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BatCat is the het ship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle from the DC Comics and Gotham fandoms.



Batman 66

In "Batman Vs. Two Face", Batman is visiting Catwoman in her cell and reading her poetry. It is stated he has been doing this for a while and he admits she is never far from his thoughts and he eagerly awaits for her sentence to be up. Months later, when Batman has to skip out on his visit to her, she gets annoyed and breaks out. Later, when Two Face is auctioning a captured Batman and Robin to supervillains, Catwoman steps in and helps fight them off. Batman thanks her for helping them and asks her to turn herself in. After Batman deals with Two Face, Commissioner Gordon tells him that Catwoman never turned herself in and while he's frustrated at the news, he is still grateful for her help. At the end of the movie, Batman is being auctioned off for a date and Catwoman is there bidding at the auction, which Batman blushes at.

TV Shows


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On the night young Bruce lost his parents, Selina had witnessed the tragedy that changed him from the shadows. A few days later when Selina met Jim Gordon and didn't want to be "put away", she lies about seeing the killer's face clearly to her own advantage. Because Gordon believes Selina and knew that the Waynes' killer would come after her, he asks Bruce to allow Selina to stay in his manor for the time. Believing that Selina will be able to help Jim bring justice to his parents and had not long learned what kids like Selina are going through on the street, he welcomes her into his home.


Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

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The film takes place in a Victoria London version of Gotham, during the time of its Autumn of Terror. As both Batman and Selina Kyle make it their mission to find and stop Jack the Ripper from terrorising Gotham. Shortly after Selina and a group of Nunes ask the police why they haven't caught the killer yet, Bruce Wayne arrives at the open of the World's Fair. After Bruce clams things down, Selina smiles at him before he leaves the opening, as she could see that he is a man who cares about Gotham and the women that Jack has been targeting. Later during night fall, as Selina faces Jack the Ripper on her own, Batman comes to her aid even though she never wanted his help, but was glad that he answered her request for him to not walk her home.

In order to keep up his appearance as Bruce Wayne, during night hours, he agrees to go see Selina's show with a friend who knows her. Selina's song allows Bruce to learn a things about her, which he later asks her about after the show when he brings her to his men only club. Where he lends her his hat and cap to help Selina pass for a man. As they talked, Bruce learns that the Sister who took him in as a child had told Selina a few things about him, from when she was under her care as well.

Batman Ninja

As Batman fights Gorilla Grodd, Catwoman took advantage of the chaos to steal Grodd's new machine and when Batman notices her next to it he tells Catwoman to stay away from the Quake Engine, but it was too as it sends all three of them to Feudal Japan. For some reason Selina and the others were sent back two years before Batman is transported into the past. Which might be due to Grodd delaying him in their battle. In those two years, Selina came across Alfred, who was also sent into the past with them and stuck together while learning all that they about Gotham City's top criminals who have become feudal lords after deceiving the Sengoku daimyō, as they battle each other until only one of them remains. Selina informs Batman of this once they found each other, while looking at the events that led to all of them being transported into the past, and because of the two along years that Selina spent trapped in the Feudal era of Japan she teams up with Batman in hopes that they'll be able to return home together.

After they found the rest of Batman's allies and joined the Bat Clan for help in their goal to stop Gothem's criminals, Catwoman's longing to return back to their home time, however, has her betraying Batman by siding with Gordd after he tricks him. While Catwoman waits for Grodd to set events that would allow her to return home, Bruce realizes that in order to defeat his enemies and get all of them back to their own time, he'll need to start playing by the rules of the timeline and country they were all brought to. When Catwoman learns that Grodd has no intention to return her back to the future, and with Joker and Harley Quinn kicking them out of the castle as they steal the show from Grodd, Batman notices that Catwoman and Grodd are in trouble and flights to their rescue. Despite Catwoman's actions, Batman allows her to aid him and the others as they storm the merged robotic castles. Once all of Gothem's criminals were defeated and the Quake Engine is repaired, Batman, Catwoman and the others were finally sent back home, where Catwoman doesn't end up being one of the criminals that Batman and his Robins turn over to the police. As Bruce makes his way to the Mayor's party, Selina sells an item that she brought back with her.

Batman: Hush

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Arkham Series

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Batman: The Telltale Series

In "Episode 1: Realm of Shadows", Bruce and Selina first meet in costume when Selina is robbing the mayor's office. After Batman deals with some goons, he gives chase to Catwoman who stole a data drive. Batman manages to retrieve the drive but not before the two fight where he gives Catwoman a black eye. After he stuns her, he is forced to catch her when she is falling from the building and when she comes to she uses the opportunity to scratch him and use one of his grappling guns to escape.

Later, when Bruce goes to talk to Harvey about the police plundering his house, Selina is there and they recognize each other (Bruce recognizes her because of her black eye and Selina recognizes him because of the scratch marks on his cheek). They speak obtusely about each other until Harvey steps away to use the phone, then start grilling each other with questions. If you have Bruce ask about her relationship with Harvey, she says she's just toying with him and if you have Bruce apologize for the black she'll say it isn't the first time she was hit by a man, which Bruce will also express sympathies for. Whether or not your forceful or softer in your dialogue, Selina gives Bruce the location of the drop off point for the data drive so Bruce can handle the people who hired her.

