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AyaKomi is the femslash ship between Kamisato Ayaka and Sangonomiya Kokomi from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Despite being from the same region, Ayaka and Kokomi have never canonically interacted nor mentioned each other throughout the story's game. The two also have no voicelines about each other as well. However, as the two are both from Inazuma and have a known familyname, its likely that the two have at least heard of each other. They are both known to be popular in the Inazuman grounds and are much like higher royalties. Both are also against of the Vision Hunt Decree and they tried their best to stop this hunt during the Archon Quests.

Both also share some similarities. Ayaka and Kokomi have similar color schemes that could blend together aesthetically. Their hairs are also tied up in a ponytail behind their backs. They are also known for their calm and beautiful demeanor. They would always make sure to treat every citizen and outlanders equally, even if they're higher officials.

When it comes to gameplay, both characters are known to be five stars. Kokomi holds the element Hydro while Ayaka uses the element Cryo. When using their elemental burst, Kokomi can walk on water while Ayaka can freeze the water or better known as "ice-bridge". The both of them can fit well in a freeze comp team by a lot. Ayaka can be a main DPS while Kokomi can be a healer.


AyaKomi is a rare-pair since the two have never canonically interacted, however, the ship still managed to get some shippers, as many enjoy their chemistry in-game, and as well their matching blue-pink color-scheme. Additionally, some people think their personalities fit each other very well, with Kokomi being an 'unfathomable leader', while Ayaka has a very soft personality, and is more reserverd.

In fanfictions, Kokomi is often helping Ayaka to come out of her shell, and as the time is passing away Kokomi becomes one of Ayaka's closests friends or possibly even more. There are currently 20+ works of Kokomi and Ayaka on AO3. Fan arts often show Ayaka and Kokomi doing couple-like things, such as, blushing or holding hands. Other fanarts portray Ayaka, Kokomi, Raiden Ei and Naganohara Yoimiya as a loving friend group. There have been a few AyaKomi fan arts that gained some attention, specifically fan arts from the artist @KVlen who posts his art on the platform Twitter.



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  • Both are 5 star characters.


Kokoimiyaka refers to the ship between the two and Naganohara Yoimiya


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