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BabsIvy is the femslash ship between Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley from the DC Comics fandom.


When Pamela Gets Blue

As Babs and the rest of the Birds of Prey take down Rain's men, she notices that something is off with Ivy. When Ivy is about to attack a hostage, Babs grabs to stop her Ivy swipes at her and tells her not to touch her. She then comes to her senses and apologizes. Babs tells Ivy that she doesn't seem herself, and Ivy just asks if Babs likes her new hair. One of the men has a message for Ivy, and when Ivy gets it, she doesn't tell the rest of the Birds of Prey. Ivy then betrayed them a week later.

Babs is checking out a lead on Rain, when Ivy comes up behind her. She says she knew she was there, and asks if she has the flu or something. Ivy says it's something like that, and Babs has to remind herself not to trust her. She brings up how Ivy tried to kill the BOP, and Ivy says she had no choice. She asks if saying sorry would help and Babs asks if she would mean it. Ivy says that she would wish that she could mean it and Babs wishes that it did. She thinks that Ivy looks different and Ivy says that she's showing, much to Babs confusion. Babs asks why Ivy wanted to find the compound, and Ivy just calls it morbid curiosity.

Babs says that she's gotta save the hostages, and Ivy is welcome to join her, but if she tries to kill her she will take her out. Ivy says that she'll do her best, but has something to tell her. She's pregnant. Babs is in shock and says that Ivy shouldn't be endangering a baby, but Ivy says that she's not having a flesh baby. Babs has no idea what she means, but they break into the compound. They are found by several guards, and Babs tells Ivy to get out of there. Ivy says that Babs is still mistaken, as she's pregnant with possibility, and takes out the guards with her vines. Babs is impressed and asks what happened to Ivy, but Ivy says that she feels just like herself. They enter the building where they find people dead scarred and hung up like meat, much to their disgust. Ivy tells Babs that she doesn't want to be called human anymore.

Ivy tells Babs that even when they were on a team, she never understood her or the rest of the Batfamily's fetish with stealth. Babs says that they shouldn't talk fetishes gives Ivy's kisses, Ivy seeing that as fair. Babs tells her not to make her regret letting her tag along as they head into the Gotham hospital. When they interogate one of Rain's men, Babs becomes emotional once they leave. Ivy says that Rain is a bit of a bastard, and Babs tells her to shut up. She knows Ivy doesn't care about anyone, just her plants. Ivy says that she has Harley, her one friend, and was hoping to have more someday. She seems to be wrong about that. Babs says that friends don't try to kill each other, and they tell each other the truth. Like why she's so empty with emotion. Babs put it together that Ivy is being affected by the season and Ivy says that it's true. But winter's coming, and she's afraid. Babs turns to leave, but Ivy attacks her and becomes angry over Babs thinking she wants to be human. Babs tells her that they're not friends, not a team, and that Ivy needs help before she crosses a line she can't come back from.

In Winter, Babs finds Ivy in the woods, looking like a decayed corpse. She asks why Babs gave a warning to the guard instead of hurting him, and Babs says that if she tells him, then she doesn't have to. Ivy says that's why she called her, because she believes in mercy. Babs says that it's compassion, but she didn't come to help Ivy, but arrest her. Ivy knows that she hurt people, and starts walking forward and leads Babs to Rain. Rain offers to fix Ivy in exchange for killing Babs, and Babs immediately starts to try and talk her out of it. Ivy ignores her and uses her vines to attack Rain. She is about to kill him, when Babs tells her to have mercy. Ivy says that he doesn't deserve it, and Babs agrees. But its not him she's worried about, it's Ivy. Her soul. Ivy said that if she has one it's all rotten now, but Babs refuses to believe that. Ivy is frightened and she doesn't like that, it's not her nature. She wants to be a terror to her again. Babs knows, and Ivy says that in another life the two of them could have been different. Ivy knows she's going to Arkham and is hoping that it'll be a short visit, Babs seeing that it's most likely. Ivy says that she owes her nothing now, and Babs agrees to this. But on the way she asks Ivy for a favor and has her restore Alysia's garden.



Annual #2

  • Babs calls Ivy a "cactus flower".
  • Babs questions what happened to Ivy in her childhood to make her the way she is.
  • Babs knows that Rain will lead her to Ivy.


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BabsIvy is a smaller ship in the DC Comics fandom. There is a fair amount of shipping from The Batman (2004) TV series. Due to the two being friends in the series before Ivy's transformation. There are currently 36 works on AO3.



Babs/Ivy tag on AO3


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