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AyaLumi is the femslash ship between Kamisato Ayaka and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Archon Quest

In Chapter 2, the Chapter of Inazuma; Act 1. Lumine finally goes to the Kamisato Estate with Thoma. Thoma tells the Traveler that Ayaka is delighted to finally meet her. Lumine hasn't seen her yet as she is behind the screen. When Ayaka asks Lumine to lend them her power, the Player has the option to choose "I'm just here to meet the Raiden Shogun." and "I did not come to start a rebellion.". Though it took nowhere so then, Lumine was about to leave until Ayaka tells her not too. Ayaka tells Lumine that she will introduce her to the Raiden Shogun in one condition, she wanted her to fulfil 3 small wishes. Lumine accepts these 3 small wishes.

When Lumine is finally done, she returns to the Kamisato Estate to see Ayaka. Lumine finally sees Ayaka in person, Ayaka then bows to Lumine. Ayaka told that it was a pleasure to meet her, face-to-face. Ayaka thanks Lumine for fulfilling the 3 wishes. Within Paimon, Paimon asks Ayaka why she finally came out and meet them in person, Ayaka answers with saying that she considers them to be her friends after doing the 3 wishes that she asks. Lumine then so accepts the both of them being friends, so they then finally started being friends. Ayaka thanks her for it.

Lumine then helps Ayaka fight the Vision Hunt Decree, but Lumine tells her to must keep the promise that she made her. Ayaka answers with naturally. Ayaka was right with accepting the right person so Thoma tells her bravo and telling that she was right all along. While talking about Master Masakatsu, Lumine knew that she was offloading the job to her.

Grus Nivis

In Act 1 of Grus Nivis; The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit, which is Ayaka's Story Quest. Lumine sees Ayaka looking at a festival promotion, she asks if she wants to go there. Ayaka says no, asking what made her think of that. Ayaka apologises and tells herself that she should stop thinking about her work, she tells her that this was the place that she wanted to visit, the place had different styled kimonos. The two took a look inside of the place. Ayaka came prepared so she gave Ogura the kimono that she wanted, except they need to acquire a fabric. Before leaving to get the silk, Ayaka whispers to Ogura telling her something, Ogura seemed to understood it while Lumine didn't heard them.

So they went to the International Trade Assosication in Ritou. Though the silks were stolen by the vagrants, so they had to investigate. They defeated the ronins who stole the silks, the player was able to test out Ayaka when fighting the ronins. After Ayaka fought the ronins, Lumine compliments Ayaka though Ayaka tells her that it was nothing and it was just her duty.

Returning to the Ogura Textiles & Kimonos, Ayaka tells Lumine that she was meaning to give her a new outfit for her as well, which means that Ayaka wanted to gave Lumine a new outfit so that was the reason why Ayaka whispered to Ogura. Though she wasn't sure about Lumine wearing Inazuman attire, Lumine told that she was fine with it. Paimon wanted to have some Inazuman outfits so Lumine asks if there were any sizes that fitted for Paimon, though Paimon asks what does that mean since they make them in whatever sizes the customer asks so, Ayaka tells that her interactions were adorable to watch. Ayaka then tells that she can certainly find someone that can make the Inazuman outfits, fit, in Paimon's size. Into which, the player had the option to pick "Ayaka, you're too kind." and "Thanks, but Paimon and I are fine as we are.".

After that, Ayaka tells that she would like to treat her a meal as their next stop. They then went to Kiminami Restuarant. Though it seemed that Ayaka already placed an order for the two of them, Ayaka tells Lumine that she'll be back for a moment. When Lumine talking to Kiminami Anna, she told her that it was her first time hearing that Ayaka is going out for dinner with friends. Kiminami Anna then tells her that Ayaka didn't had a lot of friends which made Lumine surprised.

While talking, Lumine then suddenly heard Ayaka screamed, though Ayaka came back and apologized. She asks what happened, yet Ayaka asks her if she could join her for a moment, she needed her help with something. So when heading towards to the noises, Ayaka apologizes, saying that she had a cooking catastrophe. Lumine already knew how to cook so she then helps Ayaka with it, and then Lumine cooked a mushroom pizza.



Lumine“Paimon, you look so serious today.”
Paimon“That's because Paimon's thinking about serious things. Paimon's jealous of people from wealthy and influential families. They have an endless supply of Mora and mountains of delicious food to eat...”
Lumine“I can't disagree. Those are exactly the things you're fond of.”
Paimon“But after getting to know Ayaka better, Paimon realized that a young lady from a noble family can also have her share of hardships. She needs to shoulder her clan's duties and responsibilities. She works so hard and has very little time for herself. Ayaka must be exhausted, she should try to relax a bit... Ah, that's right! Let's invite Ayaka to the next festival!”
Lumine“Yeah, I'd like to go to another festival with her.”
Paimon“Besides, if Ayaka's around, she can pick up the tab for us...”
Lumine“...I should've seen that coming...”
— Lumine's Voiceline about Kamisato Ayaka
Paimon“Ayaka gives a sense of noble elegance with every gesture she makes.”
Lumine“Can you do an Ayaka impression, Paimon?”
Paimon“Let's give it a try. "Oh my, you've been picking mushrooms so earnestly just to make Chicken-Mushroom Skewers for me? How cute..."”
Lumine“That was nothing like Ayaka. But... Even though you didn't sound like yourself, it didn't feel completely out of place for you either...”
— Lumine's Voiceline about Imitating Ayaka

Serenitea Pot

Lumine“(Closest confidant...)”
Ayaka“Can I... Hold your hand?”
— When choosing the option, "Anything you want to do?". Unlocked when at Friendship Level 7
Ayaka“What a soothing evening.”
Ayaka“...Or is it because you are here with me?”
— When time is between 19:00 and 6:00 and saying Goodnight to Ayaka


AyaLumi is a femslash ship within the Genshin Impact fandom that became increasingly popular due to the story quest with Ayaka. It's usually overshadowed by more popular ships, such as Thomaya, Ayamiya, ChiLumi, and XiaoLumi. The ship sailed due to the Archon Quest and Ayaka's Story Quest, mostly due to the fact that Ayaka wanted to spend time with Lumine. Ayaka explicitly stated that she considers Lumine her second friend, with Thoma being her first friend.

The two are often shown to be quite sweet with each other and lots of fanart depict the two spending time together and engaging in heart warming activities. In general, this shipping is based on that the plot seems to be rather clearly teasing with the possibility of Ayaka's crush on the Traveler, so fans of MC's ships often consider it at least a semi-canon, according to which Ayaka quickly became friends with the protagonist and thanks to various friendly activities developed feelings for them. Like most Traveler interactions, it doesn't depend on gender, so interpreting her feelings for Lumine as romantic is rarely a matter of much controversy.

At the same time, this ship creates some "tension" with the shipping het version of the ship, Ayather , since as was mentioned above, gender of the Traveler does not affect their bonds with the characters and among the fans of the game it is often believed that most of the characters are bisexual for the protagonist. In this regard, shippers often discuss not with which character they want to ship Ayaka, but rather with the Traveler of which gender. From this point of view, AyaLumi often receives support from those who, for one reason or another, prefer femslash ships or use Lumine as a protagonist. Players who ship slash Traveler's ship with Touma also often choose this ship as ship mates, given the popularity of Touma's own ship with Ayaka.

At the same time, given the above, Aether fans rarely have a problem with AyaLumi's headcanon, and outside of personal preference disсussions usually see the idea of Ayaka's crush as completely equivalent to believing in her crush on their character.

On AO3, there are currently 59+ works of this pairing.



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