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Beidou“Hey, check you out! Lookin' pretty fancy.”
Ningguang“Only a true treasure catches the eye of Captain Beidou. It seems I've struck gold with this one.”
— Fleeting Colors in Flight Event

Beiguang is the femslash ship between Beidou and Ningguang from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Chapter I: Act III

In game, the traveler can talk to Bu'yun, a NPC, after Chapter I: Act III, where he tells the traveler that if they wish to talk to Lady Ningguang, she is currently busy and cannot meet with them.

Chapter II: Prologue

During the canon timeline, in the archon quest "Chapter II: Prologue Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves", when Beidou first shows up, she immediately mentions Ningguang as she talks to the traveler, saying "Haha, Ningguang told me about you. 'A traveler of great insight and remarkable skill has saved Liyue,' she said. Seeing as this takes place after the events of Liyue, it means that Ningguang met up with Beidou once the captain arrived back in the harbor and the two hung out recently. Earlier, Bu'yun mentioned that Ningguang was busy enough to not meet with the traveler, but could still make time to meet with Beidou despite her work affairs. The pirate also talks about how Ningguang is "a hard one to please" so that praise from her means a lot. Beidou also notes the value of Ningguang's praise, as she says later that she was thinking it would be good to meet the traveler because of Ningguang's words.

During the second half of their conversation, Beidou talks about how she thinks Visions are a badge of recognition from gods, so anyone who is able to rekindle a masterless Vision has got to be an individual of "exceptional strength and talent". Although it is unclear whether or not Beidou knows how Ningguang activated her vision (mentioned in her Visions story), Ningguang is the one of the only known character to obtain her Vision by rekindling a masterless one alongside Mona. If this is the case, then Beidou is essentially calling Ningguang an exceptional person.

Later, when the traveler and Kazuha are talking to Zhuhan, she says "If you're looking for the Captain, she was summoned by Lady Ningguang". Supposedly, the Crux Fleet got too out of hand. Zhuhan also mentions how Beidou was muttering something about Ningguang being "a stick-in-the-mud" as she headed back to Liyue Harbor. Kazuha then laughs and says that "it's not unusual for those two to be at odds with one another". Since Kazuha talks about the occurrence in such a casual manner, it is most likely that this is a common occurrence and the crew does not see this as a problem. In fact, it seems that it entertains them instead.

If the traveler chooses to talk with Baiwen as well, she says that it's no wonder Lady Ningguang was worried about the security of the area. She then says, "I doubt even Captain Beidou will manage to come out of this unscathed", hinting again at the underlying idea that Ningguang is more lenient with the pirate than with other people.

Moonlight Merriment Part I

During the first special Moonchase event quest, when the traveler goes to Yujing Terrace, Keqing, Ningguang, and Beidou are gathered there already. Paimon asks about the long rock, and Keqing says she will take responsibility for handling the stone. Beidou agrees, telling Keqing that she knows how to get things done, and that she can rest easy knowing Keqing has it handled. At this, Ningguang asks if Beidou doubts the safety of leaving the stone with the Tianquan. Beidou points out that Keqing is always running errands and Ningguang doesn't seem to care either. Ningguang chuckles, and tells Beidou she was joking, although Beidou always seems to ready to pounce on an opportunity to nitpick at Ningguang. The traveler then asks if this is a bad time, and Ningguang disagrees, offering for "the great seafarer, Captain Beidou" to tell the story. Beidou begrudgingly agrees. After the story, when Xiangling asks about food preferences, Beidou criticizes Ningguang's idea of "simple" foods. They banter a bit, Beidou telling Ningguang that a few weeks in the open ocean would change her idea of simple.

After the conversation, if the traveler chooses to talk to Beidou and Ningguang again, they are in the middle of a conversation. Ningguang says, "Sincerely, Beidou, you misunderstand me. I have many simple pleasures — I take a stroll through Yujing Terrace and one down by the harbor every single day". Beidou laughs and says that everyone has their own way of procrastinating." In Chinese, Beidou instead says, "Ha, only because you want to watch your figure," a playful jab at Ningguang that shows their close relationship.

