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“I told you I'd come back for you”
— Bellamy at Mount Weather

Becho is the het ship between Bellamy and Echo from the The 100 fandom.



When Bellamy infiltrates Mount Weather and is captured for bone marrow extraction he meets Echo, who is also a prisoner locked in a cage. When Bellamy escapes he promises Echo he will return to save her and he keeps that promise.


While in Space, Bellamy takes three years before he is able to fully trust Echo, after her many betrayals. However, this results in them getting together, a natural result of the strong chemistry they've shared since meeting and what they've been through together. 6 years later they're very happy, a part of the Spacekru family together, loving and supportive of one another.


When they spot Eligius and have a chance to maybe return to Earth, Echo worries about how Octavia will react to their newfound romance, given that Octavia banished Echo from all clans 6 years earlier. Bellamy assuages Echo that no matter what they stay together and he can handle his sister's reaction. Reminded of Octavia, Bellamy starts worrying if she's even alive and Echo assures him that Octavia's OK, with the air that this is a conversation they've had many times over the last six years.

Once they board Eligius and make their way around, the all work as a team to determine the best course of action. After Raven and Murphy decide to stay behind, the rest go to Earth in a pod with Emori at the helm and survive impact. Upon landing they're ambushed by Eligius men, but Madi takes them out and saves Bellamy, Echo, Emori, Harper and Monty. Bellamy sets up their plan to infiltrate Eden and release the people in the bunker, while Echo, Monty and Harper is the team on the outside.


Becho is a common het ship in the fandom, and has been a longtime ship since Echo and Bellamy met in Season 2. Some in the fandom have wanted the ship to happen since then. The toxic part of the Bellarke shippers posts a lot of hate towards the ship, especially once it became canon in Season 5, particularly towards Echo.



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