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Barrissoka is the femslash ship between Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars fandom.


Return to Genosis


As Ahsoka and Anakin argue, Luminara interrupts them and says that they have a mission to do. She tells her Padawan next to her to introduce herself, and the girls kneels to Ahsoka and introduces herself as Barriss. Ahsoka is off put for a moment, but after some encouragement from Anakin, takes Barriss' hand and introduces herself.

The two girls are the assignment of blowing up the weapons factory, and race off to start their mission. They climb below the bridge and are able to cut themselves an entrance. Ahsoka is about to enter, but Barriss grabs her shoulder and suggests that she goes first since she has the map memorized. Ahsoka lets her and follows behind as they enter.

Inside, the two sneak around when they enter a sleeping chamber full of Genosians. Ahsoka says that they have to find a different way, but Barriss says that they don't have time. It's the fastest way. Ahsoka says that she might be wrong, but Barriss just says to trust her and they start to make their way through. A genosian moves in their sleep and grabs Barriss. She quietly calls for Ahsoka, and Ahsoka turns back, helping her get free before they make their way forward.

They end up hitting a dead end, Ahsoka saying that if they make a wrong turn, they'll never get out. Ahsoka asks if she remembers the way, and Barriss assures that she does. Barriss see's a light coming from above, and realizes that it's meant to be up. She hops up a level and Ahsoka follows.

They get into the factory and head towards the main control room. Once there, they plant the bombs, and start to make their way out, when a group of genosians enters. They attack the two while getting rid of the bombs, and Ahsoka and Barriss pull out their lightsabers to fight. Ahsoka ends up getting knocked out, leaving Barriss to fight the tank.

Barriss is able to stop the droid just as Ahsoka comes to consciousness. She hops into the tank and Barriss tells her that the genosians took the bombs. Ahsoka asks what they're going to do now, but Barriss doesn't know. Ahsoka suggests that the tank could take out the generator, and them along with it. Barriss thinks that it's their only choice. Ahsoka calls Anakin and tells him that they won't be leaving with them. The two girls share a nod, and fire on the generator, blowing up the factory. Getting trapped inside the debris.

Inside the tank, Ahsoka and Barriss light up their sabers. Barriss how deep they're probably buried, but Ahsoka thinks it's better not to think about. She asks Barriss to hand over a power cell, and trades her it for her lightsaber. Barriss hopes that what Ahsoka's doing works, and Ahsoka tells her not to worry. Anakin taught her a few tricks a might be able to get her communicator working. Barriss says that what happens to them doesn't matter, their sacrafice will save counteless lives. Ahsoka says she's about to save two more and gets the communicator working. The two start to run out of air and hold hands as they wait for a possible rescue.

Ahsoka hears a noise, and realizes that someone is digging for them. A large piece of debris moves, and the two crawl their way out. They reunite with their master, and Luminara tells Barriss that she did well. Barriss thanks her but says that if it weren't for Ahsoka, they'd still be down there.


After being informed that they need to make a supply run to help Mace Windu, Anakin suggests that they let Barriss and Ahsoka handle it while the other Jedi get the separatist general to Couresaunt. Ahsoka says that she's happy to help, and Barriss says the same. Obi-Wan tells them to take a medical ship and that they'll meet them on the way back.

Ahsoka attempts to sleep, but is extremely restless. Barriss senses this and asks what's going on. Ahsoka just says that the quiet is different from the battlefield, but Barriss says that she should enjoy the peace. Ahsoka can't and suggest they go eat. The two then walk down to the mess hall.

In the mess hall, Ahsoka thinks on Barriss' words and admits that she's unsure how she would be able to enjoy the peace with her path as a Jedi. Barriss says that Jedi are keepers of the peace, and when the war is over it'll be their job to do that. Ahsoka asks if they would be doing that as peace keepers or warrior, and what the difference is. Barriss doesn't know, like Ahsoka, she's still a padawan and asks what Anakin tells Ahsoka. Ahsoka says that Barriss would find Anakin's idea of the future radical, he does what needs to be done, and she's unsure if peacetime will agree with him.

