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BakuCamie is the het ship between Katsuki Bakugou and Camie Utsushimi from the My Hero Academia fandom.


The two didn’t officially meet until the Remedial Course Arc, after both failed their provisional hero license exam(s). Katsuki failed his exam because of his harsh language toward many of the examiners during the rescue. Camie failed since she was impersonated by Himiko Toga the first time around.

After she and Katsuki “introduce” themselves to one another, Camie tells Katsuki that delinquents such as him aren’t in fashion. Later, as the remedial course group (Katsuki, Camie, Shoto Todoroki, Inasa Yoarashi) fight against the children of Masegaki Primary School, Camie creates a beautiful illusion of Shoto (Glamouroki/Maboroki) to distract one particular girl. Katsuki finds said illusion to be hilarious, and genuinely laughs at the sight, mimicking “Maboroki’s” words. “You have such a beautiful face, my dear~”.

The fight(s) soon wrap up after this. Upon leaving the gymnasium in which these events partook, Camie states that Katsuki is rather pretty/pleasant when he’s being quiet.

Their schools, U.A and Shiketsu were never close in the past, as each one wants to prove to be the superior hero school. However, after Camie’s attack (by Himiko), the schools have agreed to team up upon necessary instances, perhaps hinting that a joint training, and possibly another team-up between Camie and Katsuki could happen again in the future.


Boku No Hero Academia (BNHA) TEAM UP MISSION

After a long while, Camie Katsuki finally get to meet again in chapter 9 of the light novel spin-off, “Team Up Missions”. In the chapter, titled “That’s Totally Overdoing the Illusion!”, the group of Katsuki, Eijiro and Shoto had been called to an amusement park (Future World) for a mission. They soon run into Camie, who had been called there as well. The group were there to perform a stage play in hopes to raise the popularity of said amusement park, although things quickly go awry.

  • Camie states that she’s “totally excited to be meeting up with some hotties again”, in referral to the U.A. boys. She seems rather excited to be seeing Shoto, and more importantly Katsuki for a second time.
  • Katsuki and Camie argue over who should play the lead hero role in the play. After Katsuki screams that he’s better than her, Camie tells him, “Damn, yo, that’s the lowest of the low!” to which Katsuki replies, “Shut the hell up and speak normally, dammit!”
  • Katsuki consistently finds himself annoyed with Camie’s strange way of speaking.
  • After Katsuki nearly kills everyone on the tea-cup carnival ride, Camie throws up.
  • During the stage play, Katsuki and Eijiro end up going off to stop a sudden villain attack, leaving Camie to finish the play with the help of her illusions. She portrays Katsuki as a sweet, kind and quiet hero.


Although they haven’t interacted all too heavily, it’s easy to pick out that Camie doesn’t seem to be shaken by Katsuki’s attitude, and isn’t afraid to tell him what she thinks, which is part of the appeal of BakuCamie. Fans of the ship hope to see Camie and Katsuki team up once again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The ship is somewhat popular in the fandom, although Katsuki has much more popular ships such as KiriBaku and BakuDeku, and to a lesser point, Kacchako.

In the majority of fanworks centering the two, they are usually portrayed as best friends rather than dating due to the amusing dynamic they create. In said works, Camie is commonly seen playfully teasing Katsuki about his brash behavior and pretty face.



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