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Mick“Raymond. I'm counting on you”
Ray“Don't worry, Mick. I got you[1]

Atomwave is the slash ship between Ray and Mick from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Ray and Mick first met when Rip Hunter recruited them to become Legends. They woke up on a roof next to each other after Rip knocked them out and brought them there. After the first time jump, Rip takes several of the Legends including Ray to question a professor on the possible location of Vandal Savage. Before they leave, Ray asks whether it's a good idea to leave Mick and Leonard unsupervised on The Waverider. Mick calls Ray "haircut" and lets him know he heard his insult. After Rip reveals that he's no longer a time master and only recruited them because they had no impact on the timeline, Ray, Mick, Leonard and Sara end up in the cargo bay, working on their weapons. Ray accidentally causes the suit to give off an energy blast. It hits one of the crates and Mick yells at him to watch it. Ray quickly apologizes. Ray wonders why they're even considering Rip's offer since they don't matter and are nothing more than what the world already thinks of them. Mick's okay with that. Both of them decide that they should stay on the ship.[2]

102 Atomwave Stake Out.gif

After Leonard agrees to steal the knife that can kill Savage, Ray volunteers to go with him. Leonard states that he already has a partner, referring to Mick. Ray says he trusts Mick less than Snart. Mick looks at him annoyed. The three of them end up at the house where the dagger is. Mick and Leonard survey the area. Ray walks towards the building and Mick asks what he's doing. Ray had realized that the security system was the same as his parents. Ray disables the security but Mick and Leonard tell him that he tapped into a dummy box and the guards show up. The two then punch out the guards and they head inside. They find the dagger in a glass case and Ray asks what they need to do to get it out. Leonard smashes the case and Mick smashes several more. He tells Ray and Leonard to start grabbing items before going through the rest of the house. Mick comes back downstairs to see that Ray and Leonard are locked in a cage and the alarm is going off. He asks what happened and the two blame each other. Mick tells Len that they shouldn't have brought Ray along. Leonard agrees and tells Mick to go find a way to get them out. Before leaving he tells Ray that their problems aren't over. They discover that the house is owned by Vandal Savage who had taken Mick. Savage knocks him out and Ray tells Savage that the rest of the team will come for them.[3]


When Ray and Mick are captured by the Russians[4], they're sent to the Russian gulag. Ray greets the inmates with a smile and an upbeat attitude, which gets on Mick's nerves. Ray tells him that they need to find a way to get to Stein, since he's in the prison as well. Mick reminds him that so are they. The two are then shoved into a cell. The next day Ray is trying to put a positive spin on their situation causing Mick to become annoyed again. Ray notices a fellow prisoner not getting enough to eat and goes to talk to him. Mick tells Ray to just shut up and eat his food. Ray trying to help the guy causes another prisoner to show up and start beating up Ray. He calls Mick for help but Mick had become distracted by a lighter he stole from another prisoner. After waking up in the yard, Ray is dragged back to the prison cell and yells at Mick for not helping him in the fight. Mick states that the fight wasn't any of his business. Ray states that they're supposed to be a team but Mick only thinks of Snart as part of his team and that Ray had a beat down coming. Ray says that he couldn't just watch someone get pushed around. Mick then says that he's a bigger fool than he thought. Several guards then come by to take them to Savage. The two are then strung up in front of a two-way mirror and have wires attached to them. One of Savage's men, who's in charge of their torture, then shocks them while Mick talks him. Ray asks Mick why they skipped straight to the torture instead of asking questions first. Mick tells him that they don't want information from them and they are just being used as an incentive for Stein to give them the information on how to become FIRESTORM. Ray yells to Stein not to give them anything before they're both shocked again. Their interrogator then picks up a hammer and is about to beat Mick with it, when Ray interrupts him. Mick asks what he's doing, as does the interrogator. Ray then taunts him, causing the interrogator to beat Ray instead of Mick. After Stein yells that he'll tell Savage how to stabilize FIRESTORM, the two are then led back to their cell.


