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Saanvi“Speaking of which, the only downside is I will miss seeing the Stones around the hospital.”
Kathryn Fitz“You mean Ben.”
Saanvi“I'm sorry?”
Kathryn Fitz“I hear how talk about him. Am I wrong?”
Saanvi“I haven't even thought about it... much.”
Kathryn Fitz“You don't have to beat yourself up about it. You and Ben have been through a traumatic journey together. You have seen Ben at his most vulnerable. That's appealing.”
Saanvi“It's best for me not to think about him in that way, that's impossible.”
— The Major figures out that Saanvi has feelings for Ben, season 2 episode 1

Benvi is the het ship between Ben Stone and Saanvi Bahl from the Manifest fandom.


Season 1

Ben and Saanvi's lives change forever for the same reason: a vacation to Jamaica. When they return to New York, they discover that all the passengers on their flight have been reported missing for five years, as they have been away from home for a long time, but only the hours of the flight have passed for them and none of those who were on board has aged in these phantom five and a half years. Four days later the plane mysteriously explodes and all passengers driven by a mysterious irresistible impulse go to see what happens. Obviously they are detained for questioning and on this occasion Saanvi and Ben get acquainted. In fact, Saanvi is a doctor who does research on cancer, a disease afflicting Cal one of Ben's children.

The first meeting between Ben and Saanvi.

Cal is revealed to be one of Saanvi's patients and discovered that an experimental therapy she created before the flight, which over the years has been successful, could help him, the woman is fighting to make him admit. That was before she met Ben. Ben then tells his wife Grace about Saanvi and the two bring Cal for her to visit. In short, the passengers of Flight 828 begin to hear voices or the like telling them to help people. Trying to help another passenger save his son from jail, Ben begins to hear the sound of a violin and despite telling his sister not to tell anyone, he talks to Saanvi asking her if something like this happens to her too and the doctor confirms it. Ben and Saanvi exchange phone numbers and when another passenger on their flight is killed, Saanvi immediately phones Ben and also informs him of strange results in Cal's blood tests. The man asks her to keep it updated and she accepts.

Saanvi explains her theory to the Stone siblings.

Continuing with the tests, Saanvi discovers that she has the same genetic marker as Cal and agrees with Ben's theory that all passengers on the plane could have it. Ben misses a call from Saanvi and his sister Michaela and when she tells him that the Indian wants to see them, he goes to her immediately. Saanvi says that she only has a slightly strange theory but Ben immediately declares himself ready to listen to it. Ben ultimately finds the doctor's theory plausible. Saanvi later discovers that the dead woman's body is missing and has no qualms about saying it in front of the Stones. Saanvi begins to have visions and this too is something she immediately communicates to Ben, despite being serious and personal.

Saanvi tells Ben she has visions.

Saanvi“I know I look crazy”
Ben“I'm the only one who would never think that”

Ben immediately states that he believes Saanvi and that he doesn't think she is crazy and asks her about her vision. Saanvi tells him that she has met a man who accuses the stewardess of their flight of something and the two decide to try to talk to her. Fortunately she has collected data on all passengers and Saanvi seems to be admired. Despite the strange and disturbing situation, the two exchange smiles. A certain affinity seems to be starting to emerge between the two. However, Ben's wife asks him to go home.

Ben“I have to figure out exactly what happened to us. Otherwise I'll go crazy”
Saanvi“I'm the only one who would never think that”

Michaela has the same vision as Saanvi and because of that she makes a mess. As soon as she communicates it to her brother, he orders her not to tell anyone else except Saanvi. This implies that he places great trust in Saanvi. The two women together with the flight attendant hide a stowaway and when Michaela decides to confide the matter to Ben, Saanvi doesn't object. When Cal feels sick one night and has a fever, Ben and Grace take him to the hospital the next morning and while he asks for news, Ben just stares at the Indian not the other doctor present, a sign that he wants her to reassure him.

