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BerylMamoru is the het ship between Queen Beryl and Mamoru Chiba from the Sailor Moon fandom.


In the past life, Beryl seemed to have profound feelings for Prince Endymion. This was what lead her to destroy the Moon Kingdom in her past life. After being reincarnated Queen Beryl continues the work of the Dark Kingdom.

When Beryl sees Tuxedo Masks she realizes, he is Prince Endymion reincarnated. She captures him and corrupts him turning him against Sailor Moon. She wants him to rule alongside her.

He is eventually freed from her control. When Beryl tries to attack Sailor Moon she is injured by his rose, forcing her to retreat. She soon combines with Queen Metalia to become Super Beryl who is later slain by Sailor Moon.


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Beryl and Mamoru is an enemy ship. In the show, it's often portrayed as one-sided, with Beryl wanting Endymion. It rivals other ships involving Mamoru, such as - for example - MamoUsa.



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