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BakuMei is the het ship between Katsuki Bakugou and Mei Hatsume from the My Hero Academia fandom.


In terms of manga/anime canon, Katsuki and Mei have never interacted directly, although they can be inferred to be at least aware of one another as long as the events of U.A’s Sports Festival after witnessing each other’s participation. This is partially due to their differing classes and courses (Katsuki in heroics, Mei in support), as well as the fact that Mei’s canon appearances are rather scarce, almost all of which stemming from the need of costume repairs for (mainly) 1-A students after battles or training, which Katsuki seems not to need all too often, the largest change in it being the transition from regular to winter.

However, the official spin-off Team Up Missions, a series of side events from the main plot, has them meet, starting in a bonus comic (celebrating the release of TUM’s first volume); Katsuki addresses himself as the “main character”, but is told “NO!” by a smiling Mei in a blurb. More significantly, chapter 3 of the spin-off, titled “Two Who Can Support”, has Mei competing against Melissa Shield, a fellow inventor and gadget-enthusiast to see who can create the better support item for Izuku’s [hero] costume. Katsuki, accompanied by his friends Eijiro and Denki come to watch as the items are tested in the environments of the USJ.

Mei is the first up, with her “baby”, named “The Automatic Defender EX”, a full-body armor with the ability to automatically defend- as the name suggests- the wearer from attacks, such as the falling boulders it’s tested by. However, the imvention’s battery apparently depletes within the span of 40 seconds. Izuku, previously unbeknownst to this, ends up crushed by a boulder due to this fault. From a balcony above, Katsuki is there to witness this, and his eyes blow wide alongside a grin. Leaning down from the balcony’s railing, he shouts, “Good!! Die like that!!”, directed towards Izuku, followed by “Good job, ‘Invention-Girl’!!”, having enjoyed watching Izuku suffer.


While largely a ‘rare-pair’ in the MHA/BNHA community, it is overshadowed by pairings such as IzuMei (for Mei) and KiriBaku (for Katsuki). BakuMei draws its fans with the headstrong natures and tendencies of either character, as well as the explosions both can cause. Katsuki’s is on purpose, while Mei’s is unintentional. Fans of Mei, who prefer to think of her with someone who matches her intensity often turn to this pairing, seeing that Katsuki is as intense as it gets. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Katsuki/Mei tag on AO3


  • Katsuki and Mei’s birthdays are but two days apart, born 4/20 (April 20th) and 4/18 (April 18th) respectively. An official artwork, placed onto acrylic stands/plates was released in commemoration of these nearby dates, featuring solely the two of them.


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