Some troopers open the door to the mess hall, and Ahsoka asks if the two want to join them. They don't say anything and Ahsoka starts to suspect that something is wrong when they start firing on the two. Barriss and Ahsoka use the table as cover, and are able to knock out the clones. Two more clones then enter, and Barriss and Ahsoka pull their lightsabers on them. Trap asks what they're doing, and Ahsoka says that two clones attacked them. Barriss asks if he knows what happened, but Trap doesn't know. Barriss asks why they should believe them, and the clones put down their weapons to prove they're on their side. Ahsoka and Barriss sheathe the sabers, and Barriss doesn't think that they would attack without reason. Ahsoka suggests that maybe that they were paid off by the sith, but Barriss doesn't think it's that simple. They try to comm the bridge, but when there's no response, Ahsoka says that they need to go up on their own. Barriss says that the clones will be waking up any minute, and Trap says that the other clone can watch them, and the three head up to the bridge.

As they reach the bridge, and energy shield pops up. Barriss attempts to overide it when Trap pulls a gun on her. They fight and Barriss realizes that he's been infected by brain worms. She kills Trap, but the worm gets onto her face. She yells to get it off of her and flings it, Ahsoka cutting it in half with her saber. Ahsoka asks what it is, and Barriss guesses that it's a parasite that was controlling their actions. Ahsoka says that explains everything, and wonders how they got onboard. Barriss suggests that they were infected on Genosis, and Ahsoka says that they have to quarantine the ship. The two then rush off to contact Fisto about what's going on.

They turn a corner and hear someone speaking Genosian. They peak into a cargo bay and see several clones holding a worm near another clone. Ahsoka says that they need to help him, but he gets infected before they have a chance. They're spotted by another clone, and are shot at getting pushed into the room. They then fight the infected clones, and have to take cover. Ahsoka notices the vent and suggests that they head up there. The two leap in and are able to escape. Barriss tells Ahsoka to warn Fisto while she goes to stop the thrusters. Ahsoka isn't sure, and thinks they should stay together. Barriss agrees, but they can't afford to do that right now. One of them has to succeed, and Barriss knows that Ahsoka will do what must be done. Ahsoka understand and says that she'll see her soon as they head off in opposite direction.

Ahsoka finishes her transmission when she see's Barriss come into the room. She asks if she was successful, but when Barriss doesn't say anything she realizes Barriss is being controlled by the Brain Worms. Barriss starts to break through the systems, and Ahsoka yells at her to stop. She says that she's her friend and tells her to snap out of the mind control, but Barriss just pulls out her lightsaber and the two fight. Ahsoka begs her to fight the control, but Barriss still doesn't wake up. Ahsoka kicks her and is able to use the moments to get away.

Ahsoka races down the hall with Barriss fast on her heals. Barriss force pushes Ahsoka against a wall, but Ahsoka is able to get her saber out before Barriss can strike. She's able to get up and continue their fight, before getting the upper-hand and escaping into the vents.

After Ahsoka ruptures the coolant system to destory the worms, Barriss finds her and chases her into the vents. Ahsoka makes it to the bridge and contacts the medical station, when Barriss appears behind her. She is able to dodge her attack, and the two start to fight. Ahsoka gets the upper-hand, but Barriss breaks through enough to tell her to kill her instead of letting the worms be free. Ahsoka says that she can't, and Barriss attacks her, the worm squirming out of her mouth. Ahsoka then pulls out her saber and is able to kill the worm. When Fisto enters the bridge, he finds Ahsoka holding a passed out Barriss in her arms.

Ahsoka wakes up in the medical bay, and Anakin calms her down. She asks about Barriss, and Anakin assures her that she's fine thanks to Ahsoka. Ahsoka tells him that when they were on the ship, Barriss was gone, but wanted her to kill her, but she couldn't. She questions if she should have, since it could have all gone wrong. Anakin says that Barriss knew Ahsoka would have saved thousands of lives if the worms were destroyed, which she thought meant killing her as well. But Ahsoka did the right thing, and Barriss would probably agree with her decision. As Anakin leaves, Ahsoka gives a smile to a sleeping Barriss on the other side of the room.