Grace leaves and Ben left alone with Saanvi tells her about when he found out about her son's illness. Saanvi tries to reassure him as best she can and Ben apologizes by telling her that she has devoted her entire life to finding a cure for cancer and he is using her as an analyst. Saanvi isn't even on duty so she means she moved to help Cal of her will and it could even be possible that Ben himself sought her out. Ben apologizes for disturbing her while she was resting, but Saanvi replies that now work is her whole life: she no longer has a home after five years of absence and therefore now lives with her parents who do not want her to leave. new way home. The two smile at each other later, and show once more that they have no problem talking about personal things with each other.

Saanvi takes stock of the situation with the Stone brothers.

Shortly after Che starts shouting the word "Pomogretemi". The two then talk about it with Ben's sister and again the three take stock of the situation. Saanvi is admired when she discovers that Belen has created a database of passengers and identified the passenger whose language Cal speaks, the trio goes in search of her. Ben has an argument with his wife, as she believes he prefers to investigate rather than be a father, but he continues to investigate with Saanvi. Cal continues to rave in Bulgarian and Saanvi manages to translate the message.

Ben leaves Cal's bedside to try to help him, and Grace angrily tells Saanvi that Ben shouldn't be chasing fantastic theories and that she shouldn't encourage him. Grace may have noticed the closeness between the two and been upset about it. Eventually Saanvi convinces Grace not to use antibiotics for Cal (they would get him out of cancer therapy) and declares that Ben is the only hope for Cal. Once again the Stone brothers and the doctor get together to analyze the situation and Ben insists that it is important to find the Bulgarian passenger on the plane, because Cal's condition seems related to him and Saanvi does not object.

Saanvi gives Ben information about the passenger who had the others kidnapped.

Saanvi“I guess you have a plan”
Ben“Then you know me well”

Saanvi has Cal resigned by assuring Ben that he is recovered, but he points out that as long as Cal is tied to the other passenger, the status can repeat itself, so Ben decides to get hired as an accountant by the company that deals with moving and hiding. the passengers of the 828 without family. When he tells his sister and the doctor, Saanvi finds it a good plan if they hire him, which happens.

Ben damages his badge and manages to borrow one from a superior so he infiltrates the system and finds that one of the passengers collaborates with those who have taken passengers without family, he immediately informs Saanvi.

Ben and Saanvi at Fiona Clarke's lecture.

Saanvi inquires about Dr. Clarke, the co-worker, and she and Ben meet to discuss it. That evening Ben and Saanvi go to a lecture given by the doctor. The two seem to react in the same way to the words of Fiona, who when she sees them says that she has been waiting for them for a long time. When the two question her, the woman declares that she knows nothing about the kidnappings. Successful in downloading an important file, Saanvi informs Ben immediately. The two are now a team.

Autumn Cox, a passenger with problems with justice, who has been subjected to experiments manage to escape during a transfer and is guided by the mysterious voice, by Ben to help her. The man immediately turns to Micaela to solve her legal problems and to Saanvi to visit her. Ben decides to inform Vance a man of their allied government and Saanvi, even if he opposes, does not stop him, a sign that he trusts his judgment.

Ben, Saanvi and Micaela along with other passengers.

After an argument with Grace, Ben begins living with his sister and continues to work with Saanvi as well. The three participate in a gathering of passengers. After the meeting Ben begins to investigate the organizer of the experiment, a woman known as "The Major" and reveals her progress to her sister and the doctor. Eventually Saanvi discovers that the Major seeks out passengers who react best to calls like Cal.

The calls later lead the Stones to rescue a hypothermic man. Ben calls Saanvi to find out how to help him. The man, Zeke, was stuck away from home in a cave in the mountains for what was two weeks for him, but actually two years, similar to what happened to the passengers on Flight 828. Ben tries to find out. take him to Saanvi to visit him but he decides to stay in a cabin with Michaela.

Ben and Grace then take only Cal to Saanvi. Chatting to the Indian she says that the person who was supposed to accompany her to Jamaica gave her up and Ben can't believe it, a sign that she believes that no one would dump a woman like Saanvi who looks decidedly embarrassed and changes the subject.

Later the man gives Zeke's blood to the doctor for examination and begs her to be careful, to avoid attracting the major.

Saanvi glad that Ben cares about her.

Ben: Please be careful. I'm worried about you.

- Ben expresses his concern for Saanvi.

