Bellow Pearl is the non-binary ship between Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl from the Steven Universe fandom.


The bulk of their relationship is unknown, but in one instance Yellow Pearl is seen smirking towards Blue Pearl, then being short with her after she does not immediately join in and sing for Blue Diamond at Yellow's command.

The two often appear onscreen together, similar to their diamonds. In several instances, they are seen singing together, standing together, or dancing together, though most of these occurrences are at the commands of one of their diamonds.

In "The Trial", Yellow Pearl gives her a worried look after Zircon mentions Pink Diamond's Pearl. Yellow Pearl is initially stunned and disapproving when Blue Pearl admits that she enjoys drawing in "Together Alone", but is pleased by a drawing of herself and asks Blue Pearl to draw her from another angle.


It is a rarepair in the fandom, though has some popularity. As of March 2019, it has 99 fanfictions on Archive of Our Own.



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  • Both pearls have their gem placement on their chest, like their diamonds.
    • They are the only two of the four royal pearls to have this gem placement.


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