Bellow Diamond is the non-binary ship between Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond from the Steven Universe fandom.


Yellow Diamond cares deeply for Blue Diamond, attempting to comfort her with a song and sympathize with her. However, she doesn't understand Blue's desire to preserve Pink Diamond's legacy, as they both have different methods of mourning over their fellow Diamond. Yellow is firm on her as she believes it is best for Blue to focus on the future and her people rather than sit and wallow in regret.

During the trial against Rose Quartz (Steven), Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond have conflicting views on the trial process; Yellow wants to get it over with and execute Steven, but Blue wants to hear Rose out and learn the truth. Yellow is seen comforting Blue Diamond when Steven unintentionally upsets her. When Yellow poofs the Zircons, Blue Diamond yells at Yellow, demanding she restrain herself.

In "Reunited", when Steven was talking to Blue in the mindscape and Blue said that she thought she heard something, Yellow said that she was being more hysterical than usual, implying that she thought Blue was usually hysterical, at least since the supposed shattering of Pink Diamond. Once Steven is revealed to possess Pink's Gem, Yellow and Blue seem to have a more cooperative relationship, as seen in "Together Alone" where they both agree that Steven throwing a ball would be the perfect event to mark the beginning of Era 3.

When Blue decides to help Steven and Connie return to Earth, Yellow tells her to send hem to the prison tower. Blue refuses, and the two engage in a physical fight that results in Yellow attempting to poof Blue. Steven stops her and makes her realize just how much her actions have hurt Blue and Pink, the two people she cares about most. Yellow breaks into tears as Blue comforts her. The two later work together to help Steven escape Homeworld, and are later seen having fun together along with White at Rose's fountain.


Bellow Diamond is a currently growing ship, having more and more people ship it as time passes. A fair amount of fans started shipping the characters together after "The Trial" aired; However, the ship grew relatively in size after "Change Your Mind". Those who oppose the ship believe that Blue and Yellow Diamond are "like sisters" while defenders of the ship argue that gems do not have siblings and that the diamonds are not sisters.



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