Saanvi discovers that Zeke has their own marker in her blood and for fear that the phone call will be intercepted, she calls Ben who immediately goes to her. The Indian seems happy to see him and as they formulate hypotheses Ben tells her that some people have thrown a brick in the house and drawn a red X on the door, but that Jared (Michaela's ex-boyfriend) has arrested them. Saanvi looks very worried and immediately asks Ben if everyone is okay. When the man tells her to be careful and that he is worried about her, the woman smiles at him, probably happy to count so much to him, even though she claims to be happy with the discovery.

Saanvi begins to ignore his phone calls and Ben finds him strange and worried, so his wife urges him to go to the doctor. Convinced that she is capable of working miracles, a woman named Alice wants Saanvi to cure her husband of his cancer. She visits him, but she can't help it and Alice takes her hostage. Discovering that she has not shown up at work or at a meeting and knowing that it is not from her (further proof of the growing confidence between the two), Ben begins to investigate a strange sect founded by a passenger Adrian, who adores as saints the passengers on the flight and begins to suspect (rightly) that a parishioner centers with the disappearance of Saanvi.

Ben sees the young Indian from the window and realizing she is in danger, decides to break in without waiting for the police, ignoring his sister's attempts to stop him. Convinced the madwoman to open it, he secretly reopens the door to allow others to enter. As soon as she sees him, Saanvi tells him that Alice has a gun, but Michaela has sneaked in and takes advantage of her brother's diversion to arrest the madwoman. Enraged, Ben goes to Adrian and growls at him that it is his fault that Alice is in jail, her husband will die alone and Saanvi is in shock, but the man continues with his absurd religion.

A robber is found still alive after three days underwater, just like the passengers on the plane and Zeke. Saanvi and Michaela brigade so that the man is taken to the hospital where the former works. Saanvi is still upset by her kidnapping, but nevertheless joins the Stone brothers and Zeke, to reason about the robber's call. Michaela notices that the Indian may still be traumatized and tells her brother to keep an eye on her and he looks worried.

Ben: Don't be so hard on yourself. You will get over it. And in the meantime ... I'm here. For everything.

- Ben comforts Saanvi

Ben comforts Saanvi.

Ben later joins Saanvi and the girl admits that she is still in shock from the kidnapping. Ben does his best to calm her down and tells her that she will overcome her trauma and that he will be by her side for everything.

The young Bahl, later declares that the robber, Griffin has their own marker in his blood and is confused, because he thought he would discover something good, but now he thinks they are about to discover something horrible.

The trio is back in action.

Using his call to foil an attack, Griffin manages to get released and the Stone brothers and Saanvi receive a call telling them to stop him. They immediately talk to Saanvi about it and the woman raises the hypothesis of having to kill Griffin and unlike Michaela, Ben seems to agree that it is possible that they are forced to do so.

When his sister leaves, to go talk to Zeke, Ben asks Saanvi how she is. The woman replies that the wound Alice inflicted on her face is hardly visible anymore, but Ben does not allow himself to be sidetracked and says that she was not referring to hers. Saanvi keeps saying she's fine and tries to calm the man who clearly doesn't believe her.

Saanvi has kept the discovery of the marker just for her and the Stones and when another doctor finds out she starts to worry. The girl is now suffering from panic attacks and eventually a colleague of hers persuades her to go to a therapist. Griffin's problem, however, solves itself, as the lungs of the man (who was about to talk about the TV calls) suddenly fill with water and he dies. To figure this out, Ben decides to ask Saanvi to inquire with a medical examiner she is friends with. This shows that the two exchange all information and have great mutual trust. The doctor performs and as usual analyzes the situation with Ben and Michaela.

The doctor performs and as usual analyzes the situation with Ben and Michaela and also reveals to the two that others have discovered the markers. Saanvi promises to go to great lengths to cover up the discovery (a very hard thing for a scientist), and then she tells them that she has decided to go into therapy and asks if they are worried that she is missing out on information. But Ben interrupts her by declaring that the important thing is for her to get help. Unfortunately, the therapist is actually the Major.

