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Bayzilla is the non-binary ship between Fred and Baymax from the Big Hero 6 fandom.



Baymax was built by Fred's friend, Tadashi Hamada, as his project; as well as to help him in his goal of helping people. While Fred's is to become a fire breathing lizard at will. He didn't have much interaction with Baymax until the robot contacted him and the rest of Hiro's friends to help him through his grief at the docks, where Fred as eager to take Baymax's grief healing advice like they were about to do a talking and sharing circle, before he and the others learn about Yokai and were chased throughout the city until Wasabi's car end up in the bay. Baymax removes the armour Hiro made for "him" so the robot could flow Fred and the others to the surface, where "he" scans them for any injures and notices that their body temperatures are low. So Fred brings them to the safety of his house, where Baymax harms Fred and the others back to health, as Fred rests his body on the robot like "he" is a warm huggable marshmallow, before he and the others promise Hiro that they'll help him and Baymax bring Yokai to juristic by becoming a superhero team. Which excites Fred, since a fanboy becoming a superhero is a dream come true and gets to do it with his friends as his teammates.

When it was time to face Yokai, after testing the gear and armour that Hiro has made them for their self set task, Baymax carries Fred with "his" right arm as Fred actions like a superhero who has the power of flight, beside Wasabi who is clutches Baymax's left arms while the other three members ride of Baymax's back. After Hiro orders Baymax to "destroy" Callaghan Fred tries to stops Baymax from doing so with Go Go and Wasabi, until Honey Lemon was able to retrieve Baymax's healthcare chip, that allows Baymax to be "his" caring self. Realizing the pain and fear "he" has caused them in "his" ruthless state, like throwing Fred off his back and onto the ground, before regaining "his" senses and caring nature, Baymax helps Fred back onto his feet before "he" apologies for "his" actions. While Hiro get Baymax to leave the rest of the team on the island, and before Fred helps to get them off the island as well, they were able to copy the footage they earlier saw onto a memory drive, which they show Baymax and a much calmer Hiro. After they realize what had caused Callaghan to become Yokai, as Fred states that Yokai's story is one of revenge, they race to stop him before anymore people could get hurt.

After Baymax saves Hiro, Fred was able to find "a new angle" to help him get out of his predicament, and rejoins Baymax and the others. Since their original plan didn't work the last two times, they begin to focus on the microbots as Baymax takes them out in the air with Hiro while Fred and the others faces them on the ground, without Callaghan's knowledge from focusing all of his attention on Baymax and Hiro. Even though they were able to defeat Callaghan, Baymax's scanner picks up the life reading of Abigail Callaghan and goes in with Hiro to save her, while Fred and the others waited for their return with worry as the portal is about to destroy itself; and Baymax was the only one who didn't make it out. Fred had believed that Baymax was gone for good, until Hiro finds the robot's healthcare chip and builds Baymax a new body. Since then, Fred, Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6 continue to protect the city as a superhero team.

TV Series

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After the team save the city and Fred tries to convince them to continue Big Hero 6, he learns that Hiro has found Baymax's healthcare chip and is building their robotic friend a new body, but it wondered into the hands of Yama; before Fred uncovers this fact. So he agrees to help Hiro get Baymax's new body back, as long as they don't brake the law to do so.

After going on a stakeout at the San Fransokyo Museum of Art, in "Failure Mode", both Baymax and Fred step into the world of art and have tried a hand of it. As Fred gets phrases for the half melted water fountain his flames created into a piece of art in the museum, Baymax looks at its many pieces as Honey Lemon help Baymax to gain an artistic view on them.


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While the non-binary is less popular than Hiromax, Gomax and Honeymax in the Big Hero 6 fandom, it still has a loyal following. Since Baymax takes the time to hear and learn from Fred's superhero facts.



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  • In the Big Hero 6: the Series short, "Baymax and Fred", he dresses the robotic nurse in many costumes in order to find the perfect civilian persona for Baymax.


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