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AureliaShipping is the het ship between Ash and Lillie from the Pokémon fandom.


Ash and Lillie are friends and were the former classmates at the Pokémon School (Until Ash graduated from school) and they are members of the Ultra Guardians. Although Lillie sees Ash as a friend, she has shown to have some sort of romantic interest in Ash.

Ash, along with his other classmates, has always been supportive for Lillie when she had her fear of touching Pokémon and wanted to conquer it, and had made great progress. When Lillie temporarily went back to square one and could not touch any Pokémon (including her Alolan Vulpix Snowy) after remembering Type: Null in a memory from the past of the incident that caused Lillie to develop her fear of touching Pokémon, Ash and the others felt bad for Lillie and encouraged Lillie to never give up and keep trying. At the end of the episode, Lillie fully conquered her fear and can touch any Pokémon, and Ash and the others were so proud of her. Lillie has always been supportive for Ash during his battles, Trials, Grand Trials, and his new team members.

They also have always been there for each other when they were sad and down on their luck, such as in one episode after Ash and Rotom got into a fight, Lillie talked with Ash and told him it was going to be ok.

Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Ash meets Lillie for the first time in the first episode "Alola to New Adventure!", when Ash was visiting Alola region for the first time. Ash jumps over a fence, so Lillie tries to warn him about the Tauros, but it was too late. Ash was run over by the Tauros, but claims to be fine, as he was used to having Tauros in his house.

In the episode "Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!", Samson Oak gives the class an egg to care for. Ash and his friends decides to have Lillie take care of it to help her overcome her fear of Pokémon. Ash accompanies her home, discovering that she lives in a mansion. During the episode, a Salandit enters through the window of Lillie's room and tries to steal the egg, but fails in the attempt because Lillie plucks up courage and manages to touch the egg, protecting it with her body while Ash stop the wild Pokémon. Episodes later, the egg hatches, giving birth to an Alolan Vulpix. Lillie decides to name it Snowy.

When Team Rocket surprises the protagonists, they attack Snowy, causing it to fall from a high place. Lillie jumps to catch it and hugs it, and they are saved by Rowlet's Leafage. At the end, it is seen that Lillie can already touch and coexist with her Pokémon, but is not yet able to touch different ones. Later, in the episode "A Glaring Rivalry!", Ash, Hobbes and Lillie return to Lillie's mansion, where Ash asks her about his brother. Lillie tells him that Gladion used to live with them, but left home 6 months earlier to train alone and find a purpose for his life. However, Lillie says that she barely recognizes her brother, because he is completely different from the one she remembers.

In the episode "The Ol' Raise and Switch!", Professor Kukui instructs everyone to trade temporarily their Pokémon partner with someone else over the weekend. Lillie is assigned to trade Snowy with Ash's Pikachu. At first, Lillie's fear causes her trouble getting close to Pikachu, but after a battle against Hobbes in which she manages to defeat his Oricorio, Lillie is able to touch Pikachu when she hugs it to celebrate. After the weekend, Lillie shows her classmates that she could touch Pikachu at will, causing everyone to be surprised, as Pikachu did not electrocute her when it normally would. Lillie then promises herself to go step by step until she could touch any Pokémon.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures

Ash and Lillie with Nebby and their respective Pokémon

In the episode "A Dream Encounter!", Lillie is surprised when Ash brings a small legendary Pokémon named Cosmog to class. Since no one knew the name of this Pokémon, Lillie decides to name it Nebby.

In the episode "Mission: Total Recall!", Lillie still can't touch the Pokémon, even though she wants to try with Snowy she chickens out. After the school day is over she walks with Ash who tries to cheer her up; she tells him she is determined to remember everything and Nebby teleports them to different places in Lillie's childhood.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends

In the episode "In Enter the Champion!", Lillie attended the award ceremony for Ash's champion victory in the Manalo Conference, only for it to be interrupted when a Guzzlord arrived at the stadium through a wormhole. However, the Ultra Beast was defeated thanks to the efforts of the protagonists' Pokémon. Before leaving Alola in the season finale, Lillie had a flashback to some of the moments she shared with Ash, and thanked him. Ash returns this sentiment and waves goodbye to her from the dock. Meanwhile, Lillie and Gladion leave the Alola region to search for their father, while Ash goes to the Kanto region to his home in Pallet Town.

Pokémon Journeys: the Series

Although not seen, Lillie writes a letter to Ash's group and her friends in Alola where she reveals that she continues to search for her father along with her mother and brother. In that memory, when Lana reads the letter to her friends in the episode "That New Old Gang of Mine!", they can see that Lillie feels that she is getting closer and closer to her father and in her wishes she sends greetings to her Pokémon School classmates and expresses her desire to see them again.

Interestingly, Lillie is the only Alolan girl who has yet to meet Goh, Ash's current partner.


This ship is one of the most popular pairings between Ash and a female companion. AureliaShipping has received a large amount of supporters (along with AlohaShipping (Ash x Mallow) and BlueAngelShipping (Ash x Lana)) since the Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon anime debuted. Fans usually interpret that Lillie may have a sort of romantic interest on Ash. The ship still continues to thrive over the course of the anime.

Some fans say that this ship would have surpassed all the other ships if the Sun & Moon series had the same drawing style as the XY series, since the series in which they appear is not the most watched by the fans since the anime writers "deformed Ash" with the new drawing.

Fans of this ship who know about the kiss of Ash and his former partner from the XY series, say that Ash could find in Lillie his second love and the two could do much more than just kiss.

Lillie's detractors claim that she did nothing more than have a single Pokémon and label her as a "filler character", as according to them, she should start having a goal beyond being a student, such as being a Pokémon trainer, a Pokémon coordinator or a Pokémon Performer, to be on par with Serena, May and Dawn, or at best, stronger Pokégirls like Misty and Iris.

It rivals with PokéShipping (Ash x Misty), NegaiShipping (Ash x Iris), AdvanceShipping (Ash x May), PearlShipping (Ash x Dawn), ImaginationShipping (Ash x Bianca), AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) and BloomBoltShipping (Ash x Chloe).



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