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Baysabi is the non-binary ship between Wasabi and Baymax from the Big Hero 6 fandom.



Baymax was built by Wasabi's friend, Tadashi Hamada, as his project; as well as to help him in his goal of helping people. He didn't have much interaction with Baymax until the robot contacted Wasabi and the rest of Hiro's friends to help him through his grief, which gets Wasabi to drive Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon and Fred to Baymax and Hiro at the docks, where they learn about Yokai and were chased throughout the city until Wasabi's car ends up in the bay. Baymax removes the armour Hiro made for "him" so the robot could flow Wasabi and the others to the surface, where "he" scans them for any injures and notices that their body temperatures are low. After Baymax warms Wasabi and the others at Fred's house, where Wasabi agrees to shush back his fears as he and the others help Baymax and Hiro bring Yokai to justice, in Tadashi's memory. As he was Wasabi's friend and Baymax's creator.

When it was time to face Yokai, after testing the gear and armour that Hiro has made them for their self set task, Wasabi clutches Baymax's left arm for dear life, due to his fear of heights as the robot flies him and the others to Yokai's location. After Hiro orders Baymax to "destroy" Callaghan Wasabi tries to stops Baymax from doing so with Go Go and Fred, until Honey Lemon was able to retrieve Baymax's healthcare chip, that allows Baymax to be "his" caring self. Realizing the pain and fear "he" has caused them in "his" ruthless state, before regaining "his" senses and caring nature, Baymax apologies for "his" actions towards Wasabi and the others. Shortly after Hiro gets Baymax to leave Wasabi and the others on the island, and before they got off it themselves, they were about to look through the rest of the footage they saw earlier and download it onto a memory drive, so they can show it to Baymax and a much calmer Hiro. After they realize what had caused Callaghan to become Yokai they race to stop him before anymore people could get hurt.

After Baymax saves Hiro, Wasabi was able to find "a new angle" to help him get out of his predicament, and rejoins Baymax and the others. Since their original plan didn't work the last two times, they begin to focus on the microbots as Baymax takes them out in the air with Hiro while Wasabi and the others faces them on the ground, without Callaghan's knowledge from focusing all of his attention on Baymax and Hiro. Even though they were able to defeat Callaghan, Baymax's scanner picks up the life reading of Abigail Callaghan and goes in with Hiro to save her, while Wasabi and the others waited for their return with worry as the portal is about to destroy itself; and Wasabi was the first to notice that Baymax wasn't with Hiro and Abigail when they made it out without "him". Because of this, Wasabi had believed that Baymax was gone for good, until Hiro finds the robot's healthcare chip and builds Baymax a new body. Since then, Wasabi, Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6 continue to protect the city as a superhero team.

TV Series

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In "Killer App", Wasabi and Baymax join Hiro and Fred at Noodle Burger where they meet Noodle Burger Boy. After words Baymax watches Wasabi as he helps Hiro to build a mech to clean space debris and tries to help the two work together. When Wasabi's hand got dirty from high fiving Hiro's hand, Baymax cleans it for him. Due to Wasabi fighting with Hiro, a reprogramed Noodle Burger Boys kidnaps Baymax and steals their mech, knowing that their fighting was the reason that Baymax is in trouble, Wasabi switches suits and gear with Hiro so they can save their robotic friend.


While the non-binary is less popular than Hiromax, Gomax and Honeymax in the Big Hero 6 fandom, it still has a loyal following. Since Baymax's programing has the robot keeping Wasabi healthy and dirt free.



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  • In the Big Hero 6: the Series short, "Baymax and Wasabi", he teaches Baymax how to do yoga.


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