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Bangel is the het ship between Buffy Summers and Angel from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fandoms.


Guided by Whistler, Angel is introduced to the new slayer, Buffy, and seemingly falls in love with her at first sight. He follows her to Sunnydale and keeps in the shadows, aiming to protect and aide her however he can. Buffy soon realizes he's following her and they meet for the first time. Buffy is instantly taken with Angel's mystique, but moreso his fighting abilities and willingness to help her do what's right. She develops a crush on Angel, but when he returns her feelings, their relationship grows intense and Buffy discovers Angel's true identity and past. Though shocked, Buffy decides that she can trust Angel to help her with Slaying and that she can trust him, as Angel is ensouled. Angel is torn by his feelings for Buffy, mostly when he sees what his competition for her affections, Xander, is able to give her that he can't: A 'normal' life, growing old together and his breath, when Xander revives a Buffy murdered at the hands of The Master.

Following her death, Buffy is traumatized and acts out, with Angel trying to reach her. As they fight a group of vampires trying to resurrect The Master, Buffy finally releases her anguish and Angel is there to comfort her.[1] They start dating and fight together to protect Sunnydale from its Hellmouth proximity. Buffy becomes insecure about Angel's long 'life' and experience over centuries, and tries to broach the subject but quickly regrets doing so. For Halloween, she decides to dress up as one of the noblewomen Angel would've encountered in his original time period, as she imagines they are who he wants Buffy to be. Unfortunately, the costumes bear spells that turn the wearers into their costume, rendering Buffy a scared, helpless damsel in distress for an evening. Following their reversal of the spells, Angel is puzzled by why Buffy chose that specific costume and she reveals her fears. Angel assures her that he found those women only boring and incapable — that he prefers someone like Buffy, who is strong and independent.[2]


The second-most popular ship in the fandom and most prominent throughout the first and second seasons, and parts of the third season before Angel leaves for LA. Bangel still reappears whenever Angel returns to Sunnydale as Angel and Buffy still retain feelings for one another, even until the end of the show.



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  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress who portrays Buffy, ships Bangel.[3][4]



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