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BakuSero is the slash ship between Katsuki Bakugou and Hanta Sero from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Like many others, Hanta is visibly impressed by Katsuki’s impressive throw of 705 meters (in the quirk apprehension tests), and voices this in the full class reaction.

After the vote for Class President (and Vice President), and Izuku’s win, Katsuki stands up in anger, and loudly asks who voted for him, Hanta then makes the snide remark of “Did you honestly think anyone would vote for you?” He smiles slightly nervously, knowing of the (literal) explosion that was sure to come his way.

Thirteen states that Katsuki shines in the way heroes must, and Hanta adds that he is the only one pulling the rescue rope (Katsuki yells at them to “SHUT UP, BASTARDS!!”, likely embarrassed). After his outburst, Thirteen continues, saying that Katsuki is destined to become a beautiful hero. Hanta then places two fingers below his chin (in a thinking gesture), and jokes that Katsuki “will never be beautiful”. Katsuki takes (actual) offense at this, and mutters that he will “kill that bastard”.

As Katsuki walks to give his speech (“I’m going to win.”) at the Sports Festival’s beginning, Hanta mutters, “Guess that hothead did win first place in the Entrance Exam..”. Later, during the race/robot fight, as he swings around with his tape, Hanta tells Katsuki that he knew Katsuki would try to blast his way through the enemy, and that he was impressed.

During the Cavalry Battle of the Sports Festival, Katsuki selects Hanta to act as a member of his “horse”. Katsuki uses his explosions to fly up, and navigate himself to other teams (to steal their point headbands), which is a decent tactic except for one fatal flaw- if he touches the ground, then he’s out. On Katsuki’s highest go, Hanta uses a strand of his Tape to bring Katsuki down- Eijiro tells him, “Nice catch!”- and quickly catches him in the crook of his arm. He smiles happily after doing so, before scolding that he should’ve warned him if he were to jump (so he knew to catch him. To finish off the Battle, Team Katsuki pursues Team Neito in a chase to recapture their points after a large steal. It is then that calls upon Hanta, who he dubs the nickname of “Elbow guy”, and has him stick their opposers in place.

After Katsuki vs. Ochako, Katsuki makes his way to the stands, and sits near Hanta and Denki. When Hanta notices him, he greets him, and teases that he was playing the role of the villain, to which Katsuki says to “shut up” about. Later, after Katsuki breaks out of Shoto’s ice during their match, Hanta cringes about the power he must’ve had to break through the ice like he did, even if it was “moleman-like”, as Denki said. The day after the Festival, the students discuss the public’s reactions to recognizing them as participants. Hanta says that people must’ve been too scared to approach “the guy who got chained up in the end” (Katsuki). Katsuki angrily replies that said people are “weak” if they’re scared of him.

When Katsuki returns from his work study with Best Jeanist, he finds his hair stuck in the stiff way Jeanist styled it in. Upon seeing it, Hanta (and Eijiro) burst out laughing. Katsuki threatens to “kill” them if they don’t stop laughing, to which Hanta jokes, “I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY, PRETTY BOY!!”

At the Training Camp, Eraserhead has the students reassess their quirk apprehension tests, 3 months after the beginning of the school year. Before Katsuki throws, Hanta comments that he bets Katsuki can throw the exercise ball over a thousand meters at that point. He is shown to be very surprised when it doesn’t surpass that number. During the villain attack, Hanta expresses heavy concern upon hearing that Katsuki was targeted.


Due to Katsuki and Hanta’s already large pairings of KiriBaku/BakuDeku and SeroMina/SeroRoki respectively, BakuSero is not too popular in the MHA/BNHA fandom. However, thanks to Hanta’s constant (playful) teasing of Katsuki, and rare status of friend, the ship still has a large enough community to be counted as one of the more subjectively popular ‘rare-pairs’. The height difference between the two,, while but a few inches, also seems to play a key factor in shipping for one reason or another.

BakuSero is most commonly portrayed with Hanta acting as he does in canon, teasing Katsuki in a playful manner, although many of his “jokes” tend to become flirtier and flirtier as time goes on, and they become closer.



Katsuki/Hanta tag on AO3


  • Hanta and Katsuki share the color scheme of black and orange. This is especially prominent on their hero costumes.


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