Season 2

Jared gets into a fight with Zeke, because he is jealous of his relationship with Michaela. Zeke has a gun and during the struggle a shot is fired that injures the blonde who is hospitalized in the hospital where Saanvi works. As soon as the intervention ends, the Indian goes to warn the Stones, telling them that the policewoman is out of danger. Saanvi also allows Ben to talk to his sister.

Ben then sets out in search of another passenger Randall. The latter threatens him with a rifle, but fortunately, the man manages to convince him not to harm him. When she finds out, while they are having lunch together, Saanvi worries about him, which is mutual since the girl is still shaken. In therapy the Indian comments that she is happy that Michaela has recovered, but that she is sorry not to see the Stones in the hospital anymore and the "therapist", asks her if she refers to Ben, having noticed the way in which her patient speaks of man. Saanvi tries to deny that she is attracted to Cal's father, but she can't.

"I better not think about him, it's an impossible story"

- Saanvi admits her attraction to Ben, but decides to ignore her.

Saanvi acknowledges that she is attracted to Ben.

The therapist tries to comfort her, but Saanvi declares that she shouldn't think of Ben that way, as he is married and his wife is pregnant, a secret she has been put aside, a sign of the great trust that all Stones, Ben including demonstrate to the doctor.

Later a doctor tries to woo Saanvi but she ignores him completely, because she is too busy with what happened and probably also with Ben. Later Ben is very up to date on Indian research.

It is interesting to note that Ben remembered that the seat next to Saanvi on the plane was empty, a sign that somehow, he had noticed her even before their adventure began.

Ben: Is not enough! Saanvi is in danger! - Ben expresses his concern

Discovering that the Major spies on Saanvi, Ben forces Vance to resolve the situation by appearing very worried.for Saanvi. Vance decides to use the Indian as bait, but Ben disagrees and feels uncomfortable at the idea of lying to her. Eventually Ben lets himself be persuaded.

Ben deceives Saanvi.

Saanvi is very busy with work, but as soon as Ben walks up to her her face lights up and smiles, and she immediately goes to say hello. Ben also seems pleased to see her. During their conversation, the doctor expresses her trust in her friend when she talks to her about a passenger who may have more powerful calls than Cal's, Ben obviously is very uncomfortable deceiving her and when Saanvi notices that he doesn't seem enthusiastic, he replies that perhaps he has found a job as a university professor and she is genuinely happy for him.

Ben: The Major has a mole accessing your research.

Saanvi: How do you know that?

Ben: I just do, trust me. And if your discovery leaks to her... Saanvi...

Saanvi: Yeah. Ok. What if the Major already knows about the passenger's new Callings? She... She came after Cal. Imagine what she's...

Ben: There are no new Callings.

Saanvi: What?

Ben: It was a fake, made up as bait to lure the Major.

Saanvi: Okay, I don't, um... I don't understand. Why would you lie to me?

Ben: Because you were safer not knowing. You might've inadvertently clued in the Major.

Saanvi: All of this, there is no way this is just you and Michaela. You're working with someone.

Ben: Vance. He survived the accident, went into hiding. Michaela and I...

Saanvi: Michaela and you what?! I am part of that group, Ben, and you didn't trust me?

Ben: No, it's not about trust. It was for your own protection.

Saanvi: Okay, I just... I need you to leave.

Ben: Did you think I wanted tolie? I didn't want any of this.

Saanvi: Yeah, but you had a choice! I didn't. Go.

Ben: Saanvi, please be careful. This leak...

Saanvi: Go

Ben tells the truth to Saanvi.

Well after his lecture at the university he goes again to see Saanvi who again seems very happy to see him and still talks to him about his research. But she gives in and tells her that the Major spies on her and she accesses her research and that she has invented everything to lure the Major into traps. Ben also reveals to her about Vance's survival and at that point Saanvi bursts into tears asking him why he didn't trust her, then she chases him away ignoring his apology.

Saanvi appears devastated by Ben's deception, but also because she has recollected how her ex-girlfriend ditched her by not getting on the flight to Jamaica.

Ben: Look, Saanvi might be pissed, but your secret is safe. I trust her.

Vance: Oh. Well, that's good to know because now the only people who know I'm alive are our wives, Michaela, Saanvi.

Ben: I'm sorry, Vance.

Vance: We need to get in front of this.