Back in the cell, Mick tells a very injured Ray that getting the interrogator to beat him was one of the dumbest things he has ever seen in his life. Ray replies with a "You're welcome". Mick still sees the action as idiotic since Ray could have been beaten to death. Ray says that there are things more important than survival, like his principals and the team. He then asks if there's anything that Mick is whiling to die for. He replies "the perfect score". Ray believes the difference between the two of them is how they each define score. Leonard shows up to break Mick out. He leaves The Atom Suit in an unconscious Ray's prison uniform pocket and tells Mick that they need to go. Mick says that they can't leave Ray since he wouldn't survive. Leonard says that with the two of them dressed as guards they would be fine to leave, but if one of them was dragging Ray around they'd be suspicious. Mick tells him how Ray took a beating for him. Leonard argues that Ray would take a beating for anyone and that the two of them stick together. Mick looks at Ray as he thinks about his answer. The two then leave with Mick carrying Ray on his shoulders. Jax then turns off the power to the gulag, causing all cell doors to open and let out the prisoners. Leonard and Mick change direction ending up at the prison entrance. Ray briefly wakes up and comments on their current situation in a slightly delirious way. Mick then carries Ray to the jump ship that's waiting for them. Back on the Waverider, the legends have a drink to celebrate a mission that went completely off the rails. Ray thanks Mick for getting him out of the gulag and how he knows that he's more than just a thief. Mick says that since Ray took a beating for him, they're even and that's why he saved him. Ray thanks him again anyway while Mick says that there should be less feeling and more drinking.

When Grant Wilson threatens the lives of the Legends in 2046, Leonard says that he and Mick should help them since they're their friends. Mick questions when they became friends with the others and Leonard comments on how Mick and Ray got close in Russia. As the Legends are preparing to leave 2046, Ray approaches Mick as he looks out over the city. Ray comments that the people there seemed like Mick's kind of people. Mick responds that he doesn't know who his people are anymore. The two sit next to each other during the time jump.[5]

When most of the Legends are captured by the Time Masters, they are each put into separate cells. Mick says that the time masters are going to kill the rest of them. Ray asks why Mick won’t be killed. Mick says that they have different plans for him since he was one of the bounty hunters. After being rescued and back on the ship, Mick walks onto the bridge yelling to get him out of the Chronos suit. Ray attempts to mess with some of the technology on the suit but Mick pushes him away. Rip and Ray quickly come up with a plan to get out of the Time Master’s tractor beam, which they need a piece of the Chronos suit to do it. Ray quickly grabs the glove off of Mick’s hand and starts to access the Time Masters tech and they are able to get away. Ray is eating a cupcake in the galley when Mick walks in. Ray jokingly says, that since he’s going to die there’s no sense in watching his diet. Mick tells him that the time masters have been wrong before but that causes Ray to go down a spiral of what-ifs. He then asks Mick what he focused on in order to stop him from becoming Chronos since he didn’t want to take revenge on Snart anymore. Mick truthfully tells him that he focused on the team. Ray asks if he cared about them but Mick just says that they would have been screwed without him. He then says that if he can survive getting turned into Chronos, Ray can survive anything the time masters throw at him. Ray thanks him. Mick then replies that if he tells the team he actually cares he’ll shave Ray’s head, before grabbing another cupcake and leaving.

As the Legends enter the Oculus, Rip tells everyone else to fight the time masters while Ray destroys the Oculus and Mick protects him from the time masters that are already there. Rip tells Ray that this is how he saw Ray die but Ray says that as long as he can protect the rest of the Legends, he’s okay. But he’s in no rush and asks that they keep the time masters off of him. Mick says that they’ve got him and fires at the time masters. Ray realizes that he has to keep in contact with the fail-safe in order to destroy the Oculus. Ray tells the two to leave him and go back to the ship. Rip’s already seen the future so he’s essentially dead already. Mick then knocks him out and takes his place at the fail-safe. He tells Rip to take Ray and leave, willing to sacrifice himself instead of Ray. Snart then knocks him out, takes Mick's place and dies. On the bridge of the Waverider Mick stares out into the distance as Ray says that Leonard died a hero, which would have been the last thing he wanted. Later, Mick stares at Snart’s ring in the galley when Ray walks in. Mick tells him to leave since he wants to be alone. Ray tells him that Gideon confirmed that the Oculus was destroyed. Mick asks if that is supposed to make him feel better. Ray believes so, since it means that Leonard didn’t die for nothing. Mick pulls up the ring again as Ray apologizes for the loss of Leonard. Mick knows that all the time masters are dead, but he still feels the need to kill something for Leonard. Ray replies that Vandal Savage is still out there and has Kendra and Carter. Mick says that he’ll work nicely as Ray gives a slight smile.[6]