Moonlight Merriment Part II

When the traveler and Paimon meet Beidou and Xinyan at the docks, Paimon mentions how Beidou's taste in food is the exact opposite of Ningguang's. Beidou says that their tastes couldn't be more different, and that they'd never be caught eating the same bowl of food. Paimon then points out that the last time Beidou and Ningguang chatted together, they seemed to get along just fine. Beidou says that they're evenly matched, and that makes them equals. But she still doesn't enjoy cabbage.

Later, after the competition, Xiangling is talking to Keqing and brings up Beidou again. She says "Beidou's always telling me about how well she gets along with Ningguang. They even play chess on board her ship sometimes".

Fleeting Colors in Flight

During the second Lantern Rite event, Ningguang asks the Traveler to help Beidou retrieve some of the precious items from the previous Jade Chamber—these had been lost when Ningguang sacrificed the Jade Chamber to defeat Osial. Paimon questions whether Ningguang forced Beidou to help retrieve her things, but Ningguang claims that the both of them "reached a mutually beneficial agreement." Ningguang also says, "Payment is one aspect of it. But I also compensate her in other ways... Hehe, let's just say it's a little complicated."

When the Traveler and Paimon meet up with Beidou later, she laments the fact that Ningguang has tasked her with the difficult mission of salvaging her missing valuables. Later, when Beidou confronts the Treasure Hoarders who have taken some of Ningguang's possessions, they plead with her to let them take just a few items, as they have worked all day to get them. Hearing this, Beidou becomes furious to the point of threatening them: "Lemme make this crystal clear: These things do not belong to you, and they never will. So you're gonna put them down, and then you're gonna get as far away from me as is physically possible." This signifies that Ningguang is someone truly important to Beidou—if this was just some menial task that Beidou was doing for mora, then why would she care so much if the Treasure Hoarders take a few minor items?

The Traveler can also find Xinyan and Beidou in Liyue Harbor as NPCs after this event. Xinyan asks if Beidou will be bored on her own now that her crew is home with their families, to which she replies: "Haha, not a chance. Just yesterday I got an invitation to play some chess. Said I could head up for a game whenever I'm down to play." Beidou then clarifies that "up" refers to the Jade Chamber, confirming that the person who sent the invitation is Ningguang. This implies that the very way to "compensate for her efforts" in retrieving valuable items from the palace in addition to simple cash payment was to give Beidou the high privilege of be one of the few who can enter the palace and playing chess with Ningguang whenever she wishes.

Of Drink A-Dreaming

They came together to the bar - Angel's Share on the "Docked on a Moonlit Night" quest. Beidou decided to pay for their drinks. Paimon was surprised to see them together.

Promotional Content

A promotional video shows the two of them having tea together and playing chess; hence proving that they have interacted and seem to be on, at the very least, friendly grounds with one another to spend leisure time together. In celebratory art for landmarks on Genshin Impact's social media accounts, the two are usually seen hanging out together as well.

In a different promotional video, the two are also seen together. They are drinking tea at Third-Round Knockout before the video cuts to a different scene of them working together to fight against opponents. Beidou is seen with her greatsword infused with electro energy while Ningguang has similarly cast her geo skill.

Character Details/Voicelines

To start off, Beidou's character details talk about how "everything The Crux does is approved by the Qixing...more or less", meaning that Ningguang is aware of what Beidou does and even goes through the trouble of approving her not quite ethical work.

Among Beidou's voicelines, there are two which describe Ningguang. Both of them seem rather critical, stating that her "responsibility lies with my ship and my men, and not with Liyue Qixing." The second voice line is about Ningguang's attitudes. It describes Ningguang's past criticism towards Beidou, although the latter does not seem to be affected by it.

