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I asked her to marry me. And she said, 'Oh, little Archie, we're too young. Ask me when we're 18 and I'll say yes'

Barchie is the het ship between Archie and Betty from the Riverdale fandom.


Li'l Archie and Betty

Archie and Betty have been next-door neighbours since they were 4 years old and become best friends. Their bedroom windows face each other, from which they wave to each other. One day, Betty falls in love with Archie. She writes about it in her diary and describes Archie and his dog, Vegas. Later on, Betty writes in her diary that she had the best day, because Archie invited her over to listen to records. They were lying on the floor, listening to an LP, dancing and laughing.[2] In 2nd grade, Archie has trouble reading and the school suggests to his parents that he be held back a year. Betty refuses not to be in the same grade as Archie and tutors him until he learns reading. Archie, reciprocating Betty's feelings, kisses her and proposes to her. Betty tells him that they're too young and that Archie should ask her again when they're 18 and she will say yes.[3]

Betty & Archie meet up on the last day of summer before their sophomore year

Archie“Until I've got things more figured out, you're the only person I'm telling, okay?”
Betty“Well, I'd love to hear them sometime. Your songs”

In 2017, on the last day before their sophomore year starts, Betty plans to tell Archie how she feels about him, supported by her friend, Kevin. Archie and Betty haven't seen each other all summer and Betty's nervous about telling Archie how she feels. Kevin sees Archie out of Betty's bedroom window, and they discover that he's become all muscular over the summer. Archie and Betty meet up at Pop's to finally see each other for the first time all summer. Betty tells Archie that she met Toni Morrison, her idol, while interning with a publisher, while Archie shares with her that he was bored working for his Dad and shares with her that he started writing music, saying he's only sharing this with her, which makes Betty happy and she says she would love to hear his work when he's ready. She starts to try and tell Archie how she feels, but he's distracted by a hot girl walking in the door. It turns out to be a new girl, Veronica Lodge. Betty's annoyed and jealous at Archie's attention to Veronica, whom Betty realises she's signed on to peer mentor much to her dismay, and his offer for Veronica to join them which Veronica declines. After she leaves, Archie asks Betty what she was saying and Betty just says it was nothing.


At their first day back as sophomores, Betty shows Veronica around as scheduled and Kevin comes along. Veronica sees Archie and asks if Betty's seeing him, as Veronica casually drops that she lusts after Archie. Kevin interjects on Betty's behalf, informing Veronica that Archie is a no-fly zone as Archie and Betty are going to end up together. Veronica then suggests that Betty should ask Archie to the back-to-school semiformal, which Kevin echoes. At lunch, Archie plays one of his songs that he recorded for Betty and Kevin and Betty's really impressed with them. Archie shuts his computer as Veronica approaches and Betty's jealous again as Veronica sort of takes over the conversation with Archie. He bails when Cheryl approaches and Kevin chides Betty to Veronica about Betty still not having asked Archie to the dance, but Betty tells him to hush as Cheryl arrives. After making the cheerleading squad, she and Veronica bond when Veronica calls Archie over, who's running with the football team, and tells him Betty has something to ask him. Betty stumbles and turns it into a friend hang with Veronica, which confuses Archie at first. Archie says he's not in the mood for a dance, actually preoccupied with unknowingly being groomed by a predator, the school music teacher. Veronica insists he escort them and Archie agrees.


It's about following your heart, right? What does your heart say
—Betty to Archie[4]

Betty is ecstatic and celebrates at home by dancing around her room and even tells off her controlling mother, who doesn't want Betty to spend time with Archie because of Polly's romance with Jason Blossom. Betty goes off to buy a dress for the dance, while Archie continues to struggle with his secret, lying to Coach Clayton and his father, who gives him a reality check. At the dance, Betty tries to help Archie choose between taking on varsity or not, but he excuses himself momentarily to try and deal with his qualms. Archie returns as Josie & The Pussycats start playing and asks Betty to dance. He tells her that he's figured out how to do everything and Betty supports him pursuing his dreams, at which Archie smiles. Betty looks off to see Kevin and Veronica egging her on, so she finally tells Archie that she's been thinking of them as a couple. Confused and surprised, an overwhelmed Archie just furrows his brow and says her name. Betty feels rejected as Archie looks off at the predator Ms. Grundy and as the song ends they slowly break apart and listlessly applaud.


Of course I love you, Betty. But I can't give you the answer you want[4]

Despite this, they go to an after party at Cheryl's mansion, where Betty's isn't feeling great. Cheryl intentionally instigates a spin-the-bottle game nominating Archie as the first target, with Veronica as his partner, while Archie and Betty exchange looks. When Cheryl says it's her or Veronica, Veronic and Archie go in the closet, get lusty and kiss. When they come out, Cheryl informs them that Betty left upset and they leave. Archie goes looking for Betty at Pop's, where Jughead advices him to go talk to her. Archie walks to the steps of her house and Betty comes outside. Betty speaks first, asking Archie if he cares about her at all and, upset, Archie affirms that he does but can't be with her because he doesn't consider himself "good enough for her". Betty turns around and leaves, heartbroken, leaving Archie standing there, his heart broken too. The very next morning they see each other at Sweetwater River, following Kevin and Moose's discovery there of Jason Blossom's corpse.[4]


I'm sorry, Betty. I didn't do it to be a... I don't know, I just, I thought it would be better in the long run

Archie's condition worsens after the body is found. He can't sleep and texts Betty if they can talk, but she doesn't want to after what happened between them. Betty's told her mom what happened after the dance and Alice tries to use it to keep Betty from spending time with any of them. Betty's responds by going to Archie's house and ask if he will walk her to school. She tells Archie that she's trying to discern what she wants, separate from her mother's demands, and confesses that she still wants them to be best friends, despite Archie's rejection. Archie apologises for hurting her and tries to formulate his reasons, but Betty cuts him off quickly. At school, Betty has to endure Veronica's attempts at making amends with her, while Archie tries to learn what the police know in order to alleviate his conscience. At lunch, Kevin makes a reference to the closet in front of Archie, Betty and Veronica, prompting awkward silence. Veronica asks Archie to play to combat it, and he hesitates, until Betty says she'd love to hear him play.