Ray and Mick work together to take down Savage

Rip drops off the remaining Legends in 2016, several months after when they departed. One month later Ray shows up to Mick's bank heist, telling him that he thinks they should talk. The two end up in a parking garage where Ray asks why Mick went back to being a criminal. Mick doesn't respond and instead asks Ray why he's here. Ray says that he wants to apologize for Snart, since he was the one that was supposed to die. Mick says it wasn't Ray's fault since Snart never did anything without a plan. Ray gets the idea that maybe Snart knew that the two of them would keep an eye out for each other while fighting Vandal Savage. The two then meet Stein and Jax at the spot where the Waverider originally dropped them off, in order to contact Rip. After convincing (threatening), Rip to let them back onto the Waverider and finish their mission the team gets a message from Kendra and land in World War 2. Ray and Mick fight the Nazi's attacking them together, along with Sara. The team finds out Savage's plan and that they have to attack him in three time periods. Ray and Mick team up to take him down in 1958.[7]


While fighting Nazi's, Mick warns Ray about one of them about to shoot him. Ray blocks the shot and knocks them out, thanking Mick for the warning. Another Nazi comes after Mick, Ray warns him but Mick ends up getting shot. Ray knocks him out after and carries Mick back to the Waverider for treatment.

All the Legends become time scattered and Mick is the only one left on the ship, in stasis. Once he wakes up, with the help of Nate Heywood, the first person he finds is Ray in the Jurassic period trying to fend off a T-Rex. Mick shoots the T-Rex with his Heat Gun, saving Ray.


After fighting confederate soldiers that got turned into zombies, Mick passes out. Ray checks him out in the infirmary and sees a bite mark, meaning that Mick was turning into a zombie. Mick freaks out and grabs Ray, telling him that he better fix him.

Ray along with Martin, thinks they've found a cure. Ray is about to inject Mick, when Mick touches his wrist, telling him that he's counting on him. Ray tells Mick not to worry. Ray injects the cure into Mick, but instead of curing him it speeds up the process and turns Mick into a zombie.

Ray figures out that the cure needed to be administered as an aerosol. Martin hits Mick with it and he is cured.

Later Ray brings Mick a burger and to check to see if he's alright after being a zombie. Mick notices something off about Ray and asks what's wrong. Ray reveals that he's had trouble figuring out what his place on the team is supposed to be since his suit got destroyed. Mick tells him that feeling like an outsider isn't such a bad thing. He then pulls out the Cold Gun and walks over to Ray, telling him that he's been looking for a partner since Snart died and gives the gun to Ray. Ray, looking shocked, takes it and smiles while making a cold pun.


In the Cargo Bay, Mick starts showing Ray how to use the cold gun. Ray also has on Snart's glasses but takes them off after complaining that they make everything blue. Ray starts trying to act 'cool' and starts trying to imitate Snart.

Mick and Ray work together in the White House.

Ray and Mick stakeout together. Ray wears one of Snart's jackets and Mick doesn't like that Ray is trying to be like Snart because it's bringing up feelings about his dead friend.

Ray and Mick stop the bomb in the White House together.


Ray catches up to Mick in the Waverider Hallway, telling him he found rats in his room. Mick sarcastically asks what Ray wants him to do about it. Ray says that he should clean up after himself since their time travelers and any rats that happen to be on the ship could possibly have the bubonic plague. He pokes Mick in the chest to add emphasis, with Mick then grabbing Ray's hand and twisting it behind his back. Ray realizes that he overstepped a boundary by poking Mick and Mick lets him go.


Mick has his heat gun pressed to Damien Darhks chest when Lendard comes tells Mick to let Damien go. Mick says he isn't listening to Snart anymore and Snart makes a comment about being partners but Mick says that he doesn't have a partner. He has a team. Lenard said that he had heard that Mick had gone soft and to let him fix that. Lenard then shoots a big icicle through Mick's heart.

Past Ray, who had been knocked out of the sky by a shot from the cold gun, sees this and shouts Mick's name in a panic and then shouts 'no!' reaching out for Mick. Ray moves to stand and possibly go and fight Lenard, when past Mick fires the heat gun at Snart. Mick asks Ray what his problem is and Ray is overjoyed to see him and exclaims, "You're alive!". Ray starts moving towards Mick with his arms open and Mick points at Ray, in an attempt to keep some distance between them. Mick says "You hug me and I'll kill you" and then walks off. Ray says, Ok, later.