In "Episode 2: Children of Arkham", Bruce learns that Penguin plans to kill Selina for failing to hold up her end of the bargain so Bruce goes to help her. While speaking with her at the Stacked Deck, if you say the option "We'll fight this together", Bruce will say that he'll help her and that he's not going anywhere and if you say "I need your help" Bruce will instead say "I need you Selina". Regardless of what you say, Penguins thugs show up for Selina and she and Bruce beat them senseless. Afterwards, they stop in an ally and you have the option have Bruce try to kiss her, but if you pick it Selina will stop Bruce as he leans in.

Later, when Batman is trying to stop Penguin and his men at the mayoral debate, Catwoman shows up to return the favor for helping fight off Penguins goons. While taking out the Penguins thugs at the debate hall, you have the option to have Batman have Catwoman take out one of the thugs in a brawl. Batman and Catwoman then continue into the main hall to rescue, among others, Harvey and Mayor Hill. During the fight with Penguin you are given the option to either help Catwoman fend off three armed thugs or save Harvey from Penguin. If you go to help Catwoman, Batman will save her from getting shot at the cost of half of Harvey's face getting burned off and Selina will wake up in Wanye Manor and smile as Bruce takes her hand. If you go to help Harvey, Batman will save him from receiving the facial scars, but as a result Catwoman will be shot in the shoulder and run off with out a trace.

In "Episode 3: New World Order", if you helped Catwoman in the previous episode, Bruce and Selina will be at the hospital to visit Harvey and Selina will ask why Bruce chose to help her and not Harvey, to which you can Bruce reply "I care about you". Before entering the room Selina will decide she can't see Harvey like this, especially since she is partly to blame for his condition, and leave, giving Bruce flowers for Harvey. If you chose to help Harvey, the episode cuts strait to Bruce entering Harvey's room and the flowers are just from Bruce. Either way, Selina doesn't show up again until Batman investigates the Children of Arkham's hideout at the Sky Train Depot.

At the Depot, Batman will see Catwoman being lead around by Lady Arkham and you can have Batman give her the benefit of the doubt and tell Alfred that he thinks they are forcing her to help them. Then when Lady Arkham grabs Catwoman and demands Batman surrender, you can have Batman say he surrenders to which Catwoman will then break free and be slightly annoyed that he felt the need to do that or you can have Batman say he knows the plans and will stop them and then he'll throw a batarang at Lady Arkham allowing Catwoman to run free and she'll thank him for. A few minutes later, Catwoman will throw Batman her catclaw gadget to help fight Lady Arkham. While Batman does stop the Children of Arkham's plans, he is electrocuted and Catwoman helps him escape.

Selina takes Bruce back to her apartment and begins to tend to his wounds and Bruce can thank her for her help. Selina then tells him that he needs to be more careful, which Bruce can agree with or shrug off. Selina will then tell Bruce to spend the night in her apartment. During their conversation, Selina says she is nothing more than a thief and Bruce has the option to tell her "That's what I like about you" or "There's more to you than that". Then Selina will question why she even does what she does considering all that she has gotten out of it a crappy apartment by herself, to which Bruce can say "Your not alone" or "I like it here". When Selina lays her head on Bruce, can choose to kiss her on her forehead. Selina then begins to kiss Bruce. If Bruce choose to keep kissing her, the two of them will head to the bedroom and have sex.

If Bruce slept with Selina, he has the option tell Alfred "She's wonderful" when he calls the next morning, to which Alfred will correctly guess that Bruce is smiling. Regardless of whether or not Bruce and Selina slept together, Harvey will come to Selina's apartment the next morning and will believe that they slept together. After Harvey has a mental breakdown, Selina will realize it's not safe for her to stay in her apartment, to which Bruce can offer to let her stay at Wayne Manor.

In "Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham", if you had Selina stay at Wayne Manor, she talk with Bruce about how she doesn't feel safe in Gotham with Harvey out of control and that she is gonna leave. If you choose to sleep with her, she mention that it was fun before she leaves.


BatCat is one of the oldest, longest lasting, and widest spanning ships in DC Comics. While Bruce has had many love interests over the years none of them has stuck around as long as Selina has. The ship sailed in modern comics primarily due to the story Batman: Hush bring attention to the pairing once again after years of shifting popularity. While they did break up at the end that story, the pairing remained extremely popular up till the New 52 reboot and even continuing into the New 52 as they were depicted as on again off again lovers. The pair's popularity soared once more after they began dating again in DC Rebirth which lead to many fans being angered when the wedding was called off in Batman Vol 3 #50 (although it was alleviated somewhat when they got back together). It is primarily rivaled by Superbat and WonderBat. The pairing has 2110 fanfics on AO3.

On the Gotham side of the fandom, BatCat is both very popular and practically uncontested, as Bruce's only other love interest was Silver St. Cloud, who was spying on him for her uncle Theo Galavan. BatCat sailed in Gotham after Bruce and Selina got along well together when she was hiding at his house.



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  • Bruce Wayne first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in March 30, 1939 while Selina Kyle appeared one year later in the very first issue of Batman.
  • In Batman: The Telltale Series 79.3% of players chose to try to kiss Selina.
    • Also 63.5% of players chose to save Selina over Harvey.
    • Also 89.8% of players choose to have sex with Selina.


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