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Bellanana is the femslash ship between Belle and Anna from the Disney and Once Upon A Time fandoms.


Once Upon a Time

After Belle's mother died and Belle was unable to remember how it happened, Belle headed to the kingdom of Arendelle, as she read from a book that the rock trolls there could restore memories. On her way to the trolls, she met Anna, who helped her find the head troll, Grand Pabbie. On their way there, Anna dropped the Sorcerer's hat. Belle returned it to Anna, after which Anna explained that it could be used to absorb magic.

The two eventually got to Grand Pabbie. He turned Belle's memories into stone, and told her to go to the place where she lost the memories, brew tea with the stone and drink it so her memories would return. He also told Anna that Ingrid, Anna's aunt, was not trustworthy, leading to Anna worrying about her sister Elsa's safety.

After the two left Grand Pabbie, a storm created by Ingrid caused the two to get trapped, and Belle dropped the stone. Anna, clinging to a ledge, screamed for help, but Belle went after the stone first. After the stone broke, Belle went after Anna, but Anna fell before Belle could reach her.

Many years later, Elsa came to Storybrooke, where Belle lived at the moment, and was looking for Anna. Driven by the guilt of letting Anna down in the past, Belle decided to make things right. Using the Dark One's dagger, Belle commanded Mr. Gold to take her to the Snow Queen's lair. While there, Belle encountered a mirror, in which her reflection taunted her for previously valuing a stone over Anna's life. Some time later, Belle confessed to Elsa that Anna going missing may have been because of her.


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Because of their brief encounters in Once Upon A Time and are Disney Princesses, the pairing has gained a following. There are fans who ship them either as their main Disney versions, or as their Once counterparts. Fans of the Disney side of the ship sometimes have Belle and Anna in the modern, style clothes that the netizen versions of them wear in Ralph Breaks the Internet.



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  • Both wear blue and green colored dresses.
  • Both appear in the Kingdom Hearts series as Princesses of Heart.
    • Belle is one of the first seven Princesses of Heart, while Anna is one of the New Heart since Belle and the other six/five princesses have done their part and it was time to pass the light in their hearts into others.
  • Both are limited time characters in Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
  • Both appear as netizens in Ralph Breaks the Internet.


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