The first one from Ningguang's voicelines is about Beidou's fines. "That... captain. She clearly receives the adoration of many, but will always be the first to disregard the rules. The fines she has paid would be enough to buy her a whole new ship..."

The second one is about Beidou's attitude; "Perhaps you've never heard me speak like this. All that can be said has been said — both the good and the bad — but she still does as she pleases. Forget it. Keep Beidou out of my sight." We can assume that Beidou perhaps sometimes broke the rules or annoyed her? Although it can still be something different to that.

Ningguang's third voiceline; "Gales like this can be the demise of fishermen, not to mention... Heh, nevermind." We can assume that this voiceline is about Beidou. The last voice line that includes Beidou is about Yaoyao: "I am content to extend some leniency to the odd bit of mischievous maneuvering by that boat captain.".

In one of Keqing's (the Yuheng) voicelines about Beidou, she says "(Smirk) Thing is, the Tianquan is supposed to be the one enforcing the rules, but she always seems to be too busy..." which hints that Ningguang turns a blind eye to Beidou's antics.

Character Story Profile

In Beidou's third story, it is stated that Ningguang has collaborated with the Crux. "Of the many candidates available, she picked Beidou" - Ningguang handpicked Beidou and emphasizes this point in the story. In the third sentence it is stated that Beidou does all the dirty work for Ningguang, the sixth sentence, "Beidou is certainly unique among Ningguang's collaborators."

In Beidou's story "Pier Laborers' Gossip" It also is stated that Beidou has won against Ningguang twice. It's not simply about the fact that she won in Ningguang's personal chess; it's the fact that she dared to win. There are also quite a few voicelines from Ningguang that include Beidou.

In Ningguang's fourth story it is stated that Ningguang stopped trying to change Beidou's attitude; "Ningguang agree to disagree and gave up trying to convince the stubborn Beidou to change.", We can as well assume that Ningguang tried to change the stubbornness or action Beidou does, it is also stated in the second sentence at the end it states; "Beidou had no time for Ningguang's advice.".

Tea Master Liu Su, who tells stories about certain characters, talks about Ningguang. In the story, he talks about how Ningguang had made an enemy named Haiyan who set out to confront her. After he went into Ningguang's mansion, it was silent for hours before "they heard a sound like a peal of thunder. All was not well—". Since Ningguang does not have any electro abilities, it could only have been an electro user who was defending her.

In Game

As for in game, there is a notice on the board in Liyue Harbor that states "Ningguang has recently approved the construction of three additional docks for The Crux to anchor at and conduct repairs". In this case, the use of her actual name instead of Tianquan could hint at some deeper form of familiarity.

The second piece is the vase in the Jade Palace that is titled "Ningguang's Porcelain Antique". If clicked on, it is described as a slender-necked, aquamarine-colored porcelain vase, and is signed "From the Crux Fleet", which, in other words, is simply "From Beidou". In the Jade Palace, this is the only object that is linked to another named/playable character in game.


“Ningguang eh? As far as Liyue Qixing is concerned, she seems to be doing a good job. But for me, my responsibility lies with my ship and my men, and not with Liyue Qixing”
— Beidou's first voiceline about Ningguang
“ Ningguang is never really one to speak frankly, but she has been very direct with her criticism of me in the past. Haha... But hey, whether she likes me or hates me is her choice, nothing I can do to sway her.”
— Beidou's second voiceline about Ningguang
“ That... captain. She clearly receives the adoration of many, but will always be the first to disregard the rules. The fines she has paid would be enough to buy her a whole new ship...”
— Ningguang's first voiceline about Beidou
“ Perhaps you've never heard me speak like this. All that can be said has been said — both the good and the bad — but she still does as she pleases. Forget it. Keep Beidou out of my sight.”
— Ningguang's second voiceline about Beidou
“She's a hard one to please... so praise from her is high praise indeed.”
— Beidou about Ningguang


Even before they had their first appearance together in the storyline, Beidou and Ningguang already had become quickly one of the most popular femslash ships in the Genshin Impact fandom. Many people like this ship because they see it as "opposites attract" and simply because of the dynamic of the duo. They both have a lot of voicelines and stories about each other as well, solidifying the idea that each one is an important part in the other's life. And, contrary to the dismissing tone in their words towards each other, their actions seem to show some form of care towards each other. Such as, Ningguang criticizing Beidou's ways of doing things but still allowing all of her actions.

