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Beaumauk is the friend ship between Beauregard Lionett and Mollymauk Tealeaf from the Critical Role fandom.


Curious Beginnings

Beau and her friends are sitting down at a table when a tiefling from the carnival comes in and sits down. He introduces himself as Molly, and invites them to the show tonight, handing them a flier. Beau says that they were going to go anyway, but having the flier is nice. They get to talking and Molly explains that some of the acts at the performance aren't very traditional, Beau asking if that's why the sick and elderly aren't aloud. The sick she gets, but the elderly not so much, but they just think it's a just in case scenario.

Later, when they arrive at the carnival, Beau sees Molly and calls him over. He comes over and tells them that the first night is always the best, Beau asking for the best seats. Molly says he enjoys the front since if something goes wrong, there's nothing between them and whatever mess happens. Beau is taken aback for a moment, but Molly says that they'll be fine. When the group finds out that they can't have weapons, Beau tries to convince them that she needs her staff since she also uses it as a walking stick. Molly asks to see her walk without it, just for his own joy. Beau asks if he's patronizing her, but Molly's just hoping she'll patronize them, much to everyone's amusement. Beau just asks to keep her staff.


Curious Beginnings

  • Molly cheers on Yasha and Beau as Yasha carries Beau into the tent.
  • While fighting the zombies, Beau yells at Molly that he told them that they didn't let in the sick, but Molly just tells her to kill it.

A Show of Scrutiny

  • Beau decides not to join Fjord and Jester in helping Molly get released.
  • Molly asks what happened to Beau, just as Beau is being dragged to the stockades in front of them.
  • Molly jokes about Beau being dragged away as being part of the show.
  • Molly decides not to go help Beau out of the stockade.
  • Beau automatically assumes Molly is at fault for the zombies.
  • Beau says that her mom always said that nothing in life is free, which Molly can tell.
  • Beau can tell that Molly gets himself into bad situations.
  • Molly and Beau both think it's convenient that the man was the perfect victim.
  • Molly asks how long Beau's known Jester, and Beau says it's barely longer than since she met Molly.
  • Beau agrees with Molly to go to the circus since it was the scene of the crime.
  • Beau points out the light, and Molly says that it's expected there because it's where they camp.
  • Beau asks where the sisters are, and Molly points to another tent.
  • Beau asks why Molly laughed when she asked if the sister was weird, Molly says that all circus people are weird.
  • Molly tells the sisters that Beau is awful but she's helping.
  • Beau calls Molly a dick, and tries to convince the sisters that he's been badmouthing them the whole time.


Beau“Where are the best seats?”
Molly“Well, I’m always partial to the front. Then you’re right in it, if something goes wrong, it’s nothing between you and whatever terrible, bloody mess is going to happen. It’s just the best.”
Molly“Nothing, nothing, you’re fine.”
— Curious Beginnings
Beau“I have a staff, but I also use it as a walking stick, so I like to keep it on me.”
Molly“Can you not walk around without it or something?”
Beau“Sometimes I get a little twinge, a little disc issue.”
Molly“Can you hand me your staff so I can watch this? I want to see this limp of yours. Purely for my own entertainment.”
Beau“Are you patronizing me, Mollymauk?”
Molly“No, I’m hoping that you’re going to patronize us.”
Beau“Can I keep my stick?”
— Curious Beginnings


Many fans enjoyed Beau and Molly's interactions from the beginning and enjoyed their friendship later on. Seeing how much Beau was affected by Molly's death also made people miss their friendship more.

On AO3, Beaumauk is the third most written relationship for Molly and fourth most written for Beau. It is also the twentieth most written relationship in the Critical Role tag and the thirteenth most written ship for Campaign 2.



Beau&Molly tag on AO3


  • Both Molly and Beau go by the shortened version of their names normally.
  • Taliesin (Molly) and Marisha (Beau) sat next to each other while playing during Campaign One.


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