304 Atomwave trust fall.gif

Ray calls all the Legends to the bridge, trying to convince them that they need to do some trust exercises in order to bond with Zari. Earlier he asked Mick to demonstrate a trust fall with him, Mick telling everyone that he was paid to do so. While during the trust fall Ray disappears and Mick falls on the floor.

While following a young Ray, he stops at a newspaper stand to get some candy. Mick comments on how easily he could rob the place. Over comms Ray says that Mick needs to stay away from young him, so that he doesn't accidentally turn into a criminal. Mick tells Ray, that it's too late since his younger self is stealing candy. Ray is horrified at his past self's actions while Mick is proud. Ray tells Mick to stop past him but Mick is against the idea and lets young Ray get away.


Ray is talking to Helen at a Hollywood party when Mick and Nate walk up. Mick tells him it’s time to leave. Ray gives them an explanation of not hearing them beforehand, that his comms weren’t working. Affected by the spell surrounding Helen, Mick punches Ray in the face out of Jealousy. Back on the ship, Ray is first to point out that Mick started the fight.


Mick finds Ray in the lab and brought beers because everyone else is off doing their own thing, just the two of them. Even though Ray is working on something, he agrees to have a beer with Mick. Ray makes a comment about him being Mick's last choice of companion. Mick looks at what Ray is working on and Ray babbles about him making the perfect formula for the dry erase marker. Mick sees right through Ray and calls him out for being a bad liar. Ray agrees and explains that the nanite gun is going to kill Nora and even though that was what it was supposed to do, he feels guilty. Mick said guessed that Ray would feel like a badass. Mick is a little confused as to why Ray feels guilty because he saved Amaya. Even though Ray knows he saved Amaya, he still feels guilty because he met Nora as a kid. Mick argues that now Nora is all grown up and has joined sides with the demon Mallus. Ray knows this but says how he has seen Mick change since he first met him and that Mick has become a better person and that maybe Nora could change as well.


Mick is in the kitchen with his pet rat Axl in his cage on the table, Mick was going to feed Axl a sandwich but he couldn't find the mayo. Mick goes back to rummaging through the fridge when Ray walks in. Ray, having seen Axl on the table, asks Mick what he had said about having Axl in the kitchen. Mick replies that Axls not supposed to be in there. While Mick is still rummaging through the fridge, Ray asks if Mick can pass him the walnuts, which Mick grabs and throws to Ray without looking at him. Ray thanks him and start talking about how he needs brain food if he's going to fix the fire totem. He starts rambling about how Nora thought using cold-fusion to reboot the fire totem was a crazy idea but... Mick cuts him off saying that he doesn't care and shouts about not finding the mayo. Mick has a realization that Wally must have taken it because Wally is new on the ship. Ray tells Mick that he saw Wally speed moving into Martin's old room. Mick complains about there being too much change on the ship and that's why he likes Axl, because he doesn't change. However, as Mick says this he is looking at Axl in his cage and the name on Axl's food bowl has changed to Josh Groban. Mick asks who is Josh Groban and then shouts about who changed the name of his rat.

Axl having gotten out of his cage, Mick wants to draw him in using a sandwich. Mick takes a bite of the sandwich and starts choking. Ray arrives and is a little worried but tells Mick not to panic because he just forgot to chew again. Ray hits Mick on the back, making him spit out the sandwich. While he was choking Mick saw Axl lying dead on the kitchen floor next to a small vile and a small pool of green liquid. Mick asks Ray if it was one of his stupid science experiments and Ray starts to say, it looks like Josh Groban... Mick interrupts to correct him saying, Axl. Ray continues, that he found something more lethal than Micks Elvis sandwich. Ray says that he's sorry and calls Mick his buddy. Ray then starts explaining that the life expectancy of a rat is one and a half to two and a half years so Axl beat the odds and that they can pick up another rat in the next time period they stop in. And Mick says, because what's one more change on this ship, and walks out.