Ben: Maybe not. Saanvi could still help us find the leak.

When he finds out that Ben spilled the beans, Vance berates him but he declares that he trusts Saanvi and that she will help them find the mole. On the other hand, the Indian believes Ben and fires her assistant, believing him to spy on her. Ben then tries to contact Saanvi but fails (the doctor destroyed her cell phone in a moment of anger). Vance hopes the girl doesn't do anything stupid and Ben retorts that she's not the type.

Saanvi: Ben was the one person I thought I could trust.- Saanvi's outburst.

Saanvi, Ben and Vance discover that the therapist of the former is the Major.

Saanvi later takes it out in therapy, and that same night she goes to the Stone house telling Ben she was right. Ben says the same to Vance and the three discover that the Major is Saanvi's therapist. Ben apologizes to the Indian again.
Saanvi begins to avoid Ben and Vance urges her to clear up with the man, claiming that he was the one who forced him to lie to her. Unfortunately the Major eats the leaf and runs away with the doctor's research.

The two remain at loggerheads for a while, as Grace is followed by another doctor for a while.

Ben has a call in which he finds himself on the plane and immediately searches for Saanvi who pleads for his help, before disappearing. Ben appears very worried about the woman and knows that she is no longer hiding from Vance.

Saanvi begs for Ben's help in a call.

Ben discovers that Saanvi was experimenting on herself and stays in the hospital until he can see her.

Saanvi: It's kinda hard to stay mad at you since you may just have saved my life.

Ben: Well... then I'll be mad at you. You were testing on yourself? Saanvi, you were the one that told me that testing on people is unethical and it would never be considered unless the patient is terminal.

Saanvi: We are terminal. That's what I'm working on, Ben. If there's a chance to cure the Death Date, I have to figure it out. That is on me.

Ben: And how are you gonna do that if you're dead and buried? You know what, Saanvi? You've got to promise me you're not gonna test on yourself again.

Saanvi: I'll try, but...

Ben: No. Promise me. Saanvi, if we hadn't had that Calling, if you hadn't asked me to help you, I...

The Indian forgives him since Ben's timely intervention saved her life, but now he's the one who gets mad at her and makes her promise that she will stop testing herself.

Saanvi: Hey. You memorized the seating chart?

Ben: Are you surprised?

Saanvi: No, I'm impressed.

The two discuss the new call and Ben convinces Saanvi to rest, promising that he will take care of it. Saanvi just asks him to keep her informed and when she finds out that she has memorized the names and seats of all the passengers in 828, she is impressed. Before Ben leaves the two smile sweetly.

Saanvi : Orlena Prager that gave birth to a baby boy November 30, 2013. Named him Theo. Surprised?

Ben : Impressed.

Ben and Saanvi return to investigate together.

After a dialogue with the passenger in question, Ben and Saanvi take stock of the situation and Ben realizes that Finn (the passenger) may have got a girl pregnant before the flight. Saanvi can only identify her by her name which strikes Ben. Saanvi accompanies Ben to Finn, and he worries about his health, but she retorts that they had the call together and that they must act as a couple.

Finn is surprised when he learns he has had a child by a woman married to another man. Ben and Saanvi console him and tell him that none of this was his fault (he disappeared because of 828 and did not know that Orlena was married), and they promise him that they will help him meet his son Theo.

Ben and Saanvi together in the park.

Shortly thereafter, the two exchange ideas on a park bench and Saanvi, after seeing Theo, realizes that he has liver problems.

To save Theo, Finn needs a transplant, and moved Orlena decides that if Finn saves his son's life, he deserves to be part of it. Ben and Saanvi smile satisfied before the scene. Their complicity has been fully recovered.

Saanvi tries to communicate her discovery to Ben,

Saanvi later finds herself forced to seek help from her ex. It turns out that Ben is not the first married person she was interested in and that Alex had stood up for her not to destroy her family. This implies that the woman has decided not to try to conquer Ben, also due to her past experience.
Saanvi breaks her promise and continues to experiment on herself. However, they succeed and she thinks she has found a way to eliminate the calls and the first person she decides to report the news to is Ben.