During the second Lantern Rite, Xinyan asks Beidou if she will be lonely now that her crew have gone home to their families for the holiday. Beidou replies that Ningguang has invited her to the Jade Chamber for a game of chess. There is a parallel that can drawn between Beidou's crew returning to their families and Beidou returning to Ningguang during Lantern Rite. As an orphan, Beidou has no blood family in Liyue to come home to. Ningguang thus represents her family. Also, it is mentioned in the same dialogue that Beidou is the only person besides the Traveler who is allowed to visit the Jade Chamber any time she wishes, another signifier to shippers of their special bond and evolving relationship.

In stories, many writers like to explore the prideful dynamic between the two; Beidou refusing to submit to anyone while Ningguang tries to get a hold over Beidou. With Beidou being outgoing and loud, fans enjoy seeing Beidou push Ningguang out of her comfort zone and explore new things. The same goes vice versa, with Ningguang showing Beidou a different perspective and a glimpse into the life she lives. Despite their opposing personalities, they are still drawn together - lightning is always drawn to the ground after all (geo and electro).

Many theories have arose involving these two's complicated relationship. For example, on twitter, a thread by @alchemivichi talks about how typically female pirates in media are sapphic. A notorious Chinese female pirate supposedly had intimate relationships with a government worker which is how she was able to get away with her antics. There are similarities between this case and Beidou and Ningguang's situation.

There has been a Beiguang week in which many fans contributed by writing stories or creating fanart corresponding to the themes. In Femslash week for Genshin, Beidou and Ningguang were also a popular pair to write stories about.

Furthermore, official fanart and winning fanart for competitions (ex. the Lantern Rite) depicting this pair, and sometimes only this pair fuel this ship.

In fact, all the official pictures depicting the cast of Genshin show these two talking with one another. Or just hanging out very closely with each other.

After Kaedehara Kazuha's story quest was released, many ship fans began to joke about Kazuha being the adopted son of Beidou and Ningguang, which became a popular thema in fanfictions and fan arts of Beiguang and among people who sees BeiKazu as a family ship.

On AO3, its one of the most written ships in the Genshin Impact tag.



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  • The two were both featured on Tartaglia's November 2020 Banner.
  • The name Beidou (Big Dipper, 北斗), and the name of the Qixing (Seven Stars, 七星) organization of which Ningguang is a member are the Chinese names for the constellation Big Dipper.
  • Beidou's Chinese title is "King of Dragons" (龙王), though the English localization translated it as "Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean." She is also associated with dragons through her slaying of Haishan, a Chinese dragon, and the dragons surrounding her during her burst. Ningguang is associated with the fenghuang, a mythical bird in Chinese mythology—her namecard features a fenghuang, and her tattoo is also commonly interpreted as a fenghuang. The dragon-fenghuang symbolism is significant as it dates back to antiquity, and often signifies love in China. Even today, the pairing of the dragon and fenghuang is commonly found in wedding decorations to symbolize a prosperous marriage because of the old symbolism of the Dragon and Fenghuang as a natural combination of male and female principles.
  • The dragon and fenghuang could also be found on the coat of arms of the Chinese Empire and Republic from 1913 to 1928 as an old symbol of the Chinese imperial court and era renewal.
  • Both girls tend to appear together in both Mihoyo's promotional material and fan cosplay of the characters.


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