Ray calls Sara and Mick to the captain's office/the parlour. Sara and Mick have no idea why they are being summoned. Upon entering the parlour, Mick says that whatever this is, he doesn't like it. After Sara asks what is on the desk, Ray starts saying "We are gathered here in remembrance of our dear friend Axl." Mick and Sara both turn around and start walking out when Ray asks them to wait because they need this. Sara agrees but gets a drink, Mick also stays and Sara pours Mick a drink as well. Ray starts up his speech about partings and even if you lose someone they are never really gone and they can't be replaced. Ray talks about the first time he met Axl and then asks Sara, as Captain to share some words but she says no and that Ray is doing a great job. So Ray goes to sing a song but Sara interrupts and says that she will say something. Sara says that Axl was their friend and that some might say that he was the best of them. Mick starts tearing up.

Mick gives a toast to Axl. Ray tells Mick that it's time to send Axl off, so Mick brings out his heatgun when all of a sudden the box that Axl's body is in starts moving and squeaking. Axl's ghost appears on top of the box and Mick says that Axl lives. Axl's ghost surprises them by getting bigger and scurries off and Ray asks where it's going.


Mick says no to going on a mission with Wally so Ray says that he could use Mick's help fixing the fire totem.

Ray and Mick are in the lab, Mick is drinking beer and Ray is talking about his theory that the fire totem can only be fixed by big bang conditions. Ray shows off his cold-fusion reactor to Mick but Mick is bored and walks out, while Ray tries to convince him to stay to watch what happens.

After Ray is beaten up pretty badly, Mick and Amaya search the ship to find the person responsible.


Season 1

White Knights

  • Ray says that they should be focusing on the positives, instead of what went wrong. Mick thinks they did an awesome job, especially because of the chaos.
  • Ray and Mick are both captured by members of the Russian government.


  • Ray is the first to voice disappointment when Mick joins the time pirates.

The Magnificent Eight

  • Mick comments on Ray's use of the word "aim" and asks if he's going native on them.
  • After Ray giver a very convincing speech that puts the Stillwater gang on the run, Mick comments, "Nice Haircut".
  • Mick tells the team that the time masters have issued omega protocols on them. Ray comments that the order sounds terrible.

Last Refugee

  • Ray blasts The Pilgrim before she has a chance to kill a younger version of Mick.
    • Mick later thanks Ray for saving his younger self.


  • Sara asks why the time masters would want to kill Ray, Mick responds that she’s heard what’s come out of his mouth.
  • Mick hit’s Ray and asks if the time masters wanted him to do that.
  • Ray asks Mick if the cupcakes are good, they are.

Season 2

Out of Time

  • As Ray's being distracted by his about to blow up suit, a German tries to shoot him, but only manages to fire a few shots at Rays' ATOM suit since Mick yells for Ray to watch out.
    • When the guy fire at Mick, Ray returns the favor and quickly yells for Mick to watch out, although not quickly enough, and then throws the German into the river before running to the injured Mick and carrying him back to the ship.
  • When Ray's about to be attacked by a T. rex, Mick saves him by firing his heat gun at the dinosaur just in time, which resulted in Ray turning around, calling him a buddy and asking how he found him.


  • When Ray and Nate fall out of the ship and up into Feudal Japan, Mick argues with Amaya, telling her that he would risk his life to save them as they would do the same for him.
  • Ray says that he designed his suit so an idiot could use it, Mick responds that an idiot does.


  • Mick tries to help Ray learn how to use the Cold Gun and to channel his inner darkness, to help him do it better, like Snart.
    • Mick then leaves impressed with Ray's response of threatening to ice him if he called him "Haircut" again.
  • During the White House tour, Mick encourages Ray to steal jelly beans kept for the president and happily accepts when offered some
  • Ray keeps trying to emulate Snart's personality but Mick tells him that he wasn't Snart so that he should stop trying to be and just be himself. This helps Ray find the confidence he needed to disarm a bomb.

The Chicago Way

  • Nate and Ray are arguing about who should come up with a plan to rescue Sara and Martin. Mick interrupts and says that they are doing this his way.
  • Amaya asks Mick if he's forgetting something, Nate and Ray. Mick says that they would get in the way, but Nate and Ray are standing right next to the vehicle and heard them. Mick tells them to get in the back.
  • After taking out a couple of guards, Ray and Nate start arguing again and Mick tells them to shut up, and that they are supposed to be partners and partners have each other's backs.


