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Beauyasha is the femslash ship between Beauregard and Yasha Nydoorin from the Critical Role fandom.


Curious Beginnings

Beau is sitting at a table with her traveling companions, when two strangers walk in. One of them, Molly, sits down at the table while the other, Yasha, stands behind him. As Molly reads Jester's fortune, Beau asks Yasha if she's also in the carnival. She's not, she just sets things up. She and Molly leave to set up for the night.

Late, the group arrives at the carnival and see Molly and Yasha. Molly tells them that they have to give their weapons to Yasha, before they enter, much to their displeasure. They eventually agree and start to hand over their weapons. Beau tries to keep her staff, telling them that she also uses it as a walking stick due to a previous injury. Yasha suggests that she take the staff and then just carry Beau to her seat. Beau hands over her staff and says yes to these conditions. Once she has everyone's weapons she goes to Beau and fireman carries her into the tent.

Once inside, Beau tells Yasha that she overheard her talking about Jester. Yasha quickly starts to feel awkward, but Beau says that Jester doesn't have a significant other so she could go for it. Yasha starts to say that she's not looking for a relationship, but Beau interrupts and asks if Yasha will carry her through the whole show. Yasha says that she can do it for an extra charge of five gold. Out of Beau's price range, she suggests paying five silver to sit on Yasha's cloak, but Yasha doesn't remove it. She says that Beau should keep her money as she places her on the ground, and Beau calls that fair.

Disparate Pieces

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Zemnian Nights

The next morning, Beau and Jester see that Yasha is now gone. Beau suggests that she was a ghost the whole time, while Jester suggests that the lightning exploded her. Beau calls that metal, but Jester offers that she walked off at lost her memories. Beau things that is a possiblity, but feels that Yasha probably just went off to do Yasha stuff. Jester agrees, and both decide to ask Molly and head downstairs.

Jester and Beau tell Molly that Yasha left after starring at the storm. Beau asks if Yasha sleeps, which Molly says she does. Beau thinks it's creepy, but also hot. Jester feels like she's protected and safe, which Beau kinda agrees with. Beua says that she's mysterious, but Molly assures her that she's good, just going through some personal stuff.


Curious Beginnings

  • Beau tells Fjord and Jester that she liked Yasha.
  • Beau tries to get Yasha to briefly hire them so that they won't have to give up their weapons.

Disparate Pieces

  • Beau comments that it was cool that Yasha roughed up some of the guards.
  • Beau thinks of Yasha as one of the group.

Zemnian Nights

  • Beau and Jester wake up to see Yasha staring out to the storm outside.
  • Beaus says Yasha looks scary at night, which Yashs gets a lot.
  • Beau notices how pale Yasha looks.
  • Beau asks if Yasha's alright.
  • Beau thinks that Yasha is allowed to go through personal issues.


Beau“[Yasha] was awesome.”
Fjord“She didn’t say much.”
Beau“That’s why I liked her.”
— Curious Beginnings
Beau“Can I keep my stick?”
Yasha“How about this? I’ll take it, and I can just carry you to your seat.”
— Curious Beginnings
Beau“Will you hold me through the show? Like, cradle me?”
Yasha“That’s an extra charge. We do do that, though.”
Beau“How much?”
Yasha“Well, it’s an extra five gold pieces.”
Beau“Five gold?”
Yasha“These arms are worth a lot.”
Beau“I’ll give you five silver just to have your shrug to sit on so my butt’s not on the floor.”
Yasha“I don’t take off my shrug.”
Beau“Oh, sorry.”
Yasha - "How about you just keep your money and I’ll put you in a chair and I’ll just watch over your weapons."
— Curious Beginnings


Fans were quick to ship the two after "Curious Beginnings" when Yasha carried Beau to her seat at the carnival.

