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BBRae is the het ship between Beast Boy and Raven from the Teen Titans fandom.


Teen Titans

Raven falls down fighting Trigon and Beast Boy saves her. In The Masks someone attacks Raven and Beast Boy turns to a bull to rescue her then they get up attacking Beast Boy, and Raven saves him and Beast Boy blushes. Happy Pink Raven said she always thought Beast Boy was funny but looks aren't everything.

Teen Titans Go

Beast Boy loves when Raven shows her legs. Raven protects Beast Boy when the angry cloud attacks them. Cyborg said it was silly to think Raven was in love with Beast Boy we're sorry Raven says you should be just the thought of Beast Boy and me then smiles. Beast Boy sings a song about Raven then they kiss.


BB“See? She thinks I’m funny.”
Raven“Statistically, I suppose someone had to.”
— Blackfire


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  • Beast Boy and Raven become an official couple at the end of the Teen Titans run before the New 52 reboot



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