As he starts to play, Betty flashes back to the dance and Archie rejecting her. She's overwhelmed and starts to silently cry. Archie finishes playing, looks up and sees her tears. He asks if she's okay and she says she's supposed to say yes, but that everything is too much and leaves. Archie jumps up and runs after her. He tries to talk to her, but Betty shoots him down, saying that their relationship and how she thinks of them has changed and she can't handle it right now. She walks away and Archie calls after her, starting to follow but is halted by the principal who wants to see Archie. After running into Veronica at Pop's, Archie acquiesces to Hermione's request that he walk Veronica home. As they walk, Archie tells Veronica about his life with Betty: how she was there for him, how he kissed her and proposed and how she told him to ask again when they were in high school. He also tells Veronica that he hates that he hurt Betty, and she tries to console him, telling him that she's sure Archie and Betty's story isn't over.


The next day in the student lounge, Reggie's antagonising Kevin over being questioned by Sheriff Keller and Betty's supporting Kevin. Archie comes in as Reggie starts on Jughead and moves in between them as Reggie advances on Jughead. Betty watches horrified as Reggie starts fighting Archie and punches him in the face. At the Pep Rally, Archie bumps into Betty accidentally on the field, him in his football uniform and her in her cheerleading one. Betty sees his bruises and gentle touches a finger to Archie's wounded eye, at which he subtly flinches, looking at her intensely, almost as though seeing her differently. The players run into Archie and he's flung away by the horde as Betty looks after him. After making amends with Veronica, Betty invites her to Pop's where Archie, having made amends with Jughead, arrives. Archie and Betty lock eyes, and she decides in the moment to try and truly be friends, inviting both boys to join them in their booth.[3]

Save the 'aw shucks' for Betty
—Cheryl, to Archie[5]

After Cheryl confesses to hearing a gunshot on July 4, Archie decides to come clean to the Sheriff and Weatherbee about being at Sweetwater River at dawn on the day. Meanwhile, when her mother writes tabloid stuff about Jason Blossom, Betty decides to revive the Riverdale High Blue & Gold student newspaper, to find out what really happened to Jason. When Veronica gets slut-shamed by Chuck Clayton following their date, Betty comes along to Veronica's confrontation with Chuck in the boys' locker room. Veronica bumps into Archie, who's surprised to see them there and Betty tries to avoid looking although she does make a wow face when briefly seeing Archie. When Veronica confronts Chuck he shames her in front of everyone, citing her closet-time with Archie. This makes Betty stand up for Veronica, possibly incited by her own desire to minimise the importance of that event. Later, Cheryl wants to thank Archie for corroborating her story. He says he was only telling the truth and didn't do it to get any kudos, prompting Cheryl to tell him he can save his sweet disposition for Betty.[5]

Betty tries to reason with Archie about "Grundy"

She is disappointed and hurt to discover that Archie has been sleeping with Ms. Grundy, but even more so when she uncovers Grundy's real identity. Thanks to Betty's efforts, the child predator leaves Riverdale and Betty recommits herself to Jason's investigation.[6]


Once Betty and Jughead start dating, Archie starts exhibiting signs of jealousy. He tries to get both Jughead and Betty to tell him what's going on between them, but gets no real answer, which leaves him even more jealous as it may be serious between his two childhood friends. Archie starts focusing on music and gets help from Valerie, and the two start dating.[7] They have fun until Archie gets swept up in courting Cheryl around and Valerie dumps Archie[8], who soon starts a fling with Veronica. All the while Archie tries to signal to Betty that he wants to be there for her[9] and sticks up for her, such as when Chuck tells everybody about the hot tub torture.[10]

A little part of me always thought...
—Archie tries to tell Betty[11]

In spite of the fact that he cares about Veronica, Archie is seen yearning for a chance with Betty, although he denies as much, most of all to himself. It's clear Archie and Betty share a close bond and a history, which has both Veronica and Jughead worried that they may be second choices. With Betty and Archie both in relationships with other people, they find their way back to a friendship, although it's underpinned by subtext, mostly from Archie's side.[11]

The Black Hood

After driving his Dad to the hospital Betty is the first person Archie calls to tell her what happened and she rushes to the hospital and envelops him in a hug along with Veronica and Jughead. Unbeknownst to Archie, Betty tries to guide and support Veronica in being there for him, which she has trouble with. Archie's shaken and only wants to wait in the hospital, but Betty convinces him to go home for a bit, as Veronica suggests. When Grundy's found murdered, Betty gets her Mom to find out what happened so that Archie may have some peace of mind.


While Archie creates the Red Circle as a result of his PTSD, Betty gets a letter from the Black Hood. After cracking the cipher and thinking it might be over, Betty receives a call from the Black Hood. Archie, now moving on after his fight with the Serpents, is level-headed enough to be there for Betty when she confides in only him, that the Black Hood is calling her. Archie is there when the phone calls happen and tries to help Betty make smart decisions, but she briefly lies to Archie when the Black Hood asks her to cut people out of her life. When she tells him what's going on, he wants to contact the Sheriff, but Betty pleads with him not to. She asks Archie to break up with Jughead for her and Archie complies to soothe her.