The experiments lead to Saanvi's memory lapses and make her act impulsive. During this time she tries to hang up with her ex Alex, perhaps because she and Ben are not seeing each other. It is possible that if she had continued dating, Saanvi would have slammed on Ben, as Alex is also married.

Discovering that trying to get rid of the calls will lead to catastrophe, Ben immediately worries about Saanvi.

Meanwhile, Saanvi loses his job because of the Major and asks for Ben's help. The man immediately senses that there is a hand of the Major and the doctor convinces him to reveal a secret: Vance's wife knows that he is alive and therefore Saanvi decides to try to contact Vance through her.

Season 3

A call takes Ben to Cuba. Saanvi knows this, and often asks for information just like Grace does. Knowing that Ben is untraceable, Saanvi worries and calls Vance to hear from him. An 828 passenger Angelina Meyer is found in Costa Rica by Zeke and Michala who went there on their honeymoon, segregated by her parents who believed her to be possessed by the devil. Once freed of her, the girl begs them to take her to New York with them and Saanvi immediately suggests asking Ben for her help, considering him the most reliable person she and Michaela have ever known.

Saanvi sees Ben's mysterious wound.

The drug dealers who had kidnapped Cal return and then Grace decides to go into hiding at her half-brother's house, despite not having a relationship with him for years. But Ben decides not to accompany her right away, feeling compelled to help Vance. Ben catches up with Saanvi and Zeke and informs them of the new development and when his brother-in-law leaves to call his wife, he tells the doctor that feds have come to question him. During the conversation the Major is mentioned and Saanvi looks away from her not wanting to confess to Ben that she killed her. Despite fearing for her own life, Saanvi studies Ben's sample, but finds nothing of significance.

Due to a leak, Ben is unable to reach his wife and children and fearing a return from the Major, Ben sets out to warn Saanvi, but Jared, who should see her anyway, volunteers. Ben's hand begins to glow and he informs the doctor offscreen. The second time, he immediately texts Saanvi telling her he needs a consultation and despite the fact that it is late at night, she calls him immediately.

Ben and Saanvi investigate the wreck.

Ben feels he has to find the wreck of the plane, even it seems crazy to him. Saanvi, however, does not comment and immediately proposes to take action. The two thus find themselves in a government structure together with Vance. The latter is not happy with Ben's meddling and Saanvi tries to keep the peace between the two.

Ben tries to persuade Saanvi to leave the research center.

While talking to Vance, Ben asks Saanvi's opinion and seeing her a little distracted, he asks her if she's okay. The woman is tormented by having killed the Major, but decides not to confide in her friend (it must be said, however, that they were in a secret government base, certainly not the most suitable place for such a confidence). Ben decides to leave the research center, even though Saanvi disagrees and tries to persuade her. Some words of the Indian, make the man guess that they have been voluntarily kept in the dark about something and asks her to cover him, while he investigates, ignoring her calls.

He informs Vance that the drug dealers who kidnapped Cal are also back, so one of them, Pete, is taken from prison and undergoes medical tests. Ben asks Saanvi (who joined Vance's research group) in surprise if this is okay with her, but she replies that she certainly couldn't oppose the N.S.I. Ben tries to reach Pete (another of the drug dealers, intends to kill Michaela) and when the government gets their hands on him, Saanvi tries to help him, being blocked by Vance.

Saanvi assures Ben that she and Vance are on his side.

Ben later talks privately with the two, telling them that apart from his family, they are the two people he cares about the most in the world. Saangli assures him that they are on the same side, but that they are trying to figure out how to cancel the death date, without the calls.

Saanvi starts examining Ben.

Ben eventually convinces the two to let him talk to Pete, promising that he will convince him to collaborate with them as well. The professor notices that Saanvi is very distracted, but the woman avoids the question. Ben lets himself be studied but to his surprise the project manager decides to fire Saanvi. Ben tries to protest but to no avail.

Ben and Saanvi discuss a call.

As always, the two discuss the doctor's research and Ben declares that they must find a way to stay in Eureka (the facility that studies the phenomenon of the resurrection). However, Saanvi persuades him to go and rest. Soon after Ben is kidnapped and Michaela asks about Saanvi. The fact that he called her suggests that the policewoman understands how close her brother and the doctor are. Saanvi manages to keep the job and right after some of the tests, Ben has a call in which he sees photos of some passengers catching fire and immediately informs his friend.

