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Barrissoka is the femslash ship between Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee from the Star Wars fandom.


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Barriss and Ahsoka first meet in the Clone Wars episode "Weapons Factory" where they form the beginning of a close friendship as they almost die while trying to blow up a separatist weapons factory.

Shortly after they are faced with a mind-controlling space worm in the episode "Brain Invaders", where Barriss gets possessed by one of the worms. They discover that cold seems to be the only thing able to stop the worms. Affected by the cold Barriss gains her free will back for a moment and begs Ahsoka to kill her to stop her from attacking her and the Infection from spreading even further. Ahsoka isn't able to do this though, but she manages to kill the worm as it tries to possess her too. At the end of the episode they are found unconscious in each other's arms and transported to a medical facility.


On AO3 it is the most written ship for Barriss and the third most written ship for Ahsoka. It is also the eighth most written ship in the Star Wars the Clone Wars (2008) tag.



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