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Barbennett is the het ship between Barbara Pegg and Bennett from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Barbara is always the one to take care of Bennett when he is hurt. In the canon timeline, both of them interacted from the 1.4 updates of the Windblume Festival, they have little interactions between each other in the canon timeline.

Character Story Profiles

Bennett's Story in Story 4 mentions that Barbara was once surprised at how skilled Bennett is at treating dislocated joints. In another Story of Bennett, Bennett's Story in Adhesive Bandage, its said that whenever Bennett suffers severe injuries such as fractures or excessive loss of blood, Bennett will go to the Cathedral to seek treatment from Barbara. Bennett then apologizes to Barbara and tells it's him again while scratching his head. With Barbara's response she will just shake her head and tells him "let's deal with those scratches as well.", she then toss him some adhesive bandages.

Bennett was never mentioned in any of Barbara's Stories.


Barbara talks about Bennett always coming to the Cathedral covered in scrapes and bruises, Barbara worries about this but tells that he is clearly never bothered by it. She mentions that he would always have a big grin on his face, this worries her much more, telling that he should really take better care of himself.

Bennett calls Barbara the best singer and dancer, he mentions that he always go and watch her concert after an adventure. Proclaiming that it really lifts his mood up. He talks about the fans, chanting on Barbara. Saying it was magical, he told that it was no wonder Barbara is really popular.

Windblume Festival

In act II of the Windblume Festival, after Jean and Lisa went back to patrolling. The Traveler goes inside the Cathedral and sees Barbara and Bennett, the Traveler went close to both of them and Barbara was seen crying. Bennett says that he just came back from the wilderness, as usual, he just came back to the Cathedral to ask the Sisters to patch him up but he within saw Barbara running out white as a sheet. She was holding a letter, the letter was sheer imitation. The location was at Dawn Winery, although Bennett seems to have thought the Thousand Winds Temple.

In act II of the Windblume Festival, when The Traveler went to the Cathedral to see Bennett, he wasn't there. Barbara was there although. Barbara said that Bennett has gone missing. Barbara was worried about Bennett and says what if he's in danger, that was where Rosaria appeared and answered Thousand Winds Temple. So the Traveler went to the Thousand Winds Temple and had to fight a Ruin Guard before finding Bennett, after fighting the Ruin Guard. Bennett was found with Razor after they got out of the cell. Paimon tells what happened, Bennett was mad at whoever made the letter since he and Razor have been stuck for the whole day thanks to them.


“Bennett always comes to the cathedral covered in scrapes and bruises... Though it clearly never bothers him a bit, given the big grin he always has on his face. He really should take better care of himself.”
— Barbara's voice line about Bennett
“She's the best singer and dancer out there! I always go to watch her in concert after an adventure goes south– it really lifts my mood, chanting along with all the other fans, cheering her on. It's really kinda magical! It's no wonder she's so popular... Boy, if I had even half her popularity as leader of my adventure team...”
— Bennett's voice line about Barbara


Overall, Barbennett was a small ship among the Genshin Impact fandom and yet, a rare pair. Due to the little interactions they have between of each other in canon, resulting in only 15 fanfictions, depicting the two as a het ship and 27 fanfictions, depicting the two as gen only on Archive of Our Own. Its rival ships are Fischnett and Rannett, which are some of Bennett's popular ships and Barbther and BarbTao which are some of Barbara's popular ships.



Barbara/Bennett tag on AO3


  • Both Barbara and Bennett have their own hangouts in the Hangout Event.
  • Both of them are 4 star characters.
  • They were both featured on the Keqing Banner.


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