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BBTerra is the het ship between Beast Boy and Terra from the Teen Titans fandom.


Teen Titans

Terra first appears fighting a giant scorpion. There, she meets Beast Boy who arrives with the rest of the Teen Titans to lend her some help. However, Terra squashes the creature with her earth powers, which leads to her being invited to the Teen Titans house. As soon as she starts getting more and more comfortable around the Teen Titans, who even consider she'd be a great addition to the team, Beast Boy starts showing more interest in her than anyone else. However, Robin is a bit hesitant to let her join just like that, so he decides to test her abilities, after a night of rest. Tara wasn't resting, though, as she was listening in on the conversation, while pretending to be asleep, which upsets her. Beast Boy later in the night goes to check on her, only to find her missing. Later, he finds Terra outside, skipping rocks in the water. The both of them share a very intimate conversation, where Beast Boy convinces Terra to stay. Terra, on the other hand, is very conflicted about this since she confesses her insecurities to Beast Boy about not being able to control her powers very well, which has led to her hurting people she loves in the past. Beast Boy promises to keep this secret in between them, which bonds the two together even further.

During the abilities test after speaking with Beast Boy the night before, Beast Boy cheers her on and, surprising even herself, Terra ends up proving that she can keep her powers under control with ease. But later, Deathstroke lets the Teen Titans know that he has returned. So Tara gets invited to face off Deathstroke with the team. Everything goes well, until a rock she was controlling falls partially on Beast Boy. And as the rest of the Teen Titans check to see if Beast Boy is okay, Terra flees in fear thinking about how she probably hurt another person she cares about. While flying away, Terra notices Deathstroke's presence and starts chasing him down, which is exactly what he wanted to happen since he wanted to talk to her privately. There, he tells her that the Teen Titans will abandon her as others have done in the past, so she must join him to truly learn how to control her powers, which causes Terra to let her emotions take control of her powers and this ends up causing even more damage around the place. Deathstroke disappears after this and Beast Boy, who is shown to be pretty alright after the incident earlier, finds Terra and is able to break through to her, as she breaks down crying in his arms. Once again, they make a promise to keep all of this a secret.

Later that night, as she was getting ready to leave, she gets another offer from the Teen Titans to stay and become a Titan, with them teaching her how to control her powers in return. Immediately after hearing the Teen Titans found out about her secret of not being able to control her powers, which was a secret only her and Beast Boy knew about, she runs away, feeling betrayed, as Beast Boy follows after her, insisting that he never shared their secret. Which is true, since he never said anything and it was actually Robin who overheard their talk. But upon arriving at the place where they used to throw rocks together at, he doesn't find her and only finds her butterfly hair clip. So, deeply upset, Beast Boy starts skipping rocks there, just like Terra used to.

Terra does make a return in the episode "Titan Rising", where she talks about how she flew away to get to know herself better to better manage her powers. Although the Teen Titans are all extremely happy to see her, especially Beast Boy, Raven is a bit suspicious about it, and the Teen Titans are not so sure about letting her join the team. However, when a new mission calls for their help, Terra is asked to join them and, although with some tension, she manages to save the Tower from Deathstroke, alongside Raven. This ends up impressing the Teen Titans who let her be an official member now, even giving Terra her own room at the Tower.

Terra then starts working with the Teen Titans for a little while, and everything seems to be going well until the episode "Betrayal". After a mission, Terra starts being a little bit suspicious and goes to her room to send a secret email. After this, she gets startled by a knock on her door from Beast Boy who greets her with a heart-shaped glittery box that he lovely made as a way to ask her out for a date. Terra, being flustered, replies that she can't do that and abruptly closes her bedroom door in Beast Boy's face. However, she appears later on telling Beast Boy to go with her. So they live the Tower to go on a date where they go to eat together, to an amusement park and even on a ferris wheel.

However, during this date, Beast Boy drops his communicator, leaving him completely incommunicated with the Teen Titans. So when he gets on the ferris wheel with Terra, she confesses that she will always be his friends, even if he finds out something really bad about her. Of course Beast Boy agrees with her. And right before the both of them are about to kiss,  Deathstroke appears and a fight between Deathstroke and Beast Boy begins, as Terra just watches, completely frozen by fear. As Deathstroke gets the lead in the fight, Terra's feelings for Beast Boy cause her to break the ground under the ferris wheel, giving Beast Boy a chance to escape. The two of them run hand in hand to the house of mirrors. But as soon as Deathstroke reaches them, he starts revealing that Terra has been working as his spy all along. Terra feels conflicted over her feelings and the choices she's making, and Beast Boy questions Terra about their friendship and if any of it was real. So Terra reminds him of the promise they made about still being her friends no matter what dark secret she was hiding. Beast Boy, feeling completely emotional and betrayed by Terra, breaks all the mirrors in the house of mirrors and tells Terra that she has no friends, running away from there and leaving Terra completely broken as well.