Atomwave Arm.gif
  • Ray confronts Mick about leaving crumbs since a rat was now roaming the Waverider. When he tries to touch Mick in accusation, Mick quickly catches his arm and pushes it back, with Ray apologizing for overstepping.
  • When talking on the bridge about what to do about the time quake, Ray sits next to Mick.
  • When having their Christmas dinner Ray says that Mick is the drunk uncle while lightly tapping Mick on the arm.
  • Ray says he got Mick a present and gives him the rat that Ray encountered earlier and Mick is happy with the present.


  • Mick is the first to stand up to Sara, telling her that even though Ray is a pain, they need to save him from doing something stupid.


  • Mick becomes concerned after finding out that Ray is trapped on the moon.

Fellowship of the Spear

  • Mick mentions the spear of doom is great for scratching those hard to reach places. When Ray asks him not to tell him he used the Spear of Destiny as a back scratcher, Mick replies that no one said anything about his back.
  • When escaping the church Mick is the last one to leave and Ray shouts at him telling him that they need to go.


  • Realizing he made a big mistake, Mick takes Nate to Ray, saying he's the one who could fix reality.
  • Mick tries helping Ray remember his old self, calling him a geek, a nerd, and a genius.
  • Upon seeing Axel in Rays' apartment, Mick calls out its name and when Ray corrects him to the name Tesla, tells him that he gave Axel to Mick as a Christmas present.
  • Ray gets his memories back and punches Mick in the face for his role in making him lose them.


  • Mick dies and past Ray is very upset.
  • Past Mick appears and Ray is so happy to see him and says "You're alive!"
  • Ray moves to hug Mick but Mick says "Hug me and I'll kill you." After Mick walks away, Ray says to himself, "Ok, later."

Season 3


  • When Mick comments on Ava's attractiveness, Ray rolls his eyes.



  • While Zari and Ray fight Kuasa, several of the other Legends show up, including Mick. He states that if anyone is going to kill Ray, it's going to be him. Ray says thanks.

Return of the Mack

Atomwave, attempted Hand Hold.gif
  • Mick says that he’s waited his whole life to kill a vampire, and pulls out a stake. Ray looks at him weirdly.
  • When the Waverider has to fire on itself, Ray asks if anyone wants to hold hands, and makes a grab for Mick's. Mick throws Ray's hand to the side as he continues to read Dracula.

Welcome to the Jungle

  • Nate tries contacting Ray because he is concerned about Mick.

Beebo the God of War

  • Mick comments about whether it's strange to find Freydis hot. Ray says yes, but that it's not surprising for Mick.

Daddy Darhkest

  • Ray compliments Mick on stepping up as a possible leader, Mick growls at him to leave.

Here I Go Again

  • Ray and Mick do laundry together.

Guest Starring John Noble

  • Mick and Ray are the ones to fight Grodd.
  • The two are the ones to draw the spell to trap Darhk.
  • Ray is given the water totem which is the opposite of fire, which is the totem Mick has.

The Good The Bad and the Cuddly

  • Mick comments on how Ray doesn't drink after he takes the bottle from Mick.
  • Mick had Ray's song for remembering Nate's codes memorized since Ray sings them so often.
    • They've apparently spent enough time together for this to happen.

Season 4

Witch Hunt

  • Mick and Ray get turned into pigs by the fairy godmother.

Hell No, Dolly!

  • Ray stops Mick and Constantine from fighting.
  • Mick is the one to save Ray from Mike the Spike.



Behind the Scenes

“Ray always does well with characters who are opposites to him, like Mick”
— Brandon Routh[8]


Shipping between the two started to become more common after season 1 episode 5, when they were trapped in a Russian gulag together. The added scenes of them together throughout season 1 also helped. The pairing was more popular during the first two seasons, but dwindled as they shared less and less screen time.

On AO3, Atomwave is the second most written ship for both characters, and is the sixth most written ship in the Legends of Tomorrow tag.



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  • Mick only ever calls Ray by the nickname he gave him, "Haircut". He's also called him "Pretty" and "Boy scout".
    • Mick called Ray by his actual name for the first time, when he was in danger of turning into a zombie in season 2 episode 4 "Abominations"
  • Both of them enjoy musicals
  • In a deleted scene from the first episode of season 2, Ray patched up Mick in the medbay after he was shot
  • Ray is a celiac and is allergic to cats.
  • Mick is scared of clowns.





ColdAtomWave refers to the ship between the two and Leonard Snart


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