Archie tries to mend fences with Jughead and tells Betty that she should explain to Jughead what happened, but Betty holds off. After Archie gets the Ghoulies arrested during the street race, Betty gets in the car with Jughead. Archie looks at her, as if sad that Betty chooses to overlook that Jughead joined the Serpents and also worried about her safety. A lot is said silently in that brief moment, as if it's a turning point for the two who had been in this fight with the Black Hood together, but now are parting ways somehow. Betty looks at Archie apologetically, as if she's choosing Jughead over Archie. Archie looks at her as if he's simultaneously realising that something's changed between them, accepting it and feeling that much more hurt that Betty's leaving.

Are you crazy, no! Betty is NOT an option I am not letting you drag her into this mess
—Archie to Jughead

Although the couple is reunited, Betty keeps her sleuthing to herself and doesn't tell Jughead while Archie is still keeping an eye out for Betty in his friendship with Jughead. When Archie helps Jughead transport drugs, he's hurt to see how far gone his friend is, but puts his foot down once Jughead suggests getting help from Betty. They're both dumped on the same night by their partners and continue tracking down the backstory of Janitor Svenson when the Black Hood seemingly holds Svenson hostage. A visit with Rose Blossom informs a shaken Betty of her murderous family history and she's overcome. Archie tries to ground her and comforts Betty with how close they are to saving Svenson and ending the horror of the Black Hood. In the intensity of the moment, Betty kisses Archie who responds.

First kiss

Betty seems shocked at her own action and swiftly turns to drive to Svenson's rescue. Archie looks momentarily sad that Betty might be regretting the kiss and says her name just after the kiss to somehow deal with what happened, but reneges. After digging up the grave and being held at gunpoint by the Black Hood, a terrified Archie consents to being buried alive as the Black Hood threatens to shot Betty, although he refused when the gun was only pointed at himself. Luckily police sirens distracts the killer and Betty hits him with the shovel and frees Archie. The Black Hood attempts to jump off a bridge, and Archie almost shoots him but the Black Hood is shot down by Sheriff Keller. Archie and Betty hug as their extreme and intense ordeal is finally over. The two meet up with Jughead and Veronica at Pop's and, sitting next to Archie, Betty only looks at him, distraught at what just happened, yet confused at what happened between them as well.


The first time they see each other back at school is as Archie and Veronica, kissing, walk into the student lounge and Betty seems sad, but not surprised that they have reconciled. Archie looks at her swiftly and seems to not believe that Betty has true feelings for him, or maybe not be ready to fully declare his to her. They proceed to sweep it under the rug, although they share stolen, hesitant glances, seemingly unable to face what is going on between them. Archie swiftly reveals to Veronica that he and Betty kissed as a way to deflect from his investigating the Lodge family. Betty, meanwhile, gets back together with Jughead but doesn't tell him about the kiss. Cheryl tells Jughead and as revenge, he and Veronica kiss briefly, but Betty and Archie don't talk about their kiss at all. Jughead and Veronica keep going head to head over her shady family business, with Betty also briefly fighting with her.

Betty and Archie having fun backstage before the musical

While Archie gets mad at Jughead when the latter accuses Veronica, Archie doesn't ever fight with Betty, nor does she fight with Archie over his supposed allegiance to the Lodges. When the school puts on a musical, Betty and Archie are cast as the main couple and Jughead, filming rehearsals, actually warns Archie not to "get any ideas" when he talks to Betty. For the first time, Archie tries to assuage Betty's feelings about Veronica to mend the girls' friendship and succeeds. After Midge's murder, Archie and Betty heatedly discuss the night of Svenson's death at Pop's with Jughead and Veronica visibly uncomfortable at any direct interactions between Betty and Archie.

Betty's Dad

Betty tells Archie

It was him, Arch. My Dad was the Black Hood
—Betty and Archie witness Hal being taken away[12]

Betty and Archie don't spend a lot of time together the following weeks when events in town come to a head. When the riots break out, Archie runs around town to keep the impending Northside/Southside fight from erupting. He meets with Jughead and tells him where to go next. Jughead's about to leave, but Archie stops him, asking about Betty and if she's alright. As Betty's father is arrested for being the Black Hood, Archie and Fred witness Hal being taken away and go to Alice and Betty. Betty, with fear written on her face, tells Archie the truth; that it was her father and shows Archie everything she's feeling, including the guilt she feels. Archie assures Betty that she is nothing like her father and that he doesn't feel her father's actions have anything to do with her or their relationship, to Betty's relief. Archie is more concerned with how Betty feels and that she is blaming herself.[12]

Archie's swearing-in ceremony

Do you hate him for what he did to your Dad? Because I do

When they all visit Jughead at the hospital, Archie mentions that he has to go to the station as they're talking about Minetta as the possible second Black Hood that targeted Fred Andrews. Betty softly asks why and Archie hesitantly has to tell her the truth: he has to identify her father as the Black Hood. Betty later goes to Archie's house and apologises to Fred Andrews on behalf of her family. Once things settle down a little and they're at school for Archie's inauguration as the new Student Body President, Betty is in the stands and beams at Archie with pride who shares her glance and smiles back. When Archie is abruptly taken by police and accused of murder, Betty is horrified and they look at each other as he's being taken away.


Betty and Archie work on the car togeher

For the three months of summer before junior year, Betty works as an intern for Attorney McCoy and Mary Andrews, to help them in their quest for Archie's freedom, and also to take her mind off of her father's crimes and her mother and sister's behaviour. Betty hangs out with Archie and Fred, helping them finish the work on the old jalopy they have been restoring all summer. When Archie mentions the trial, Fred gets sad and leaves them alone to not worry Archie. He asks Betty to look after his Dad if he goes to jail and Betty protests the notion, but promises that she will. They spend one last day of summer swimming in a water hole that Betty, Archie and Jughead used to play at as kids, and Betty cries, telling Archie he doesn't deserve what's happening to him. Archie tells them that maybe he does, after how he acted last year.