Ben entrusts Saanvi with the task of discovering everything he can about a mysterious piece of wood sent by the Vatican, while he tries to find out what is happening to the passengers. Saanvi discovers that there may be a connection between Flight 828 and Noah's Ark and points out that if Ben hadn't volunteered for the experiments, they wouldn't have made the connection, that it might help them and that she trusts him, but Vance forbids her to inform him and Saanvi agrees (she probably knows that having someone inside Eureka is too important). Saanvi later lies to Ben and tells him that he hasn't discovered anything.

Eagan (another passenger) later points out to Ben that Saanvi is not much of a spy since he hasn't been reporting anything in a week, but Ben is sure it is because the Indian hasn't discovered anything. His sister thinks the young Bahl is in trouble and Ben tries to call her, but finds the answering machine. When he discovers that Saanvi is bleeding from his eyes, Ben looks very worried. The professor does not get angry when he finds out about the fragment of the ark and finds that the doctor does not improve he continues to worry. When Saanvi recovers (finally confessing to Michaela that he killed the Major), Ben is relieved and happy that his sister is with the brunette. The latter begs the blonde not to say anything to her brother because she wants to do it in person, because she thinks he deserves that respect.

Ben discovers that Saanvi killed the Major.

Ben is later arrested and Michaela lets it slip that Saanvi killed the Major to his shock. The man cannot believe it and is certain that the doctor acted in self-defense and when he discovers that his sister intends to arrest her, Ben is disconcerted and is absolutely against the Indian going to jail. When the blonde then decides to proceed with the arrest, Ben clearly tells her that he does not approve.

Ben doesn't get mad at Saanvi's lies.

In the end, however, Michaela disgusted by the sentiment and the anti-passenger measures of 828 decides to resign and therefore Saanvi is not arrested. Later, the ex-policewoman takes the doctor to the Stone house. Saanvi apologizes to the landlord for her lies, but he has never been angry and proves it by hugging her.

The scientist later admits that Ben was right about Eureka and says she doesn't want any more secrets. They both feel guilty for their recent behavior.

Saanvi returns to Eureka to heal Cal.

A call leads Cal to Eureka and the little boy is full of burns. Once his mother finds out, he expects Saanvi to heal him and the Indian arrives right away, despite her leaving Eureka and very late, a sign of how much she cares about the Stones, including Ben. Afterwards friends argue about the call, its effects and what he wants from them like in the old days.

Ben and Saanvi later try to convince Vance and Dr. Gupta to stop testing the piece of plane as this is the cause of Cal's burns. Fortunately, the man is persuaded. Later Ben decides to implement the plan that the "returnees" had come up with: destroy the piece of the plane. Saanvi hesitates a bit, but eventually gives him the information he needs.

Ben, Saanvi and their allies prepare their plan.

Dr. Gupta continues the experiments, despite causing earthquakes and Cal has disappeared again touching the wreck, so Ben, Saanvi, Vance and others decide to get rid of it by throwing it into the sea. The group later studies Cal's drawings to figure out where to throw the wreck. Fortunately, Dr. Gupta is convinced and Ben and Saanvi leave to throw the piece of plane into the sea.

Due to the storm, the captain tries to back off, and Saanvi goes out onto the deck to throw the wreck into the water. Ben chases after her screaming that she risks her life, but she feels responsible for the damage caused by her search. Saanvi falls into the sea and Ben immediately dives to go and rescue her, putting himself in danger as well.

Ben brings Saanvi back to the surface.

Saanvi tries to give Ben hope.

Despite being able to follow the call, Cal does not reappear and when Ben points this out, Saanvi tries to convince him that he may reappear later. Shortly thereafter, the two share a call and Ben comments that Saanvi has redeemed herself when she hopes so.

Season 4


Bennvi is one of the most popular ships in the Manifest fandom. It is the most popular ship that includes Saanvi. It is the rival to Gracen.


Saanvi“I'm sorry. For lying to you over and over and over again.”
Ben“Come here.”
— Ben forgives and hugs Saanvi, Season 3, Episode 11


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