Fans were amused by Beau's enthusiastic flirting. This helped coin the "Disaster Lesbian" nickname for Beau, referencing her initial failures to woo women early in the campaign. In later episodes, Yasha would compliment Beau and, in a fluster, would compliment everyone else in the room. This led to fans considering Yasha a Lesbian Disaster as well. Being a monk and a barbarian, Beau and Yasha were always paired up to fight in the front lines. The community began referencing these team-ups as "Sentinel Babes". Both terms were later used by Marisha Ray.  The pair are often called Beauyasha or Yashaguard, combining both characters' names. In smaller fandom circles, Cracklepop is often used. This is referencing Beau's gauntlets dealing lightning damage, Beau's catchphrase "pop-pop", and Yasha being a follower of Kord the Stormlord.

Due to her busy schedule, Ashley (and, by association, Yasha) had to leave the group often and for long bouts of time. This meant that scenes of the pairing were few and far between, but were substantial enough to keep shippers engaged. The most notable was their night watch talk in "Chasing Trees". Fans of the ship normally point to this moment as their favorite.  

As these periods of absence grew longer and more frequent, critiques started to arise. The first was within the fandom and how the ship was treated at the time — particularly in fanfiction. Beau x Yasha was often a background couple instead of a leading pair. Some fans became disillusioned with the ship after Ashley's absenteeism became more and more prominent. This led to migrations to other ships that had more content in canon and fanon (art, fics, meta discussions, etc). Other factors deterred some fans, including the reveal that Yasha was a grieving widow and Beau's confirmed crush on Jester in "The Threads Converge". The ship slowly lost focus within the community. The cast and fans alike were overjoyed to see Ashley return permanently in "The Cathedral", and interest in the ship steadily grew again. 

In "Ghosts, Dinosaurs, and Stuff", there is a direct callback to the first episode. Beau asked the barbarian of she could be carried after a battle. Yasha gladly obliged, with Ashley Johnson adding that she was excited to see fanart of the moment. The scene helped influence some fans to return to the ship as more artwork was posted online.  

The ship has seen a tremendous resurgence of artwork, fics, discussion and renewed interest. Long-term fans of the ship are jokingly referring to it as The Beauyasha Renaissance. 

General consensus concludes that fans like Beauyasha for their adorably awkward interactions and the themes that the pair embody. Beau and Yasha share similar arcs; healing after past trauma, their shared inability to open up emotionally, and the subsequent difficulty that comes with trusting people. The two characters have been ostracised by their families after finding out about their partners — Beau and her partner in crime Tori, Yasha and her late wife Zuala. The allegory was not lost on LGBT+ viewers. Fans draw on these themes and create headcanons of them bonding and overcoming these struggles together. In canon, Yasha often uses Healing Hands on Beau. Many artists/fanfic writers have used this as metaphoric healing in their work.

On AO3, Beauyasha is the most written ship for Yasha and the second most written ship for Beau. It is also the third most written ship for Campaign 2 and the fourth most written in the Critical Role tag overall.



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  • During the Mighty Nein Intro, Beau blushes as she looks at Yasha[1].
  • Beau and Yasha's rooms are next to each other in the Xhorhaus[2].
  • Beauyasha week takes place between May 25th to 31st[3].
  • Whenever Travis Willingham had to play Yasha, he would have her flirt with Beauregard more often.
  • In Yasha's first and second playlist, there are songs alluding to her having feelings for someone in the group. Through the hints given, many theorize it's Beauregard.
  • In Beauregard's second playlist, Yasha is name-dropped. Marisha writes that Beau has "a crush forged from battle" on her.
    • Included in this playlist is Kesha's "I Need a Woman to Love". The description reads that Beau longs to be held by a woman. It's debated if this is a reference to Yasha, since "Ghosts, Dinosaurs, and Stuff" had aired the week prior.
  • The Exandrian Art Pin-Up Calendar pairs Beau and Yasha together. This page is used as promotional material[4] on their site.
  • The artbook Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria has a paragraph written from Beauregard's perspective. In it, she calls Yasha cute by accident. This line was stricken out[5].




Bashter refers to the ship between Beauregard, Yasha and Jester Lavorre



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