This event ends up pushing Terra even more on Deathstroke's side as she starts her full-on rivalry with the Teen Titans. At the end of season two, she appears once again to fight them, with a completely new suit, and with an upperhand against them since she's been assisted by Deathstroke now. The Teen Titans end up retrieving, and as all of them leave, Terra stares down at Beast Boy from above with an angry look, and Beast Boy looks at her sadly for a little bit, before running off. After many battles where Terra defeats all Teen Titans, they have a final showdown where the Teen Titans are no longer holding back. Terra starts feeling like she doesn't have the upper hand anymore and starts wanting to leave. However, Deathstroke assumes control of her remotely and starts fighting the Teen Titans through her. But the Teen Titans still have the upperhand against her so Deathstroke decides to send some more of his villains as Terra runs away and goes back to him. Then and there, she realizes that Deathstroke never cared about her and only wanted her for her powers.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy tracks Terra to where she is, only to find her under the control of Deathstroke, who forces Terra to fight Beast Boy. Beast Boy encourages Terra all throughout their fight, and these caring feelings lead Terra to finally find the strength within herself to be released of Deathstroke's grip on her, both metaphorically and physically. But when Terra goes to attack Deathstroke, a blast opens to a volcano that was lying hidden underground, killing Deathstroke. However, Terra manages to survive and as she sees the lava approaching the Teen Titans, instead of running away with them, she decides to stay as a way to "amend" her mistakes, ignoring Beast Boy's pleads for her to go with him. Tearing up, Terra says her last goodbye to Beast Boy with a hug and using the full force of her powers, she stops the volcano, as Beast Boy devastatedly watches from afar, crying out loud. The result of this ends up leaving Terra casted in stone, which the Teen Titans later use as a statue to honor her sacrifice, where a plaque reads "Terra: a teen titan, a true friend". Beast Boy leaves some flowers for her there as well.

During Teen Titans' season finale episode, however, during a fight with another creature, Beast Boy stumbles upon a high school girl that oddly looks exactly like Terra. This completely shocks him, so he later goes to see the place where Terra's statue was in, only to realize that the statue is no longer there. And since Deathstroke was also resurrected, Beast Boy is absolutely convinced that the girl he saw earlier in the day was Terra herself. So he goes to confront her at school, and shows her her old room in the tower, tells her about her heroic sacrifice and even shows her the heart-shaped box he gifted her. Later, he also takes Terra to the place they used to skip rocks at, which causes her to have a flood of painful memories, so she decides to leave the place abruptly.

Beast Boy heads to the Mirror Maze to come up with any clues leading to how Terra forgot everything. But he's quickly interrupted by Deathstroke who tells him that he had nothing to do with this and that she chose to be this way. Beast Boy gets emotional and starts breaking all the mirrors to attack Deathstroke since he doesn't want him hurting Terra anymore. But Deathstroke now comes face to face with Beast Boy and tells him that they only one hurting Terra is Beast Boy himself, since he needs to let her go. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Beast Boy destroys the whole place and ends up destroying another one of Deathstroke's robotic bodies, whose last words to Beast Boy are: "she doesn't want to see you anymore."

Beast Boy reaches out to the school girl one last time and she at first brushes him off, but in an attempt to get through to her about their shared past, he waits around all day for a chance to speak to her, which she evades every single time. Until they reach the library and Beast Boy asks her one last time to talk to him in the hallway. Terra reluctantly agrees and Beast Boy finally admits to her that he is confused, as he begs her just to understand and explain it to him. Terra keeps insisting that her name is not Terra and Beast Boy gives her his Teen Titan communicator as a last effort, which she once again rejects. Before walking away, Terra tells Beast Boy that things change and that she isn't the girl he once knew anymore. As this happens, Beast Boy gets a call from Robin desperately asking him to come help him fight in one of their missions, and Beast Boy once again begs Terra to join him. She turns to him and tells him that he is the Teen Titan, and that she just wants to live a normal life, away from saving the world and fighting crime. The bell rings and Terra has to come back to school, but Beast Boy understands the words she tells him, and decides to let her go to let her rest from that heroic life.

Teen Titans Go! Comic Series

In issue n°51, Terra's makes a final appearance in the same way that her story ended in the Teen Titans show. Her brother, Geo-Force, appears in the Titan tower and reveals Terra's origins, and how she has been running away from being the princess of Markovia, where both her and her brother were used as experiments by royals, which gave them both earth-related powers. Beast Boy and Geo-Force decide to go to the high school where Beast Boy found her for the last time and they share a conversation about Terra. Beast Boy tells him that Terra doesn't want anything to do with the Teen Titans, or him. And Geo-Force tells him that the best thing they can do is to let her be happy, and to let her write her own story, which they both agree on, as they also agree to support her from a distance.   

Teen Titans Go! Show

Terra comes back to the Titan Tower and Beast Boy introduces her as "his girlfriend". When Terra, visibly annoyed, tells Beast Boy that girlfriend isn't the word she'd use, Beast Boy asks her if she would prefer "soulmate". Since it's also Valentine's Day, Beast Boy asks Terra to be his valentine, to which she replies that he will have to wait for a surprise she wants to give him. After Beast Boy asked her if it's a kiss, she just throws a giant rock at him. In this timeline, Terra wants revenge from the Teen Titans and is using Beast Boy to get information, but later on gets captivated by a song Beast Boy composes for her.


BBTerra is not such a popular ship in the Teen Titans fandom. It's often overshawoded by DickKory and BBRae. However, it's a very loved ship within the fandom as the ship's development is a huge part of the series as a whole, especially its finale. Most fans of the ship often cite how important this ship was to development of both characters as well since they have helped each other grow and understand one another in a very deep level. The pair only has 156+ works in AO3 currently.



Garfield/Tara tag on AO3


Beast Boy and Terra


  • In the Teen Titans series, Terra was the first girl to laugh at Beast Boy's jokes and she was the first person to ever go on a date with him as well.


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