Rogue Jedi


At the Jedi funeral, Ahsoka stands beside Barriss and asks if she was close with one of them. Barriss says that she trained with Tutso Mara. After the funeral the two along with Anakin and Tarkin walk through the halls and discuss Letta's crimes. Ahsoka doesn't understand why Letta is now a republic prisoner, and should be dealt with by the Jedi. Anakin reminds her that revenge isn't the Jedi way, and Barriss says that the evidence against Letta is pretty clear but it won't change what happened. She says good bye to the others, and Anakin encourages Ahsoka to comfort her friend.

Ahsoka follows Barriss and asks if she wants company, and Barriss agrees. Ahsoka admits that when she thinks of their situation she feels conflicted. It's hard to not let her feelings turn into attachment and pain. Barriss asks if she thinks it was right to ignore her emotions, but Ahsoka took Anakin's advice on moving past them. Barriss thinks Ahsoka makes is seem easy, but Ahsoka says that it isn't. It is possible though, just like when they did their best to not be afraid on Genosis. They'll get past this as well. Barriss says that Ahsoka has a way of seeing things clearly, but Ahsoka says that she must have fooled her as much as she has everyone else. She gets a call to meet Anakin, and is about to head off but stops for a moment. She tells her that Letta is gonna pay for what she did, but Barriss just tells her not to keep Anakin waiting and they bow in goodbye.


Sneaking through the lower levels, Ahsoka calls Barriss. Barriss is glad that she's safe, and asks where she is. Ahsoka can't tell her, she just knows that someone is trying to frame her. Barriss says that it's not safe to use the Jedi communicator, and Ahsoka needs to find a different way to get in touch. She'll look for some way to help her in the meantime. Ahsoka thanks her, and Barriss tells her to be safe before signing off.

Ventress takes Ahsoka to a terminal where she calls Barriss. Barriss appears on the hologram, and says that it's good to see her. She asks if Ahsoka is okay, and Ahsoka says she's only okay if having Anakin and the clones following her a good place to be. Barriss asks if she was almost captured and Ahsoka says that it was once or twice, but she's fine. Barriss believes that she found out that there was a warehouse that Letta visited where she got the nano-droids. Ahsoka asks how she found it out, but Barriss just says that she did some checking. Ahsoka thanks her, and Barriss tells her to be careful and signs off.

As Ahsoka searches the warehouse, she is suddenly attacked by a cloaked figure. She believes it is Ventress, but unknown to her is Barriss. The two fight, going through the warehouse. Ahsoka asks why she was brought there, but is given know answers as they fight. Ahsoka is then knocked into the lower levels where she finds boxes of nano-droids, and the clones captured her, Barriss framing her for the crime.


Anakin walks in to the court proceedings and reveals that Barriss was the one who did all the crimes that Ahsoka is accused of. Ahsoka is shocked and asks if that's really true. Barriss admits her crimes, and Ahsoka becomes disappointed.


Return to Genosis

Weapons Factory

  • Barriss asks Luminara what she means by "again" for Anakin and Ahsoka fighting.
  • Ahsoka says that Barriss will keep her on task.
  • Ahsoka allows Barriss to lead the way.
  • Barriss and Ahsoka share a smile over Ahsoka's quick thinking.
  • Barriss and Ahsoka trade jabs about starving and suffocating.

Legacy of Terror

  • Barriss and Ahsoka are taken to the ship for medical treatment.

Brain Invaders

  • Ahsoka and Barriss join the other jedi as the prepare to leave Genonis.
  • Ahsoka stands beside Barriss as she tells Fisto that they're on the way.


Grievous Intrigue

  • Ahsoka and Barriss lead the younglings away from the council meeting.

Rogue Jedi

To Catch a Jedi

  • Barriss asks where Ahsoka is.

The Wrong Jedi

  • Barriss lies about her conversation with Ahsoka.
  • Anakin is affronted by Barriss' betrayal, since Ahsoka trusted her.

Star Wars: Ahsoka

  • Ahsoka thinks back to Barriss' betrayal.


On AO3, Barrissoka is the most written ship for Barriss and the fourth most written ship for Ahsoka. It is also the tenth most written ship in the Star Wars the Clone Wars (2008) tag.



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