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Azureshipping is the het ship between Seto Kaiba and Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner) in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.


When they first met Kaiba had hurt Yugi's grandfather in a duel. They do not meet again until Duelist Kingdom. With his brother having been abducted by Peguses Kaiba had to defeat Yugi inorder to save him. In desperation Kaiba threatens to jump off of the castle he Yugi defeated him. Anzu tells him not to do any dangerous. After Yugi allows Kaiba to win Anzu tells him that he didn't really win since Yugi had chose to protect his life instead of winning.

In battle city Anzu is abducted by Mariks underlings and is being used as a hostage in-case anyone tries to interfere with the duel between mind-controlled Jounouchi and Yugi. Kaiba and his brother Mokuba devise a plan to save her. She thanks then after she is saved.

During the Noah arc, Kaiba gets upset when the group starts wondering about his connections to Noah and starts to go off on his on. Anzu tries to stop him. Later after the Big Five are defeated Kaiba again decides to go face Noah alone and tells the others that this didn't concern them. Anzu tries to stop him again saying that because of their family business they were all stuck there.


Azureshipping is one of more popular ships. Supporters feel that Anzu is one of the few characters that would be able to call out Kaiba when needed. It rivals Peachshipping and Revolutionshipping.



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  • This ship gets its name from the fact that both characters have blue (azure) eyes and Kaiba has the Blue-Eyes White Dragons.
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