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Bazookashipping is the het ship between Anna Kozuki and Yuma Tsukumo from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal fandom.


Anna mistakes Yuma for a past crush and tries to blow him up a few times with her flying cannon. Yuma thinks she is a contestant in the World Duel Carnival and challenges her to a duel after she falls off her cannon. She uses reckless tactics but Yuma eventually wins. After finding out that Yuma was not the same guy she leaves in anger but she still seems to have a crush on him.

Later Anna ambushed and tied up one of the WDC finalists and concealed her identity under a cloak, entering the finals in that person's place in an effort to meet with Yuma again. She ends up helping Yuma in a duel on roller-coasters. This allows Yuna to defeat Wolf. She loses and falls off but is saved by her flying cannon.

At a festival hosted at Heartland Academy Anna sneaks in and forces Yuma to be her tag team partner by threatening him with her cannon. At first they began to lose because they were arguing. But as the duel goes on they start to get along. At the end of the duel one of their opponents said that Anna should be Yuma's girlfriend and pushes her at him causing them to fall down some stairs.

Near the end of the series Anna battles Mizar with Nelson's help saying she would not let him hurt Yuma. Wen they are defeated she expresses disdain for her inability to protect Yuma. She is revived at the end of the series with the rest of the victims.


Bazookashipping a fairly popular shipping. Many found Anna's over-the-top antics around Yuma to be funny. It rivals Skyshipping and Cattobingushipping.



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  • This ship gets it's name from Anna attempting to kill Yuma with a bazooka-like weapon.
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