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AwaMomo is the het ship between Yosetsu Awase and Momo Yaoyorozu from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Momo and Yosetsu are each in separate hero courses. While Momo is in 1-A. Yosetsu is in 1-B. These two classes have a rivalry since they are both competing to be the best hero course and do not want to seem less than the other class. So before they even met they were put against each other as rivals.

Yosetsu and Momo do not actually meet until season 3 during the training arc. Most of 1-A and 1-B were in the forest for a “test of courage.” Including Momo and Yosetsu. When the villain Mustard spreads his poison gas through the forest knocking most students unconscious. Momo using her creation quirk made gas masks for her, Yosetsu, and all other students that she could. Yosetsu and Momo end up on their own in the forest and come in contact with the Chainsaw Nomu.


Yosetsu using his body to protect Momo

Somewhere in the fight Momo is knocked unconscious supposedly due to a head injury. Leaving Yosetsu to try and drag her to safety away from the chainsaw nomu. When it looks like the Nomu is about to kill them Yosetsu protects Momo’s body with his own in a last attempt to save her. Luckily the Chainsaw Nomu is called off so neither were killed or grievously injured. When the Nomu is leaving Momo stirs and tells Yosetsu to put the tracker she created on it. Doing so, leads the heroes finding a secret league of villains base.


Although Yosetsu’s crush on Momo this ship isn’t very popular compared to other main stream ships like TodoMomo and MomoJirou. Most likely due to the limited amount of interactions between the pair. Even though it is not very popular some fans appreciate Yosetsu’s crush on Momo. A popular idea is that Momo takes Yosetsu out for tea or lunch to thank him for saving her. This is Yosetsu’s most popular ship.



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