After a hung jury, Archie takes a deal with two years in juvie to avoid the uncertainty of another trial for his loved ones, and Betty is in shock that he's going to prison. All the while, Betty's mental issues go untreated, and she's self-medicated with the medication Alice pushed on her a year prior (which is actually for treating ADHD) all summer in order to feel efficient and focused. She doesn't tell Archie about this, probably with everything that's happening to him, but isn't feeling well and not handling it. She has told Jughead, who doesn't seem to have had any concerns/reaction to it, worrisomely.[13]

After Archie goes to prison, Betty starts focusing on uncovering the mystery of The Farm and the death of Dilton Doiley, likely to keep her focused on a task to avoid thinking about what happened with her Dad, and what Archie must be going through.[14] Archie, in turn, just goes day by day in juvie trying to keep his head above water once he's forced into an illegal fight club. Veronica confides in Betty that her speakeasy, Le Bonne Nuit, has been ready for a while and Betty convinces Veronica to open it, as Archie didn't want Ronnie's life to stop with him in prison, and Betty sees to it that his wish is fulfilled.[15]

Archie leaves


Archie“What took you so long”
Betty“I could ask you the same thing[16]

Veronica finds out what's happening to Archie through her contacts and stages an escape plan, which succeeds. Archie escapes from the fight club through the sewers and Betty receives him at the end of it. She gets it opened and helps Archie out. Overjoyed at seeing her best friend, Betty hugs Archie's body and Archie, though in pain from his wound, smiles happily at Betty, the two of them at last reunited and safe. They bring Archie to Dilton's bunker, where he can hide out and everyone takes turns staying with Archie at all times, with Betty volunteering to take the first shift. As Archie sleeps, Betty watches over him[16] and tends to him, caressing his face and wondering aloud to Archie, what is going on with the Gargoyle King.

Betty cares for Archie as he rests

After Jughead comes in, which wakes him, Archie tells them that Joaquin will know who the Gargoyle King's disciples are. Betty decides to gather the "Midnight Club" for an inspector style debunking of Featherhead's death, including Archie's Dad, Fred. Kevin calls Betty when Archie's wound is infected and she sends them to Dr. Curdle, Jr., so Archie can get medical treatment under the radar. Archie decides to find the guys who've been paid to incriminate him and when he and Kevin find them dead in the mines, and one survivor dies in the hospital after they bring him there, Archie becomes determined to leave Riverdale to escape Hiram's attempts to kill him. Meanwhile, Alice decides that Betty is best protected at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy after the Gargoyle King shows up in their house and before Betty can contact anyone, she is dragged away.[17]

Betty gives Archie the dice

Archie ventures alone into Canada, while Jughead returns to Riverdale and a month passes. Betty tells Jughead that if they can manage to beat Hiram, Archie can maybe finally come home. Meanwhile, Archie works as a sort of ranger in the woods, living in a cabin with Vegas. He's attacked by a bear and severely wounded, returns to the cabin and calls for help. Bandaging his wounds, Archie heaves himself onto his bed and passes out. In intense pain, Archie has fever dreams of how he felt he went wrong since starting his sophomore year. He plays Gryphons & Gargoyles with various deceased victims, while visiting critical moments in the last year and altering the outcomes. Archie hallucinates Betty, Jughead and Veronica as they were at the start of sophomore year, with Betty in the dress she wore to the dance where she told him how she felt. Betty asks Archie if he's got any new songs, and Archie tells her he hasn't played in a long time. Betty gives Archie the dice to roll and he looks at her, pained.[18]

Archie's return


After being treated in the hospital, Archie walks back to Riverdale. Betty and he see each other again in a booth at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Archie's almost in disbelief that the SATs are upon them, but Betty promises to help him study. Betty and Jughead quiz Archie in his room, but he's far too distracted by his pain to absorb anything. Jughead leaves and Betty and Archie talk. She convinces him to let her dye his hair back to its red hue. Betty brings Archie to La Bonne Nuit where Veronica is having a surprise welcome home party for Archie. Suffering from PTSD, Archie storms out while Veronica sings to him. Betty and Archie take the SATs, but he leaves the classroom as well, unable to finish.[19] Archie tries to recover from his experiences and struggles with PTSD, which leads him to start drinking, as Betty continues looking into the Gargoyle King and The Farm.[20] Archie stops drinking and takes up boxing to deal with his feelings, while Betty becomes increasingly concerned at the hold the Farm is taking of her friends and family.[21]


At the gym where Archie works out he happens upon a seemingly homeless kid. He and Josie take the kid to Pop's and feed him. Betty tells her friends that her Mom is trying to sell their house. When Kevin comes in and shuns her, Archie asks what's going on with him and Betty, exasperated at her situation, tells him that the Farm has taken hold of Kevin too, as well as her family. Veronica and Jughead tell Betty she can stay with them, and Archie echoes their offer, telling Betty she's welcome to stay at his house. He informs them that he has the homeless Ricky living in his garage and Betty tells him about the social worker she's been in contact with, and that maybe they can help him out, which Archie takes her up on. Archie goes to pick up Ricky at Pop's and finds that he's run away. Archie and Betty later meet with Ms. Weiss at Pop's to get advice on how to handle the situation. After Ricky stabs Archie and he finds out that Ricky was out to get him because of G&G, Archie is crestfallen, feeling trapped by the crazy in the town and decides to be proactive about ending it, after talking to Jughead. Betty offers her support as well, to help Archie finally be free of the game.[22]

