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Bashter is the poly ship between Beauregard, Yasha Nydoorin and Jester Lavorre from the Critical Role fandom.


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Zemnian Nights

Beau and Jester wake up to see Yasha staring out to the storm outside. Beaus says she looks scary at night, which Yashs gets a lot. Jester sits down nets to her and starts to show her the drawings of the rat balloons in her sketch book, making her smile. Yasha compliments the drawings and says that she could never draw. Jester offers to draw her, but Yasha just pulls away and looks to the storm. She suggests that Jester get some sleep, which Jester agrees to, just as Beau asks if she's alright. She nods, and returns to her mditation as Beau and Jester sleep.

The next morning, Beau and Jester see that Yasha is now gone. Beau suggests that she was a ghost the whole time, while Jester suggests that the lightning exploded her. Beau calls that metal, but Jester offers that she walked off at lost her memories. Beau things that is a possibility, but feels that Yasha probably just went off to do Yasha stuff. Jester agrees, and both decide to ask Molly and head downstairs.

Jester and Beau tell Molly that Yasha left after starring at the storm. Beau asks if Yasha sleeps, which Molly says she does. Beau thinks it's creepy, but also hot. Jester feels like she's protected and safe, which Beau kinda agrees with. Beau says that she's mysterious, but Molly assures her that she's good, just going through some personal stuff.


Curious Beginnings

  • Jester and Beau warn Yasha away from the Baumbach.
  • Beau and Jester try to get Yasha to let them keep their weapons.
  • Beau overhears Yasha say that she likes Jester.
  • Yasha and Beau stop Jester from getting taken by the crownsguard.


A rarer pair, many fans enjoy the characters dynamics and want them to interact more. Most of their interactions happen one on one and rarely between the three of them, so fans appreciate those. Fans typically draw on a more fanon basis, or one on one interactions for the pairing.

The ship gained some more canon based fans after Ashley's return allowed for more Yasha interaction between the other members of the Mighty Nein. Many will cite the conversation they had on the boat in 98 as the start of the three potentially ending up in a relationships.

The ship name seems to have originated from this comic by lesbianlinkle on Tumblr, in which Beau, Jester, and Yasha try to come up with a team name by mashing all their names together.

On AO3, Bashter is the most written poly ship in the Critical Role tag.



Jester/Beau/Yasha tag on AO3


Beaujester refers to the ship between Beauregard and Jester
Beauyasha refers to the ship between Beauregard and Yasha
Yashter refers to the ship between Yasha and Jester


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