Barisi is the slash ship between Rafael Barba and Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr. from the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fandom.


Barba and Carisi first met when the latter transferred to SVU. Carisi showed interest in becoming a lawyer and shadowed Barba during some of his cases. They became friends, Carisi able to make Barba genuinely laugh in a deleted scene. After Barba left, Carisi continued to study the bar and became the team's new ADA.


The Barisi ship kicked off in Season 16 while Carisi was shadowing Barba. Since then, people have posted about them staring at each other and their similar personalities.

Due to Raúl Esparza (Barba's actor) being bisexual, many people have debated whether Barba is also bi. Nothing was confirmed or denied after his departure, but it is a popular headcanon for the ship.

On AO3, Barisi is the most written ship for both Barba and Carisi. It is also the most written ship in the Law & Order: SVU tag.


Rafael/Dominick tag on AO3
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