Dealing with the crazy

Archie, Betty and Jughead meet up at Pop's, where Jughead's obtained evidence via his Dad's office and reveals that Warden Norton was playing G&G as well. Archie seeks out Hiram Lodge who admits to have sicced gamers on Archie by distributing 12 'Red Paladin' quest cards. Lodge gives Archie the locations where he might find these cards. Betty, Archie and Jughead go to a comic book store, ask questions and find out more about when people could potentially attack Archie. Back in Dilton's bunker, Archie expresses his discomfort and Betty tries to console him about the game. Jughead comes up with an addition to the game, based on a game the three of them played as kids, which will allow Archie to get rid of the mark on him for good. Betty immediately insists for Archie's safety that there be ground rules, such as no weapons if Archie has to fight. Jughead gets the Serpents to put on Gargoyle masks and distribute the quest and they set up in a gym. When the challengers walk in, Betty looks at Archie and says his name, to which he nods, ready to get it over with. Archie takes on the challengers with Betty looking on, concerned, and sometimes yelling to distract the fighters to Archie's advantage. After facing a guard from juvie, Archie wins and Betty screams elatedly as she runs up to hug Archie who's finally free.[23] After that, they don't really spend much time together on-screen, but both are in the school musical and attend prom.[24]


Just before the school year ends, Archie gets a strange invitation delivered to his doorstep with his name on it. It turns out to be at the Hunting Lodge on the Blossom Estate, where Penelope Blossom has also gathered Jughead, Veronica and Betty. Betty enters last, coming down the stairs in a beautiful gown and they sit around the table as the whole Gargoyle King mystery is revealed to them. Penelope puts them in a weird fight for their lives, where they each have to pass tests set up for them in the woods. Archie has to fight a man-bear type thing and Betty watches on in fear as he manages to defeat his opponent. Betty later drinks poison in a sadistic Russian Roulette variant with Veronica and they rush to finish the tests to obtain the cure. As Betty faces off with her father, Archie sneaks around to get the antidote, and suddenly Penelope kills Betty's father right in front of her as she crumbles in grief. Archie hurriedly grabs the antidote and they run from Penelope's minions and seek shelter as the Serpents and Poisons come to their aid. The girls take the antidote and after the Serpents and Poisons defeat the minions, they all hug, Betty and Archie next to each other. At Pop's, Archie proposes a pledge that they're done with all the horror they've been put through and everyone cheers in unison. Betty and Archie share a look as they dig into their milkshakes, making them laugh and smile at each other, happy for the first time in a while.[25]



During the summer, the town tries to put the last two years behind them and Archie and Betty spend a lot of time hanging out with Veronica and Jughead. As the town is celebrating July 4 for the first time since Jason Blossom died, the group is making a float for the Independence Day parade. They work on it outside Pop's on July 3, and while taking a food break inside, Archie gets a call that his father's been killed and falls to his knees, Betty and the others rushing to his side. Along with their other friends, they sit with Archie in his backyard and tell stories about Fred Andrews and what he meant to their lives to honour his memory. Betty sits next to Archie, telling the story of her father being absent for a father-daughter contest she was entering and how Fred stepped in to be her father for the day. She gently asks Archie if he has a memory he wants to share, and Archie starts sharing, but cuts himself off and leaves to be alone.

Later that night, Archie wakes from a nightmare and decides to bring his Dad back himself, from the county where he was killed. Archie enlists the help of Betty, Veronica and Jughead and they drive to Cherry Creek. After getting permission to take him home, Archie, grieving and in denial, decides he wants to see if it's really his father. As he walks towards the room where the casket is, Archie stops. He can't proceed and asks Betty and Veronica to check for him. They go into the room and see Fred. When they come out, Veronica says it's him and Archie, still wishing it's not true, asks if they're sure. Heartbroken, Betty confirms in a quiet voice that it really is Fred Andrews. After Archie's confrontation with the man Archie thought killed his father, he drives the hearse home while Betty and Jughead drive his truck. Back in Riverdale, everyone attends the funeral. Archie gives a speech honouring his father's legacy and Betty sits next to Archie's mother, Mary, watching and mourning. In the evening, they celebrate Fred with fireworks in the Andrews back yard.[26]



A few months later, the night before senior year starts, Betty and Archie join Jughead and Veronica at her parentless apartment to celebrate the monumental occasion. They stay over and oversleep, rushing to get to their first day back on time. They're met with the new Principal, Mr. Honey, who's dismissive of them. Betty dives back into the Blue & Gold, while Archie starts back up playing football. They both attend a back to school party at Thistlehouse in the evening.[27] Archie starts focusing on the Community Centre, while Betty gets her mother and sister back.[28] The whole town gets sent VHS tapes with hours of footage of their respective houses. Betty hangs out in the student lounge with Archie, Kevin and Veronica, talking about how she's a bit on edge because of the people dressing up as Riverdale's serial killers and the tapes. Archie nods in agreement and looks concerned at Betty's discomfort.[29] Archie's still having trouble keeping the kids safe from the streets and asks Betty and Veronica for help. Betty offers to write about the Community Centre in the Blue & Gold.[30]


On Thanksgiving, after an overheated deep-fryer thwarts Dodger's associates attempts to hurt the kids attending Thanksgiving, Archie holds a ceremony dedicates the Centre to his late father. Betty looks on with pride as Archie talks about his father and hangs a memorial plaque in honour of Fred Andrews.[31] Both Archie and Betty, respectively, have a session with the guidance counsellor, who talks to Betty about her family troubles and Archie about how he's dealing, or not dealing, with his grief. Archie decides, as he's now turned 18, that he wants to move to the Community Centre to better help out.[32] Archie finds it more and more difficult to handle the Community Centre while still heartbroken over his father's death, while Betty still feels the fears of what her true nature is, while dealing with the impact of The Farm on her life. Both of them agree to attend the funeral pyre for Jason Blossom at the river's edge.[33] When the last football game of the season is on the horizon, Betty interviews the Bulldogs for an article on their upcoming game and asks Archie how he feels about it being his last ever high school football game. Betty attends the game and watches from the stands.[34]



