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Barbelle is the femslash ship between Barbara Pegg and Noelle from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Noelle and Barbara have never canonically interacted in the current story.


Both, Noelle and Barbara have a voiceline about each other:

In Barbaras voiceline about Noelle she compliments her as "the cutest". She further says that Noelle is so kind and patient and you can feel so relaxed around her. Barbara also compliments Noelle's cooking as "delicious", and that the best part about Noelle's cooking is that her creations are also healthy and not just tasty.

In Noelle's voiceline about Barbara she says that she and Barbara often take tea breaks with each other. Noelle also says that when she's with Barbara, Barbara often gets inspired and starts to humm a tune. She then further says that she isn't the right person to give useful feedback on anything musical, but that she still loves to spend time with Barbara.


Both, are admiring Jean, as Noelle's big idol to become a knight is Jean and Barbara acknowledging that Jean is perfect, unlike herself. Both, also seem to take their duty very serious. In Noelle's hangout events with the traveler it's shown that she really can't say "no" when someone needs her help. Similarly, Babara always wants to make everyone idolize her, because she thinks thats the duty of an idol.

Furthermore, both are also element users, while Babara's element is Hydro, Noelle's element is Geo.


“We take tea breaks together sometimes. Often she'll start humming a tune, saying inspiration has come to her. I'm not the right person to give useful feedback on anything musical... But I still love spending time with Barbara.”
— Noelle's Voiceline about Barbara
“Noelle is just the cutest! She's so kind and patient, you just feel totally relaxed when you're around her. ...Oh yeah, and she makes the tastiest snacks! Best part is, they're also healthy. Tee-hee!”
— Barbara's Voiceline about Noelle


Barbelle isn't really a well known ship within the Genshin Impact fandom, although it can't be considered a rare-pair either. The ship sailed, because of Barbara's voiceline about Noelle, where she compliments her as cute. Others might also enjoy the ship, because Noelle and Barbara have some similarities. Furthermore, some also like the ship because Barbara and Noelle appear to be around the same age old, as both look like highschool girls (around 16 years old). So there aren't any problems age-wise.

The ship currently has 60 stories on AO3 (romantic) and 13 stories on the gen side.



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  • Noelle and Barbara are both four star characters.
    • Both are also supporters, as Barbara is a healer, while Noelle is a tank.



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