when Eret double-crosses them in Drago's presents, all while being unaware that Eret is afraid of Drago and as she acts brave in front of the mad man when she informs him of Hiccup and Berk's dragons, Eret began to believe that Astrid is foolish and has just doom her friend and tribe. After Eret was saved by Astrid's dragon, and shortly after Drago ordered his men to kill him, he began to see dragons differently. So when Drago's men were about to throw him and Astrid's fellow dragon riders to their deaths in the icy cold water, while being tied up, Eret put on an act of wanting Astrid to go first so the guards would be busy holding her down, before he tells her to duck so he can free his arms and take out the guards. Astrid's view and thought of Eret changed before they went to free their dragons, while staying hidden in their cages until it became the right moment for them to escape.

When the capes they were hiding in got opened Astrid flies with Fishlegs and Meatlug before she joins Eret, as a new dragon rider, on Stormfly since he is still new to flying and would her help in riding Stormfly, as they take on Drago's army. After Drago's Bewilderbeast kills Valka's, in which allows Drago to control their dragons, along with Stoick being killed in the battle, Eret joins Astrid and their allies as they fly to Berk on baby dragons so they can finally put a stop to Drago and save her home island from him. The two later stand in the crowd of Berkians who are standing up to Drago, and once he was defeated and the battle was over Eret becomes a member of Berk, along with him being entrusted with Stoick's dragon. Which allows him to join Astrid and the others in the air, during dragon race.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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Graphic Novels

The Serpent's Heir

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When Hiccup is asked to help the people of Nepenthe with a possible dragon problem, both Astrid and Eret join him and the others in their requested task. Since Eret's former life has pervaded him with dragon knowledge and needs a bit more practice in dragon riding, while Astrid doesn't fully trust Calder and didn't want to be left behind on Berk when their chief goes to Nepenthe.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

“You really are full of surprises!”
— Astrid to Eret, who has saved Stormfly.


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Astret is seen as one of the main het ships involving Eret in the How to Train Your Dragon fandom, and is the rival ship of Eretcup and Hiccstrid.

On AO3, the ship has 132 fanfics on it.



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