Betty invites Archie and Veronica to a party thrown by Stonewall Prep in the woods. Archie's hesitant because its students are horrible, but agrees to go. When they arrive at the party, Betty goes off on her own, but not before Archie hands her a drink. When Archie and Veronica go looking for Betty outside the party clearing, Archie approaches Betty, who's standing over Jughead's body with a rock in her hand. Archie runs over and checks Jughead's pulse, saying he can't find it. He turns to Betty, who is looking mortified and asks her what happened.[35] They all burn their clothes including Jughead's beanie and drive home, the three of them, in their underwear, not saying a word. When they each return home they make up a story as to why they're in their underwear following the party and coming home in the middle of the night. Betty goes upstairs, freaks out and throws up. She meets up with Archie and Veronica at Pop's, where they discuss their next move and Betty wants to go after the Stonewall quartet, while Archie seems unsure about the path they're taking. Betty bugs Brett and Jughead's room, which Charles surveils. She comes over to Archie and asks him to go to Stonewall and threaten Brett cause it'll look 'normal', to which Archie agrees. It has the opposite effect as Donna and Brett discover the bug. Mary worries about Archie and before he can say anything, Betty calls him and stares him down cold from across the way, harshly telling him to get off the phone and not say anything 'stupid'. Archie seems irked by Betty's uncharacteristically offensive behaviour, but follows her lead. Betty's next step is to have Jughead's body found by FP and afterwards, Archie's mother tearfully tells him it's unfair that first his father died tragically, and now his best friend. Archie seems unnerved by the mention of his father's very real passing and unable to be putting his mother through this, deciding to tell her what's actually going on.[36]


Alice decides to start filming a documentary about Jughead's murder. FP gets a warrant to search Donna's room, who positions herself and Brett as witnesses to Archie, Betty and Veronica murdering Jughead. FP arrests them in biology class and interrogates them individually, until forensics on the rock reveal it's theatre blood and they're all released. Betty's next move is to hold a funeral, where Archie stops Brett from trying to open the casket before they throw the Stonewall students out. Archie meets Betty at Pop's in the evening. She's upset and Archie comforts her, taking her hands. She puts hers on his and strokes them gently and they catch each others eyes, looking intensely at one another. Cheryl witnesses this and looks suspicious, leading to her surveying a memorial for Jughead at his locker the following day. Archie and Betty approach, and Betty runs out, with Archie following her. In the music room, Betty hugs Archie and he says he's always there for her: she leans in and kisses him, which he reciprocates. Cheryl followed them, takes photos and sends them out to the school. Cheryl gently breaks it to Veronica, who storms into the student lounge and confronts Archie, calling him a player. She doesn't direct any malice towards Betty, until Betty stands up in front of Archie and admits that she initiated the kiss. Veronica tells them to rot in hell and storms out, Betty and Archie left looking uncomfortable.

Archie and Betty "pretending"

In the evening, Betty gets takeout from Pop's and goes to Dilton's bunker, followed by Donna who suspects this is where Jug is hiding. Donna follows Betty into the bunker and is shocked to find Archie and Betty making out. Betty yells at Donna to leave and she scrambles. Archie and Betty respectively talk to Veronica and Jughead afterwards, revealing that it was all a ploy to get Donna and the Stonewall students off of the scent. Despite all of them being in on the plan, Veronica asks Archie if he felt something kissing Betty. Archie smiles and vehemently claims Veronica is the only one for him. Jughead poses the same question to Betty, who also smilingly reassures Jughead that she only has eyes for him.


Later in the evening, at home, Betty texts Archie saying thank you for his part in it and that she hopes she wasn't a bad kisser, with a winking emoji. Archie smiles at this and types his response: ”lol. you were great. happy to do that any time”, but hesitates. Betty sits looking at the dots on her phone, awaiting Archie's response and looking anticipatory. He deletes the last sentence and sends the text. Betty looks at his response and a flicker of resignation steals over her features as if she'd expected something else, before giving a brief half-cocked, albeit sweet smile. She's about to shut off her phone, but halts, reconsidering swiftly and writes him back: “😘 Night.” Archie smiles as he receives this and quickly replies the same. He shifts the phone is his hands and looks away in thought.[37]


Archie and Betty continue to fake date until the Stonewall culprits are arrested and Jughead returns to Riverdale High. Cheryl seeks out Betty, sitting outside Mr. Honey's office on a bench in the hallway. They talk for a bit and Cheryl asks Betty about her and Archie. Betty, defensively, says she and Archie were just pretending to be together and Cheryl counters that it looked real. Betty denies it and Cheryl tells her cousin that she'll keep the secret, before sauntering off. When Jughead comes out of Mr. Honey's office and asks Betty what Cheryl wanted, she quickly replies it was nothing and moves off the topic.[38]

Everything changes

When Kevin is banned from performing a Hedwig and the Angry Inch song for the Variety Show, his friends rally around him and agree to all sing Hedwig songs in protest. Archie decides to sign up for the Variety Show with a band — The Archies, comprising Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Jughead. Archie and Betty both get into squabbles with Veronica and Jughead, when they were supposed to rehearse their songs. In the aftermath, Archie forgets to cancel rehearsal and only Betty shows up. Archie mentions his fight, Betty hers and they commiserate over their tough senior year. Betty mentions them having fun as kids and they instantly cheer up for a moment, sharing a laugh. Archie confides in Betty his reason for signing up their band; that he remembered his Dad's steady support guiding him in their sophomore year as he performed at the Variety Show. Betty comforts him, telling him that Fred was proud of Archie and loved seeing him perform.


