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Batfrost is the femslash ship between Caitlin Snow and Kate Kane from the Arrowverse fandom.


Caitlin and Kate meet in Gotham in Autumn 2018, when Caitlin travels there with Kara, Barry, Oliver, Cisco and Diggle to find John Deegan, the man responsible for rewriting reality. Batwoman follows them to Arkham Asylum, in order to prevent any kind of chaos from affecting the fragile state of Gotham City. While Kara and Caitlin try to enter the asylum with a cover story, Oliver and Diggle confront Deegan who lets all the patients at Arkham loose. Caitlin and Kara go to help stave off the outbreak and Caitlin happens upon a patient who shoots her with a massive cold gun.

Caitlin's temporarily knocked out and awakes to see Oliver and Barry fighting one another in an obviously hallucinogenic state. Caitlin calls for back-up, but suddenly sees a masked woman with red hair break up the fight. As the only lucid person, Caitlin looks at Batwoman in wonder and exclaims "who the hell are you?". As Barry and Oliver come to, Batwoman explains the source of their hallucinations. Outside Arkham, Batwoman curtly tells them they should've listened to Kate Kane's warnings not to stir up trouble. Batwoman asks them all to leave, especially stern after Barry asks if they can hitch a ride in the Batmobile, which amuses Caitlin. They all part ways and return to Star City, unaware of the identity of Gotham City's superhero, but seemingly impressed.[1]


Though Kanvers was the major ship to come out of the Elseworlds crossover, Caitlin was the only other female character to interact with Batwoman which had Caitlin Snow fans excited. Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) also previewed working with Ruby Rose (Kate Kane) leading up to the crossover, getting people excited to see Batwoman and Frost interact. Although their interaction is brief, the fandom loved to see Supergirl, Batwoman and Frost all being awesome superheroes in the crossover.



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Notes and references

  1. Elseworlds — Part 2 (709)


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