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AtsuAran is the slash ship between Atsumu Miya and Aran Ojiro from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Atsumu and Aran are both members of the Inarizaki High School volleyball team, Aran is a year ahead of Atsumu making him a third year and Atsumu a second year. Aran is Inarizaki's ace and is known as one of the top five aces in Japan, Atsumu is the starting setter for Inarizaki and holds the title of Japan's best high school setter. The two can occasionally be seen teasing each other, but never in a serious manner. Their interactions often resemble a boke and tsukkomi / straight man and wise guy duo.


Aran meets both Atsumu and Osamu while attending a volleyball workshop that took place when they were all in elementary school. Upon meeting them he becomes annoyed by them both but seems to warm up to them over time. When describing the twins Aran comments that while Osamu was technically the better player back then, Atsumu had something for volleyball that went beyond not wanting to lose.

By the time they reach high school the two interact often, during the game against Karasuno alone they high five, bicker, and Atsumu is swatted over the head when he goes too far. The next time we see them after the game is during Atsumu's third year where you can see Aran cheering in the background. Also, in Haikyuu-Bu which is a semi-canon spinoff of the main manga series, Atsumu thinks of Aran back during the training camp arc and states that he wants to go back home to Hyogo.

During the timeskip long after both have graduated, both Atsumu ad Aran decide to go pro, Atsumu playing for the MSBY Black Jackals and Aran playing for the Tachibana Red Falcons. after making a joke that fails with the MSBY team, Atsumu pictures Aran in the clouds and comments how he took him for granted and promises to live up to his example. In the very next few panels Aran also makes a joke that falls flat and seemingly has a wistful expression.

They are reunited formally when both land on the Japan National Team, where Aran is seen swatting Atsumu on TV. They are also shown together frequently in the spinoff during their time in the Japan National Team.


AtsuAran is an average sized rarepair that has a presence on a few specific apps. It started gaining more popularity around the middle of 2021 with many fans commenting how underrated they still are. They have gained a bit of traction as a romantic pairing, but the majority of the fandom tends to see them as a platonic. On occasion the pairing is seen as one sided (usually Atsumu having a crush pre-timeskip, then Aran having the crush post-timeskip) but otherwise the content revolving around them is usually fluff.

There is a small selection of art and fanfiction available with most of the fanfic being on ao3, the rest of the content comes from posts made about headcanons involving the two.



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