To cheer Archie up, she suggests they rehearse just the two of them and Archie smiles. He picks up his guitar, starts playing "The Origin of Love" and sings while Betty listens. She starts singing and gets up to duet with Archie. They get into the performance and are all smiles, looking into each others eyes during the crescendo. They both remember their moments together over the last almost 3 years as the song intensifies. They lock eyes intensely; Betty pushes the microphone out of the way while Archie swings his guitar around his back and they passionately embrace in a kiss, completely swept away in it. Afterwards, they're in their separate rooms, both looking at a picture of their significant others and pictures of Archie and Betty together, clearly pained. Jughead surprises Betty with an apology and she feigns contentment, breaking down in tears the moment he leaves. Veronica likewise surprises Archie with an apology and as he watches her go, he punches his punching bag in frustration. As he turns to the window he sees Betty in hers, looking at him. Archie steps to the window, looking back at Betty.


Forgive me for I did not know / cause I was just a boy / and you were so much more

He starts singing and puts his hand on the glass, as if trying to reach her. Betty puts her hand up to her window exactly the same and sings to Archie. Suddenly, she imagines Archie's hand on hers as he sweeps her away across her room into his arms; they are wearing the clothes they wore to the sophomore dance when Betty confessed her feelings to Archie. They dance in the manner they did then, as they sing to each other. They move closer until their foreheads rest against one another and close their eyes. They interlock one hand and Betty slowly walks away to her window, placing her hand once more on the glass as reality returns. She stands, looking at Archie who's still gazing back at her. The next day, at La Bonne Nuit, The Archies are introduced and start their performance, beginning with only Archie's vocals and him playing guitar. Betty steals a pained and longing glance at him as he sings. Throughout the performance, they both continuously steal intense looks at one another, mostly staying away from looking at their actual girlfriend and boyfriend.[39]


Dear diary. Today, I fell in love with the boy next door. He has red hair and freckles and a scar on his eyebrow that he got when he fell off his bicycle.
His name is Archie Andrews
—Little Betty

One day in the afternoon, Archie sits in his room, playing guitar. He stops as he flashes back to the kiss and sits, lost in thought. He gets up and walks over to his desk, picking up his application for the Naval Academy. He looks up with searching expression, and peeks out of his curtains at Betty's room. She sits on her bed, reading her old diaries. She reads an entry about the day that she fell in love with Archie when they were kids. She describes him in the diary as she flashes back to him waving to her from his window, her hiding playfully and then peeking out of her window, waving back to him. Betty's interrupted by Alice, who talks about how grown she is and her imminent future at college. Betty tells her not to cry as she'll make Betty cry too, and Alice poignantly asks what sorrow Betty could have, which has Betty flash back to the kiss and steal a glance in the direction of Archie's window. Seemingly that evening, they meet up in Dilton Doiley's old bunker. They're lying on the bed together with candles lit all around them and Betty asks Archie why they're there, to which he responds he's unsure but says it's nice and asks, with a bit of urgency in his voice if she thinks so too. Betty affirms that it is, but says they can't "do anything more" than what they are doing. Archie attempts to elude the obvious, asking what she means as they're "just hanging out". Betty says in a small voice that she loves Jughead; Archie responds that he loves Veronica. He repeats “But this is nice, right?”, turns his head to look at her and Betty does the same, moves her hand closer to him and smiles at him. He gently touches her hand with his, she opens hers and they hold each other's hand.


On another day, perhaps the following day, Archie is visiting his father's grave before school. He's asking for Fred's advice, mentioning that Fred would probably tell him to follow his heart, but Archie doesn't know what he wants, although he then says he doesn't want to hurt anyone, indicating that he wants Betty but can't face hurting Jughead or Veronica. Betty sits in the student lounge reading one of her diaries again. The entry is about the happiest day of her life, where Archie proposed to Betty after walking her home from school. She flashes back to Archie getting on one knee in front of Betty's house and the entry goes on to say that she of course wanted to say yes, but because they were too young she told him to ask her again when they were both 18 and in high school. She's interrupted again, this time by Kevin, who's asking if she's thinking about simpler times, which she echoes. Archie's in the music room at school, revealed to be working on a song and he smiles as he writes it. Betty reads again, this time in the Blue & Gold offices while having to work on the yearbook. Her entry is about a time when Archie invited her over to listen to records and she flashes back to them, lying on the floor and dancing, with Archie making mock-serious dance moves and Betty laughing. They hold hands and present-day Betty's surprised as a knock announces the boy himself, Archie Andrews. Archie says he wants to help her with the yearbook, but she calls his bluff and he admits he can't get her out of his head, even though he's tried. She responds emotionally that she can't stop thinking about him and they make a plan to meet the following night at the bunker, Betty wanting to give them time to think beforehand.


The next day, Betty's reading at the Blue & Gold again. Her reverie is interrupted once more, this time by Cheryl wanting a commemorative spot for her brother in the yearbook. Betty's distracted which Cheryl picks up on, snatching the diary and reading the page Betty was just reading. Cheryl reasserts her theory that there's something going on between Archie and Betty, but Betty denies it again. Cheryl tries to ask if they've either kissed or slept together, but Betty interrupts her just saying they haven't before Cheryl can specify. Betty, resigned, confesses she thinks she's been in love with Archie for 10 years. Cheryl shoots her down, saying Betty's only been in love with the idea of Archie, that it's not real and that she and Jughead is real. Betty frowns at Cheryl's words, looking at a photo of herself with Jughead and Cheryl gently says matter-of-factly that people cheat, but she should end or prevent it before someone gets hurt. The guilt seems to get to Betty, who nods, heart-wrenched, seemingly deciding to do so.


