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Barry Allen is the protagonist from the The Flash fandom.


Barry lives a happy life with his mother and father in Central City until he is 11 years old. One night, a strange man appears in his house in a blur and murders his mother. Barry's father is framed for the murder and sent to prison for life. Little Barry knows he saw something, but adults around him are unconvinced. Kind-hearted CCPD Detective Joe West takes in Barry, who is best friends with his daughter, Iris, and raises Barry like he was his own son.



Balinda — the ship between Barry and Linda Park
Barricity — the ship between Barry and Felicity Smoak
Laurry — the ship between Laurel Lance and Barry
QuickFlash — the ship between Jesse Wells and Barry
Snowbarry — the ship between Caitlin Snow and Barry
Spallen — the ship between Barry and Patty Spivot
SuperFlash — the ship between Kara Zor-El and Barry
Theallen — the ship between Thea Queen and Barry
Westallen - the ship between Iris West and Barry


Allenbert — the ship between Barry and Julian Desmond
Allenwood — the ship between Barry and Nate Heywood
Barrison — the ship between Harry Wells and Barry
Bartley — the ship between Barry and Hartley Rathaway
ColdFlash — the ship between Leonard Snart and Barry
DiggleBarry — the ship between John Diggle and Barry
Flashatom — the ship between Barry and Ray Palmer
Flashvibe — the ship between Cisco Ramon and Barry
Flashwave — the ship between Barry and Mick Rory
Olivarry — the ship between Barry and Oliver Queen
Schallen — the ship between Winn Schott and Barry
Thallen — the ship between Barry and Eddie Thawne
Walarry — the ship between Wally West and Barry


Snowbarrisco — the ship between Barry, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon


Barriscowest — the ship between Barry, Cisco Ramon and Iris West
Coldflashwave — the ship between Leonard Snart, Barry, and Mick Rory


West Family — the ship between Barry Allen, Joe, Iris and Wally West


Iris West

Main article: Westallen

Patty Spivot

Main article: Spallen

Linda Park

Main article: Balinda

Felicity Smoak

Main article: Barricity

Barry treks to Starling City following a mysterious occurrence and meets Oliver, Diggle, Lance and Felicity. He and Felicity hit it off immediately, with her smitten by Barry's sweet, awkward nature and scientific knowledge. She asks him to be her date for a party at Oliver Queen's mansion and they almost share a kiss, until Barry backs out at the last second. When Oliver's poisoned, Felicity and Diggle elicit Barry's help to save his life and he does. They part with an air of possibility, but once Barry returns home he's struck by lightning. While he's in a coma, Felicity meets and is in contact with Caitlin and Cisco about Barry's condition. Once he wakes, Felicity comes to Central City and they go on a date, but find that they're both in love with other people, in spite of liking each other as well. They share a kiss and decide to become friends instead. They remain good friends and allies in their super-heroics.


Leonard Snart

Main article: ColdFlash

Oliver Queen

Main article: Olivarry

Caitlin Snow

Main article: Snowbarry

Kara Zor-El

Main article: SuperFlash

Harry Wells

Main article: Barrison



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4274 ColdFlash Leonard Snart slash
3027 Westallen Iris West het
1594 Olivarry Oliver Queen slash
849 Snowbarry Caitlin Snow het
745 Flashvibe Cisco Ramon slash
509 Eobarry Eowells slash
403 Coldflashwave Snart • Mick slash
379 Heatflash Mick Rory slash
348 Thallen Eddie Thawne slash
234 SuperFlash Kara Danvers het


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