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Bashwing is the het ship between Bash and Flashwing from the Skylanders fandom.


Bash was the first Skylanders to meet Flashwing. Flashwing first came to Skylands when Bash wished he could fly, when a shooting star came from the sky right at Bash' direction and Flashwing came from the inside. Bash instantly fell in love with the gem dragon. Flashwing, however, couldn't tell if Bash was an ally or enemy, she attacked him, causing him to fly a short distance.

Some time after the incident, Flashwing became a member of the Skylanders. Flashwing has since apologized for attacking Bash, but he still keeps his distance for him, just to be safe. In Skylanders Universe: The Complete Collection, it is revealed that Flashwing has feelings for Bash but due to her proud nature, she is unlikely to admit it.

Bash and Flashwing are both dragon Skylanders of the Earth element. The two can appear together in every game starting with Flashwing's debut, Skylanders: Giants, if played in co-op mode, although the same is true for any pair of Skylanders.


Due to its semi-canon status, Bashwing is one of the most popular pairings in Skylanders. Bashwing is also one of the rare cases of a Skylanders ship having a well-known ship name.

On AO3, the pairing is the third most written ship in the Skylanders fandom (behind Stealthslinger and Spynder), as well as the only ship for both characters. On both AO3 and FanFiction, the ship currently has 5 fanworks.

Bashwing has some popularity on DeviantArt as well. An example of fanart is Flashwing and Bash by TheLeatherDragonI with over 70 favorites and multiple commenters also mention supporting the pairing. DeviantArt user oogaboogaz made a comic starring the two called Bash gets his Flashwing, which shows Bash and Flashwing's first meeting and the two teaming up afterwards.

In the fanon game idea Skylanders: Teamwork (both the original and the version by Lion's Eye), Bash and Flashwing appear as a teamwork type Skylander. They have a Valentine's Day variant called Love Bash and Flashwing, implying the two are a couple. In the original version, Quigley also calls Bash and Flashwing true lovers.



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  • Bash is the first dragon of the Earth element while Flashwing is the second dragon of the Earth element. Flashwing's introduction made Earth the first element to get two dragon Skylanders.
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