I love that song, Archie. Sounds like you wrote it for someone special
—Mary Andrews

When they meet that night, Archie takes out his guitar and tells Betty he wrote a song for her. He starts playing and singing, and Betty listens, tears forming in her eyes as she flashes back to watching Archie play in sophomore year the day after he rejected her. She stops him and he tentatively asks what's wrong, if she doesn't like the song. She cries and tries to get the words out, but stumbles, saying it's them. She again says that she loves Jughead and doesn't want to hurt him, which Archie echoes about Veronica. He asks what's been going on between them and Betty tries to say it's because they're safe for each other, which Archie doesn't buy. Betty has to say the words: that whatever they were doing is over and Archie, heartbroken, backs away from her and sits down on the cot dejectedly. In his room, presumably the next day, Archie is still playing their song and Mary comes in, telling him that she loves it and assumes it's about Veronica, which Archie quickly deflects with a lie. Archie tells her he needs a fresh start, that he's ready to join the navy, seeming dejected by guilt and heartbreak. Betty burns her diaries in her living room, seemingly in an effort to try and erase her own guilt, or maybe to physically try and destroy what she's feeling for Archie. Alice catches her and persuades her to keep one diary, for the memories.[2]



On the road, Jughead can't reach Betty, and Archie is very worried about her.

BIG FUN (316)

When Sweet Pea reveals Archie and Josie are together, Betty sweetly asks Archie if they're dating, and seems happy for him.


Archie“I can't stop thinking about you, Betty. I've tried, but it's impossible”
Betty“I can't stop thinking about you either”
Archie“I'm here for you, Betty. I always have been”
Betty“Yeah, you have, haven't you?[37]
Jughead, this is not a game! This is Archie's life!
You don't deserve this, Arch. Any of it
—Betty, as she cries[13]
Archie“Betty... I have to ask you a favor. If I do go away, will you check on my dad? Invite him over for dinner? Once my mom goes to Chicago, he'll be alone”
Betty“Arch... The jury is still deliberating, that's a good sign, okay? You don't need to... Put your house in order”
Archie“Betty, promise me. Please”
Betty“Of course[13]
Right now, I need you with me: I need Betty Cooper
And as feelings that had long been buried shook loose, a boy looked out his window at the girl next door as if for the very first time
—Jughead narrating[41]
A little part of me always thought-
—Archie, almost confessing his feelings for Betty[11]
Think about what you're asking. If there was even an iota of a chance that something could hurt you in any way, Betty wouldn't do it
—Jughead, to Archie[6]
When I think, Archie, of where I feel safest and most myself, I think of us in a booth at Pop's, but that's not true anymore
I've never been good enough for you. I'll never be good enough for you
—Archie breaks Betty's heart[4]
Actually, to clarify, Betty and Archie aren't dating, but they are endgame
—Kevin to Veronica[4]


carry the torch | ARCHIE ANDREWS
archie's song about him and betty[2]
the girl next door | BOBBY PAGE & THE RIFF-RAFFS
listening to music together as kids[2]
wicked little town (reprise) (cover) | KJ APA & LILI REINHART
betty imagines dancing with archie as they looked at the sophomore dance[39]
the origin of love (cover) | KJ APA & LILI REINHART
archie and betty rehearse and kiss![39]
verso | OK BUTTON
archie and betty text about their kiss[37]
The look[41]
all through the night (cover) | JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS
Betty tells Archie how she feels as they dance[4]
number one | TOVE STYRKE
betty dance around her room celebrating going to the dance w/archie[4]


if you love me | BLAKE NEELY
betty asks archie[4]


Betty and Archie is one of the most popular pairings in the fandom. It no doubt carries the weight of its comic book history, but it actually wasn't very popular at the onset of the series, likely due to the issues with establishing the character of Archie. It did, however, always have a consistent, loyal following and there were people interested throughout the series as a result of the comic book history.[42] Fans campaign for screen time for the two on social media and over the course of Season 2 the fanbase grew steadily vocal, especially after Archie and Betty finally shared a kiss.

It has become one of the biggest ships in the fandom and fans are hoping they will get together soon and be endgame for the series, based both on canon and Archie and Betty's childhood promise. Rumours in 2019 that Season 4 would finally see Archie and Betty find their way back to each other had shippers' hopes high and #BarchieSeason4 was frequently used. The week of Barchie's big kiss, the ship was the 5th most blogged about ship on Tumblr[43] and the following episode 2 weeks later sent them to #11, with no other ships from the show making the Top 20[44]

A segment of fanatic Bughead shippers continuously invade posts related to Archie and Betty's relationship, even from creatives of the show, to harass them or people who like Barchie.[45][46] One entertainment reporter received death threats for liking the pairing and being vocal about it on their tumblr page.[47] Those same fanatic Bughead shippers mock the character of Archie and frequently call for the character to be killed off of the show.



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  • The ship made the Buzzfeed Best TV Moments list[48] twice.[49]
  • Betty and Archie have lived next door to each other since they were 4 years old and always been in the same class at school.




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For a long time, Archie was what Betty wanted. And I don’t think it’s like a switch being flipped, that that just changes.” Archie’s newfound maturity could be a factor, too, he thinks: “Now that he’s a little bit older, a little bit wiser, is he like, ‘Wow, I let this really good thing get away’? And is it too late?” Though he thinks Archie and Veronica “are pretty great together,” the EP warns that, ultimately, “the heart wants what it wants[51]


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